Saturday, March 31, 2007

The new presenter of the X Factor

And allegedly still carrying on with BBLB.

Monday, March 26, 2007


'Celebs' running a newspaper. Janet Street-Porter as the editor. Thank you ITV2. Rumoured 'celebs' Charles Kennedy, Meg Mathews, Chris Parker and Gemma Atkinson. Ick get off my reality tv Gemma Atkinson.

One of 58,000/2.1 million

Castaway moved as audience falls.
The BBC is moving reality show Castaway from its Sunday night slot after ratings dropped to just 2.1 million.

The hour-long programme has been going out weekly at 2100, but will now get three half-hour slots at 1900 on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.
I don't mind the BBC1 show being broken up in to 3 in fact that's a good thing, but I don't want to lose the other two days shows if the BBC3 shows are scrapped altogether.

I'm really enjoying it, it is true I have a high threshold for people doing nothing as I watch a lot of reality tv but it's good if you watch it, especially the BBC3 shows which has 58,000 viewers apparently. I have no idea if that's bad, I mean, it's BBC3 home to all the quality 'ooh I'm too fat/ooh I'm too thin' shows. Castaway is a million times better than 'help my dog is as fat as me' and that's a fact!

I'm glad that Jason was voted off, I don't want anyone else to go though as it's meant to be castaway and not BB. Also Jonathan is reality tv gold.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here we go...

A London Olympics hopeful, a bankrupt entrepreneur and a quantum physicist are among the fresh batch of contestants vying for a job with tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.
From this is London.

Predictably I'm quite interested in
Natalie Wood, 29, who recently lost six stone on a WeightWatchers diet.

Also I'm amused she's called Natalie Wood.

SirAlan is still moaning on about people not being on the apprentice to become tv stars... umm it's a tv programme and now it's on BBC1 there will be even more tabloid interest plus the last one you chose you sacked or something. It's quite a lot about becoming famous-ish now I'd say.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

10 days to go

New series
The Apprentice
9:00pm - 10:00pm

Woo and a hoo.

In other busy reality tv news

Monika didn't win project catwalk BOO we shall miss you Monika Patrycja Rene.

Tara won celeb FA WOO.

Some sports bloke won DOI I have no opinion.

I am muchly liking castaway I may be the only viewer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

top telly tonight

7.00 pm Sleb FA - go Ray! (edit: I missed last night's and didn't know Ray had gone bah). Ick Colin ick ick you can tell he thinks he's god's gift to women but Colin there's probably a reason you do most of your work on radio ...

8.00 pm Masterchef Final - go Hannah!

9.00 pm Sleb Apprentice whoo hoo go Jo!

10.00 pm Project Catwalk final - go Monika (no linkage so I don't accidentally see the result as it's been on Sky 1 already)

Me and my knitting needles will be glued to our telly box

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Poor Kate

From the beeb.
Music mogul Louis Walsh will no longer act as a judge in the next series of The X Factor, ITV has announced.

The Irishman will continue to manage acts off-screen, while two new judges will join regulars Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.

The show's host Kate Thornton is also being replaced and is moving on to present new programmes with ITV. A new category will be introduced to the show's revamped format, while the age limit will also be lowered.
I'd be happier if Ben Shepard was leaving the ITV2 show. I don't really get the Kate hate, it's not like she's Davina or someone bad like that. I hope the new person won't be Cat or Fern.

A big urgh at the age limit being lowered. Hideous fourteen year olds? No ta.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

He looks different

From The Mirror.
ITV was last night bracing itself for a huge slump in income as all its money-spinning phone-ins were axed after a string of voting blunders and quiz show cons.

Today's editions of This Morning and Loose Women will have no telephone competitions and the screening of Saturday's semi-final of Dancing on Ice was plunged into doubt as bosses pulled the plug on polling lines.
I'm looking forward to DOI being decided by a raise of hands.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Tara 'health fears'

According to the S*n, TPT's sweaty mad-eyed apperance on Saturday night 'sparked health fears'. Often 'sparked health fears' is journo speak for 'was off her t*ts' but obv not in the case of Ms P-T, it was all due to her dress falling off in rehearsals.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I want to press red

It's all a bit vague. Do they not go into the house until Wednesday? I keep checking my red button just in case they've snuck them in and turned on the live stuff in secret.

Yay Emily still in DOI I know she's not that good but all those Richmond Hill viewers have phones. Also her partner is lovely. The lovely Daniel. Lovely. Duncan and Clare are quite evil.

I've seen two episodes of beauty and the geek and I am hooked. I was watching Shipwrecked's little brother (hutcam diaries) and it just came on. Oh dear. I'm in love with Josh. Oh dear. I'm quite astounded at the Wes makeover.

Rowland Rivgone

Son and I are happily hooked on Celeb FA. We share some opinions (eg Miranda & Mel good, Tim & Shaun bad) but diverge on others. Colin Murray absolutely massacred Teenage Kicks but son liked it; so did Richard Parks (the fact he is a regular guest on Colin's R5Live show - the actually very good Fighting Talk - is pure co-incidence). But Parks not all bad, he had a go at Kielty which is always a good thing. Ray Stubbs was surprisingly good and my fave of the night, but son's fave was Tricia who was good too. Couldn't tell if that was terror or an Optrex overdose in TPT's eyes. I do normally like Rowland (and hello to the person who came here by googling for Rowland Rivron naked) but comedy boobs are not quite as hilarious as he thinks. He was better on the sing-off without the props, but in the end he went and Miranda & Angelica stayed. Boo cos I'd've liked him to stay in and Angelica was just bland (tho son liked her) but at least Miranda stayed.

In other news: a new series of Castaway starts on Friday. OMG. I loved Castaway 1, so looking forward to it.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Patrick Kielty: an apology

In the past, this blog may have given the impression that Patrick Kielty is an utter waste of hydrocarbons, a man whose appearance on our screens is liable to lead us to sell our tellybox on ebay. We now realise that we gravely underestimated what a fine and courageous anti-capitalism activist he truly is. We send Comrade Kielty our humble apologies and look forward to bumping into him down at the barricades on the next anti-globalisation action.

make kielty history

"If [Cat Deeley] wants to make huge sums of money in one of the few countries that didn't sign up to the trade agreement," he declared to reporters, "then she doesn't care about aid at all. Cat's turned her back on us. Good luck to her and her capitalism." ...

Assuming Patrick was not unveiling a hilarious new comedy character - a parody of a particularly slow-witted sixth-form activist - his position seems confusing. After all, in 2004, he filmed a pilot version of Deal or No Deal for the US network ABC, which announced the show would premiere in March of that year. Alas, the network decided to can it at the last minute - a merciful decision for Che Kielty, no doubt, and one which would ultimately free him up to focus on more ethically unimpeachable jobs such as presenting Celebrity Love Island.