Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I want to vote

I hate big brother when can I vote someone out (Not Nikki)? PLEASE let me vote someone (not Nikki) out. I need to split up one of the nauseating 'couples'

I love Nikki. I know I hated her the other day but all the others are so awful at least she's funny.

Will they all be up for eviction? (except da bruvvahood)

bruvvers - Sezer, Shahbaz, Richard, Lea, Grace, Pete and Lisa
non bruvvers - George, Dawn, Imogen, Glyn, Bonnie, Mikey and Nikki

Nikki and Dawn are the only keepers from that group I think. So it will probably be one of them evicted. ARGH!

I think they have more of the brotherhood to pick so it may just end up with 2 non bruvvers and they're up for the chop.

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