Sunday, May 07, 2006

which wendy will win?

Ruth & Michelle are both Wendys, apparantly. Blond Wendy vs Badger Wendy, can't wait for Wednesday.

In other news, News of the Screws does it's annual 'bb contestants revealed' story. I mean what is the point? If they are right, now the producers will just go and change them. Meanwhile Barbara Ellen wrote this article about Lost - to watch or not to watch the next series. It's how I'm feeling about BB ...
We are all sentient adults, we can decide to watch or not, engage or not. Pick up the phone to our married man, or... Oh dear, I've picked up the phone. I won't stay on long, I won't get 'involved', I just want to say hello really. A little voice inside me is screaming: 'Don't do it, your life won't be your own for the next million episodes.' But guess what, he's saying things will be different, he's sorry about all that silliness, all those loose ends, and he's promising to make it up to me. You know, I think he's really serious this time.


Jude said...

I've seen half the 2nd Lost series it's good but I don't get paid to watch it unlike Barbara Ellen.

Jude said...

Was this meant to be about BB? I just saw the word Lost and got carried away!

Yay Lost! Etc!