Friday, May 19, 2006

I hate you so much right now... ARGH!

Nikki. It's a shame as I prefer to hate men in general but you came and ticked all my hate boxes.

You are very talented though as we can see here (warning nekkidness)

Backing dancer for various tribute bands and tease websites (?) I'm surprised you found the time to go into the house.

The others plus added Nikki insult

Bonnie Bono ~ silly 'banned from working in any factory in the whole of Loughborough' wow
Dawn ~ she wants to 'raise her profile in the field' what field? there is no cow
George ~ drinks with the kiddy Osbournes so probably just out of very posh rehab
Glyn ~ FOOL small child new Stuart needs a slap
Grace ~ the other posho
Imogen ~ bar hostess ‘Miss Wales’ tabloid slapper
Lea ~ promising so probably first out I feel bad for calling her Jodie Marsh’s Mam now as she is obviously Pete Burns really
Lisa ~ need her to stay in please
Mikey ~ 'model' ugly sexist pig version of Vernon Kay
Nikki ~ stupid outfitted cow will end up with pig footballer who will dump her as she is a moo
Pete ~ has already achieved his wish to be a 'famous Touretter' Kate Moss rumoured to be dumping Russell Brand as we speak
Richard ~ fears pregnant women! I just fear Davina myself
Sezer ~ looks like that singer in the ‘boys will be girls’ band I wish the singer was in the house instead
Shahbaz ~ 37 unemployed for 21 years bound to be the one I like that everyone else hates this year


Trinity said...

Lea Promising? if you got a dick maybe
not safe for work or eating food
beware vomiting inducing sex.

Jude said...

I know she's a 'porn star' but I choose to judge on BB house.