Monday, December 13, 2004

and still it keeps coming

IAC news from the papers ...

  • NAT, YOU TOUCHED A TREE.. I'M A Celebrity moaner Natalie Appleton has clearly overcome her fear of trees - but still seems barking mad.
  • Fran Humbled by the Jungle Fran Cosgrave returned to Ireland claiming his third place finish felt like a win.
  • CAMP CROC AWAITS FOR NEXT JUNGLE CELEBS the show's executive producer, Alex Gardiner, is pushing hard to have the entire show moved to tropical Queensland, home of the saltwater crocodile.

  • Saturday, December 11, 2004

    I'm an Aussie final grr

    Jordan (male not our Jordan) won! Why? He was rubbish and sexist so well done panel. One of the blokes did the HELLicopter trial and made it look very hard work. Back to Jordan (male not ours) he was rubbish at the trial and at finding the he won, hmph. I'm an Aussie was very good overall though. I read that there was a UK non celeb (how could we tell the difference) version planned. WOO (but why not just do a series of Survivor instead)?

    Friday, December 10, 2004

    I'm an Aussie day 4

    Oh my they did this cool trial. Basically they rolled three of them down a hill in a big white ball thing and had to hit a target. The first one was strapped in, the second one had all tomato in with them and the third had eggs and other icky stuff. They were so sick and bruised ha! Shame it was thought of as too much for IACGMOOH as it was great. It is the final tomorrow boo.

    Thursday, December 09, 2004

    *boom! boom!*

    Sub-editor of the Week award goes to the Peterborough Today team for
    boom! boom!
    Jungle Joe set to emus city fans

    Do you see what they did there? Emus, geddit? A job on the S*n surely beckons with sub skills like that

    Other news: they're back. Expect cheesy, rushed, p*ss-poor, tv ad campaigns featuring all your IAC faves (c.f. Linda Barker & DFS, Alex & Domestos), in time for the Xmas market, or demand your money back.


    D'oh!I dunno why but sometimes, posting the tabloid news round up causes the side bar to slink off to the bottom of the page. Here goes again, 2nd time today, hopefully this time sidebar will stay put ...

    DADDY ATE MY STICK INSECTS A DRUNKEN dad broke his son's heart by eating his three pet stick insects in a home-grown Bushtucker Trial with five mates. blimey and I thought we were IAC-crazy

    Joe's cracking good deal I'm A Celebrity winner Joe Pasquale could be on the verge of signing up to an advertising campaign for Jacob's Cream Crackers.

    Brian's jungle wash out The wrap party for the cast and crew of 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' was a bit of a washout

    THE BUTLER IS DEAD Says Paul Burrell I've shed demons .. I'll move on from Diana Bushtucker Trial was absolutely petrifying How bigmouth Janet nearly destroyed me

    Joe mulls West End musical Funnyman Joe Pasquale may turn his back on comedy following his win in I'm A Celebrity.

    Jungle inmates free now the Z-listers have been set free from the jungle, they're selling their stories to anyone with money. Which means the Mirror have nabbed butler Paul Burrell, the Sun get the king Joe Pasquale and the Star focus on everyone else.

    wholly gratuitous homer picture

    Wednesday, December 08, 2004


    Voh voted out of I'm an Aussie... by sexist pigs Dr Thingy and Phil Tufnell PAH. One of the blokes (Michael) did the temple of doom trial and got 7 stars but told everyone he had got 3 until the food came. When the food did come it was disgusting, they thought it was possum but weren't sure, another of the blokes (I think Scott) has possums at home in a tree and hated it. It looked like a little skinned dog with no head. EWW. They got 'the chest' question wrong again but it took them long enough just to get it to camp. It was the one where they had to get the water into the bucket and Jordan (male) missed the key (as in could not see it) when the bucket came down so they had to do it twice.

    three one-legged emus playing polo

    the 3 one legged emusOooh I loved the IAC 'Coming Out' speshul tonight. Gosh I wish I had ITV2. The sleb family tent shots were bestest, I can't believe their families sit in a tent all day watching them on tv. I need to watch a show just about that.  Shouty Bloke & DermotI vote for Dermot to do IAC's Little Brother live from the tent at 6pm every day during IACGMOOH5. And that shouty bloke from SAS Are you tough enough? to be in charge of the bush tucker trials. He[1] must need the work as the beeb have cancelled SAS are you etc? boo. I loved that show.

    Sophie's hair - she paid how much for that??Where was I? Oh yes, prog tonight. Sheila, get a grip and calm down, woman. It's not good when your kids are scared of you. Vic, you're a twunt. Janet, you're entitled to feel superior. Sophie, new hair do = big big hair DON'T. Ant & Dec, don't sit the wrong way round, it upsets us.

    [1] he = shouty bloke. Dermot has plenty of work what with his very excellent radio show and such like

    I'm an Aussie day 2

    The two blonde women did the laser chest challenge (eww one of the blokes made a chest 'joke') they got it then they opened the wrong one (they actually knew the right one but were confused by the instructions) Jordan (male not our Jordan) did the shopping trolley trial with the tight cat suit on, one of the other blokes told him to stuff a sock into it, so he did. Then they had trouble getting the harness over the sock. One of the blonde women were voted off EVERYONE was furious and mad at Voh, who was being loopy and annoying all, ha. They are voted off by a panel of Phil Tufnull, Tara Palmer Tompkinson and that Dr expert bloke from the trials.

    Ooh I just read on digital spy that Krystal (one of the blondes) was on Big Brother in Australia this year and used to be a stripper.

    Tuesday, December 07, 2004

    Tuesday Papers

  • You're Joe King SQUEAKY-voiced comedy star Joe Pasquale was last night crowned King of the Jungle - the hottest favourite ever to win.
  • Fran: The best time of my life IRISH charmer Fran Cosgrave downed a Guinness as he left the jungle — and said his 17 days there were “absolutely amazing”.
  • Sophie's wed hot BOOKIES yesterday made Sophie Anderton a hot favourite to marry next year.

  • THE ROCK IN A HARD PLACE Jim Shelley looks back over I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here and nominates his best moments...
  • JOE-KER OF THE JUNGLE Burrell stomachs a tough trial .. but Joe wins title
  • TOUGH FINAL TRIAL IS HARD TO SWALLOW Paul Burrell had to eat grubs and a kangaroo testicle, Fran Cosgrave had to wear the horrific eel helmet and Joe Pasquale was trapped in a rat-infested hellhole.

  • A gentle touch with an emu will help feather Joe's nest
  • In Her Own Words: Janet of the jungle Snakes, singers and Sophie Anderton: they hold no terrors for Janet Street-Porter. The 'mother of live TV' reveals what life in the celebrity camp was really like (and how much she'll miss Paul Burrell)

    Wrexham Evening Leader:
  • BURRELL STILL A KING IN HIS HOME VILLAGE HE may not have been crowned “King of the Jungle” but Paul Burrell won the hearts of millions last night after conquering a stomach-churning bushtucker trial.

    Birmigham Evening Mail
  • From a King to a Jack "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Back To Brum".

    Belfast Telegraph:
  • Playing 'green' card dashes hopes of Irish wannabes Fran is the real winner. He freely admitted during his jungle stay that he wasn't a celebrity, even by the show's own low standards. But there he was, harvesting Irish votes by the bucket-load, enough in a poor series to threaten the marketing men's hopes of a "home-grown" King or Queen of the Jungle.

  • Joe of the jungle Nice guy Joe pipped show-tune spouting ex-Butler Paul Burrell into a shaking, sobbing, second place in the final of I'm A Celebrity, just ahead of beefcake night-owl Fran Cosgrave.
  • I'm an Aussie get me out of here!

    VOH! My new most fave person ever! She is hilarious, a Little Mo from Eastenders lookalike (except a bit older) she is so rubbish as the first leader. It is not her real name you know.

    Umm 'I'm an Aussie get me out of here' is the ITV2 show where they test the trials etc on Oz types before us Brits do it. It is on all week and it is fabulous.

    My winner

    I love Paul. Lovely Paul...Tom Hanks bestest friend and lookylikey he rules my world. So brave! So strong! *Sighs* I did retch twice along with his trial it was disgusting *pukes*.

    Monday, December 06, 2004

    King Jungle Joe

    Stuff the corgis bring on the Emu's
    King Joe
    Hmph. Me thinks Paul was robbed. He was the most entertainment value...better than the entire year of Eastenders!
    Mind Joe is lovely and anyone who had to inspect Fran's balls has to recieve some sort of award.
    Oh Paul is crying..... tears of joy, sadness and royalty bless!

    Oh Balls

    Paul or Tom?Tom Hanks doppelganger Paul Did the most gut wrenching Bush Tucker Trial tonight. Eating five varieties of bugs including at the end the Kangaroos testicle. This made me retch, and I'm a nurse. I seriously had to look away and Tom or Paul???think about pink fluffy kitties to avoid puking (esp when the white stuff came out, what was that? On second thoughts no-one tell me) TBH I think he deserves to win because of that but on the other hand...The sad little man is so desperate to win he shouldn't.
    Fran's just been voted out as third place. They showed a very funny clip of Fran getting Joe to check out his balls because he was worried they'd been damaged.

    if it can't be Janet

    I spose I'll have to backing Joe to win, tho only by default. I don't like Paul, I don't see the point of Fran (only kept in by the votes of girlies with more phone credits than sense) so Joe it is.

    It's like last year all over again, tho, innit. The true Queen of the Jungle again denied her crown because there's just not enough votes in being a stroppy, strong, sassy, opinionated woman. Not if you're over 30 and don't model underwear. Pah. Viva Janet!

    Now, please excuse me while I go throw up. It's not my lurgy coming back, it's that I've just seen that the itv site is featuring Paul on Diana: The Transcript. Bleurgh.

    dragging myself off my sick bed

    to point and laff at Paul. Again.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha. He got the flag Move Over Darlingquestion wrong. Some patriot he is. Bwaaahahahahahah. The Welsh flag is the missing one, as ane fule kno. Or as ane fule could work out after a few seconds' thought about just how many dragons there are on the union flag. Paul, so loyal, so devoted to keeping the Great in Great Britain. He doesn't want to talk about the royals, especially not Prinny Di, particularly not as the competion draws to an end and he's desperate for every vote. Oh no, our Paul wouldn't do a thing like that.

    Gratuitous Doris Day pictures:

    Sunday, December 05, 2004

    And then there were three

    Janet was voted out tonight. It was between her and Fran and the mirror loving night club owner got the votes.
    Janet's wondering how on earth they're going to cope without her!
    Paul was terrified by the rats in camp tonight. After a quavery voice yelped for Joe then Janet to help him, he then decided it was a good job the girls weren't still in camp because they'd wet their knickers at the sight of the rats.
    Hmm me thinks it's Pauls knickers that were wet.
    Janet told him to think of them as large hamsters but any thing that's not Corgi shaped seems to worry dear Paul.

    Hill Trial

    For any of you in foreign countries who couldn't watch tonight's show. The bush tucker trial was the same as last years with the four trying to climb the muddy hill with water and other obstacles cascading down on them.
    Move over darlingJanet reached first post, Joe had a bit of a struggle to get to second and then stay there, Paul took ages to reach third and even longer to get the star off then Fran legged it up to fourth then was hit by a huge ball and tumbled down taking the other three with him. Very funny stuff. They all scrambled back to their posts except dear sweet Paul who couldn't do it. So they only won three stars.
    Back in camp, Paul said that Janet lost her star and stole his. Tsk...Baby boys!
    The treasure chest was collected by Fran and Paul today. Fran had to climb a huge spiders web. But Paul still smarting from the BTT failure petchulantly wanted to do it and threw a bit of a paddy. A bit of bitching and tantrum behaviour followed.
    Fran walked off to have a ciggie in a huff and Paul got the question wrong about the English flag.
    Poor Paul...Not having a good day. It's hard work when you're trying so hard to be perfect. But you plainly aren't.
    Anyways Janets pleased that it's a row she hasn't started.
    Talking of Janet. The Scabby NOTW has a huge article today about Janets sex life. Apparently she's an animal in bed and has massive orgasms. I say bloody good for her. Go girl and be proud of it. Feck off NOTW

    Usual rubbish

    The tabs!

    SEX-STARVED Sophie Anderton bedded her man SEVEN times in a 24-hour love marathon after being booted out of the jungle camp

    And still had time to tell the News Of the World. In The Mirror she has beaten her demons.

    She squealed: "Yes. Yes. Yes. I've done it. I'm so proud that I've shown everyone I've finally beaten my drug addiction.

    Now I am off to drink my weight in booze in Manchester for 24 hours byeeee.

    For a rather impatient Stephen

    Men! Don't they know you have to wait for genius.
    Well Jude's out seeing Will Young again and Clazza is poorly sick so looks like I have the key to the castle ha!
    Steve was right of course. Tonight's Bush Tucker Trial was the funniest thing I've seen on TV since Judy lost her blouse.
    Paul had to put his arm into 5 holes and collect the stars inside( bet he's never seen so many holes :P ). The funny bit though was his facial expressions and commentary...and Ant and Dec wetting their knickers laughing so much.
    The first hole was green ants, the 2nd, lots of beetles things and slime...His arm came out like he'd been doing a gynaecological exam.
    Third was huge spiders. Forth was big black rats one of which was sat on the star. Paul with a high pitched voice of fear asked it to 'Move over Darling'
    The fifth was lots of moving snakes (he hates snakes). His face was a picture. Then when he got all five he had to sit down to recover. Then cheered loudly 'Fran WILL eat...Fran will not go hungry. Fran will have mashed potatoes'
    Hmmm me thinks Paul :hearts: Fran. Maybe Vic's Old Compton Street Comment wasn't far off the mark if you get my drift.
    Tonight's show was ace. Janet trying to sit her ass on that swing then hitting Joe head over heels.
    Buzz Lightyear was bornPaul's description of the Queens pee problem with those Corgis. She keeps a soda stream and wipes on hand to clear up 'accidents'.
    The argument over Paul describing Queenie as a normal grandmother, and Janet retorting 'Yes with a bloody Bentley and armed Guards'
    Great entertainment.
    Ok Steve was that ok? Hun? (snigger)

    Saturday, December 04, 2004

    I lurve Janet

    Janet tonight
    Vote for me, I'm the only woman left in here with three 'men'
    One who thinks he's an Emu
    One who has spent all his life following around a little old lady and picking up Corgi shit
    And one who won't let me look in the mirror because he's looking at himself every 5 minutes.

    VOTE Janet or the earth will be destroyed by flesh eating trees. You have been warned.

    Tabs today


    As she left, Sophie tipped ex-royal butler Paul Burrell to win. But earlier she showed her ignorance in a camp quiz when they were asked: “How much is the basic state pension for a single person in the UK per week?”

    With a choice of £61 or £76, Sophie piped up: “How can anyone live on 61p?” Paul corrected her saying: “No, £61, baby.”

    Sophie replied: “Oh my God – that was a model thing to say.”

    Sophie: I need sex

    Her boyfriend Mark said: “We haven’t seen her incredibly vicious streak yet — which is a good thing.”

    Sophie hits Bristol News

    Sophie went to school in Bristol, in Redland High actually. The local news channel had a little bit on her Jungle exit.
    They commented on how, during her Bush Tucker trial she had bugs and worms in her mouth. Then nice Mr news reader said happily "I'm sure she'll have something much tastier in her mouth tonight".
    As her BF was waiting for her at the end of the bridge. I'm sure they were right ;)

    Sophie out!

    ITV1 really fecked up her interview you couldn't hear it properly at all.

    BTW...I can't believe I didn't go for the 'Respect The Rock' line on the Paul pic below.

    Friday, December 03, 2004

    Do not mock me jungle people.


    Why I don't like Fran.

    People are voting for him as they fancy him.

    He said every week he buys new pants and socks and throws the old ones out THE FREAK.

    He's not a celebrity! He got one of Atomic Kitten pregnant! That is it!

    He looks in the mirror a lot which as we all know is a hanging offence.

    I agree with Paul that Fran's nightclub charges too much for champagne (a litte chat they had) in fact champagne is just wrong. What is wrong with cava huh?

    Huggy is out

    Bless. He was crying! Dec didn't know where to look! I like him now he is out (and blubbing). Sheila greeted him on the bridge (why not his partner?). I liked Sheila rolling on top of Mark Durden Smith on itv2. I dunno about her phone in though.

    Female caller - 'Sheila you are gorgeous and lovely'

    Sheila - 'Are you gay'?


    Next trial is by Sophie and Janet together then the next day (if he is still in) it will be Paul.

    Thursday, December 02, 2004

    Peterborough's the place to be for IAC fans

    Exciting news from Peterborough Today - Joe and Sheila are both going to be playing at the Broadway Theatre wooo. Although not together boo. I am disappointed. I originally formed the misaprehension that they were appearing together in panto. I'd've gone to Peterborough for that.


    They have had food, lots of it, Sophie couldn't eat a bite more but Fran was told off by Janet for eating all the beans even though she had just told everyone to eat as many as they liked.

    Janet and Sophie have gone off to get the chest dressed as builders. Fran looked at Sophie with her bikini top, toolbelt and hard hat and said 'You're not going anywhere tomorrow'.

    Fran and Huggy have chat about who knows most about films and Huggy mentions all the films he has been in and gives advice to Fran about getting into films.

    Paul asks Huggy if he answers his own fan mail as Paul does. Huggy says his goes to his fanclub. Paul says he hasn't got one of those. I may start one!

    I don't believe it!

    my disbelief has lost it's suspenders after last night's box-fetching mullarky. Obv no way were they going to let those two put safety-critical harness equipment on by themselves so obv someone came and helped them, to make sure they were safe. I have no prob with that, I have a prob with the pretence that they're there all by themselves, except the film crew, safety people, doctor, etc etc etc. Bah.

    Still watching, tho. Most dischuffed to recall I have to Go Out on Saturday night boo.

    Thursday Papers

  • Joe's plain squeaking SQUEAKY-voiced joker Joe Pasquale has revealed why he is the red-hot favourite to win I’m A Celebrity — he once had a job at an ASYLUM.
  • 'Spoilt bitch' Sophie RANTING Sheila Ferguson last night branded Sophie Anderton a spoilt bitch after becoming the third celebrity to be booted out.
  • It's Buggy Hair HERE’S Huggy’s hair getting buggy as he nets four stars in his Bushtucker Trial.

  • MAD VICAR NEXT FOR REEVES JUNGLE reject Vic Reeves will soon be back on our television screens playing a crazy vicar.
  • THE BUGSTER: HUGGY BEAR'S A HIT IN THE WOODS THE LADY who hugs Huggy Bear says the jungle holds no fear for the man who yesterday had worms and spiders dropped on his head.

    Sky news:
  • NEIL SEAN'S I'M A CELEB GOSS Why was Nancy Sorrell - the first star to be booted out - ever in I'm A Celeb? She's hoping a comedy she made with hubby Vic Reeves will finally be aired.
  • Wednesday, December 01, 2004

    Stolen from popbitch

    Well the Sun does it.

    "Coleman Balls Winner 2004 has to be Paul Burrell on IACGMOOH saying (in his plea for the public vote) something along the lines of:
    the top moments in my life have to be my marriage, the birth of my children (pause - genius forgets what he's said about TOP moments about 5 seconds earlier]
    [looks wistfully away from camera]
    the death of the Princess - obviously

    and blah blah blah."

    edit: in case you were wondering who or what is popbitch, click here. Trin did make a link to it in the title but stoopid blogger hides it dur

    Buggy Hair - now with pictures hurrah

    Huggy Bear's Buggy Hair and despite being the bookie's favourite two nights running, Huggy stays in the jungle. Sheila evicted tonight. Good. I think they all bad for picking on Sophie. Yesh she's a model and yesh she's all me me me but at least she doesn't need oxygen everytime she sees a tree. Unlike Natalie who everyone treated like an ickle bitty princess :vomits: I think I am still liking Janet best of all, tho.

    Funniest bit tonight, of course, was when Paul didn't know the answer to the royalty question despite being a professional monarchist lackey and having told JSP that the last book he read was about Henry VIII. Tee Hee Hee.

    She Walks

    Sheila is no longer horizontal. She's vertical and out of there...and she Hated Sophie with a passion.


    Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Rainforest is one of my passions. The area where I'm a celeb is filmed is a site looked after by Rainforest rescue.
    Rainforest Rescue has been working for several years to raise funds for the purchase of land in the Daintree by the Daintree Rainforest Foundation. Six properties have now been saved since they started.

    $20 will buy and protect ten square metres. If you can help them, or know someone else that has a web site that would like to help, please add their banner to your site with a link to

    Gems from the Jungle

    I adore Janet and Paul. I love the bickering, her ordering him around. His gentle Image Hosted by ImageShack.usmoaning and bitchiness. Her straight out with it 'Shut Up Paul, get your 'and off me or I'll 'Ave you for sexual 'arrasement'
    I have no idea why he moans though. He must love being bossed about by women. After all he chose his job. You reckon the Queen ever threatened him with Sexual 'Arrasement though?

    Huggy man of wisdomBut the words that drip from Huggy Bears mouth deserve Dubya status. How about the classic 'Bring the Body and the head will follow' WTF is that all about?

    How about Joe? 'I look like George Clooney with me beard growing don't I?

    And my personal fav Janet 'What on earth do we need pets for? I 'ate pets'

    You reckon Paul got the hots for Sophie? He doesn't shut up about her body. Actually he doesn't shut up if the truth be told.
    Cool music tonight though. I was well pleased to hear the Coral. Breath of fresh air.

    yes yes yes!

    Huggy Bear's Buggy Hair! hurrah

    Wednesday's Papers

  • Redhead's blue movie MOUTHY Janet Street-Porter has revealed that she once appeared in a PORN movie.
  • Nancy: Bosses fed Natalie pills to stop her freaking out SEXY Nancy Sorrell has revealed TV bosses had to give jittery Natalie Appleton SLEEPING PILLS — after she freaked out in the jungle.

  • DANGLE IN THE JUNGLE I'M A CELEB GET ME DOWN FROM UP HERE Joe wins the lot in copter trial
  • Next trial done by...

    HUGGY! At last he is going to do something! Anything! Nancy so wants to be a tv presenter judging by her appearance on ITV2 with Mark 'looks like his mother' Durden Smith and Tara 'ellooooooo jungle ott line' Palmer Tompkinson'.

    Mark the lookylikey

    Judith his mother

    Glad (like me) it seems no one (voters anyway) likes celeb couples on reality tv shows hurrah.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2004

    Vic's gone

    hurrah. Boring man, crap interview, clearly only there for the £ and/or the publicity for Nancy. Trin says she'll explain to the 'Old Compton Street' reference to me when I'm old enough to understand. It certainly woke Ant 'n' Dec up, whatever it means.

    no Buggy Hair?

    William Hill customers correctly predicted the demise of Nancy Sorrell last night and are doubling up on Huggy Bear to get the boot tonight. Huggy has managed to keep his head down but now the eviction process has started there is nowhere to hide. Joe Pasquale remains the odds-on favourite to be crowned King of the Jungle at 4/9, with Janet Street-Porter making up ground and the outright second favourite at 11/2.

    "People were expecting great thinks of Huggy and have been largely disappointed. He seems to be in a permanent state of hibernation. Although Vic was in the last two, we think that he is unlikely to go and he is offered at 4/1 to be evicted tonight", said Hills spokesman Rupert Adams

    Hills latest second eviction odds: 11/10 Haggy Bear, 6/4 Shelia Ferguson, 4/1 Vic Reeves, 10/1 Fran Cosgrave, 16/1 Sophie Anderton, 33/1 Paul Burrell, 50/1 Janet Street-Porter, 66/1 Joe Pasquale.

    Latest outright betting: 4/9 Joe Pasquale, 11/2 Janet Street-Porter, 7/1 Paul Burrell, 9/1 Vic Reeves, 16/1 Sophie Anderton, Fran Cosgrave, 25/1 Huggy Bear, 40/1 Shelia Ferguson.


    in it for the £

    Seeing as how I is poorly sick, I is legally entitled to lie about on the sofa drinking hot ribena and flicking thro' magazines. Heat v. disappointing - their Natalie 'exclusive' turns out to be a re-hash of what Nicole said on tv last week. Reveal betterer, with its Vic 'n' Nance exclusive

    'It's terrible to say it, but we need the money' Nancy exclusively tells Reveal. 'People think we're rich but we're not. We've got a mortgage to pay, ex-wives to pay and with kids and stuff, it all adds up.'
    Vic and Nancy are keeping tight-lipped about what they've been paid but estimates put it at between £50, 000 and £150, 000.
    'I do have a problem with being "Vic's wife", [Nancy] admits. 'But that's what's good about this show. People get to know the real Nancy Sorrell.'

    [insert hollow laughter]

    more tuesday papers

  • Nat just keeps on crying
    Natalie Appleton may be out of the I'm a Celebrity jungle - but the strop goes on.

    After sensationally quitting the camp yesterday, Nat went to a six-star hotel with her sister Lee to recover from her jungle capers, according to the Daily Star.

    But even that did not appease her and she demanded to be moved from her room because she is scared of heights - and the room was on the third floor.

    "This is like a Bushtucker Trial all over again. Please, please move me!" she shrieked.

  • So long, Sorrell Nancy Sorrell became the first 'celebrity' to be voted out of the Australian jungle.
  • Tuesday papers

  • Who's Sorrell now, Nancy? STUNNED Nancy Sorrell last night became the first celebrity to be booted out of the jungle.
  • Natalie's gone ... totally gone JUNGLE quitter Natalie Appleton last night revealed how the telly ordeal was driving her bonkers.

  • BOOT FOR NANCY IN FIRST VOTE NANCY Sorrell last night became the first contestant voted out of the jungle.
  • SOB OFF YOU WIMP Natalie cries as she leaves jungle
  • JUNGLE JIM'S VERDICT The public waited five days to tell the producers where to stick it, twisting the knife by making it clear to Sorrell what we could have told her long ago - that they prefer her husband. Not so much a case of Opportunity Knocks, as Obscurity Beckons. Again.

  • Discovering the inner maggot eater Jungle Janet is demonstrating basic Darwinian law: the survival of the most desperate

    Radio 1
  • I'm A Celebrity get me a record deal Jungle deserter Brian Harvey has wasted no time in promoting his new single since walking out of the 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' camp.

  • Bye Bye Nancy

    Poor Nancy I was actually asleep during her eviction HA but I am wide awake now and watching live. Sheila was v good in her trial and it is Joes (Pasquealy as Jade says on the Paul O'Grady show) turn tomorrow/today I think. Vic does not seem that bothered that his wife has gone but then they were allegedly paid 150.000 to appear and get free trip to Oz land so all good I would say. Jane Middlemiss who is a standby contestant looked very happy in her hotel room when featured on This Morning. Being paid to lounge around! NICE!

    On to the important topic of the music played during the programme...last night it was 'sunday morning' (velvet underground) and today 'no surprises' (radiohead) YAY.

    Monday, November 29, 2004

    betting odds following Nat's exit


    Punters who backed Natalie Appleton to win I'm a Celeb will be throwing away their tickets today. Hills spokesman Rupert Adams said," We have taken very little money on Natalie to win the show. But a number of our customers backed her to be the first contestant voted off they will also lose their money, they will be feeling very hard done by."

    Hills Latest Outright Betting: 4/7 Joe Pasquale, 5/1 Janet Street-Porter, 7/1 Paul Burrell, 8/1 Vic Reeves, 10/1 Sophie Anderton, 12/1 Fran Cosgrove, 20/1 Antonio Fargus, 40/1 Shelia Ferguson, Nancy Sorrell.

    I wonder what the odds are on a 3rd walker?

    bye, Nat

    Ta-ra, chuck. I'm glad she's gone. She was irritating, it was boring boring telly to see her not do the tasks every night, and now hopefully the papers will stop with all the 'Nat's worse than Thatcher' nonsense. Tsk. What I will miss tho is Sophie's reactions to Nat. I have been loving the way Sophie's rolling her eyes, obviously dying to bawl her out, but instead bites her tongue and gives her deeply insincere hugs and sympathy. Heh.

    more news

    Nat Quits Stories:
  • Appleton quits ITV's jungle camp Former All Saints singer Natalie Appleton has walked out of the ITV show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
  • Harvey defends Appleton over exit Brian Harvey has defended fellow quitter Natalie Appleton over her decision to quit the show.

    other (pre-quit) stories from the Mirror:
  • SHE IS A PAIN Now Natalie's sister brands her irritating
  • JUNGLE JIM'S VERDICT Seeing a minor celeb being tortured can rarely have been so monotonous. A strange sado-masochism has taken over voters - their desire to make her suffer is so great they're prepared to ruin one of TV's best shows.

  • She's Gone

    It would appear that Natalie walked before her fifth trial. TBH I don't blame her. I'm assuming Sheila did the trial and had moderate success because the celebs are cooking dinner with a large chicken and hugging her and saying thanks.
    So Natalie's gone! thats going to mess up evictions! Maybe we won't get one tonight then?

    monday early-morning papers round-up

  • Muddy hell MOANING Natalie Appleton was picked for her FIFTH Bushtucker Trial today — the toughest challenge so far.
  • Jordan: Get us back in there! I’M A Celebrity is dying on its jungle feet! Most of this bunch of contestants have turned out to be boring and viewers are now starting to switch off.
    well dur! it's viewers making it more boring by keeping voting Natalie to do tasks yawn

    Daily Record:
  • LAY OFF SOPHIE GRUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE: Mark defended lover Sophie SOPHIE Anderton's boyfriend Mark Alexiou last night warned the camp's other women: 'Lay off my girlfriend.' ... Sophie can't help it if she looks good. She's not got a scrap of make-up on in there and she looks great.
    let's just read that last bit again
    She's not got a scrap of make-up on in there
    so all that black smudgy stuff on her eyelids must be dirt, then.

  • Celebrity Fans Put Natalie on her Knees The fans of I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! had it in for Natalie Appleton tonight as they voted for her to do her fifth Bushtucker trial.

  • Sheila favourite for first eviction Three Degrees star Sheila Ferguson is the favourite to be evicted from ITV's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here on Monday.
  • sadists indeed

    Why oh why oh why oh why? Why do so many people want to see Natalie do another bush tucker trial? It's bloody rubbish telly and boring boring bor-ing! Yes the first couple of times were quite funny but now it's just dull.

    I don't know how much of that 'scared of everything' routine Nat is putting on. If she is so scared of everything, I still don't understand what she's doing there. She does also seem particularly self-obsessed, it's all about Nat Nat Nat. But whatever, it's not very interesting to see her whine and whinge her way through tasks. I demand to see Buggy Hair!

    It is funny to see the slebs moaning about the lack of food, being weak with hunger, etc, tho. The rice 'n' beans diet may be dull but you can bet ITV are providing enough of it to meet their daily nutritional requirements. And you can't help thinking that some of the contestants probably eat less than that normally, in the interests of 'beauty'. Well I can't help thinking that but then I'm just a bitch (with insania insomnia).

    Sunday, November 28, 2004


    People should have their phones took off them! Why are they still voting every time for Natalie to do the trial? Change the record do you like to see small women cry is that it? Thankfully people can only vote for someone to stay now. Leave her alone. Fran please go away you are rubbish, you shouted 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' (which was a blatant lie btw) when you did your trial so don't criticize others.

    The tabs


    I'M A Celebrity beauty Nancy Sorrell has starred in a secret X-rated porn film.


    Sophie 'TAUNTED an ex by saying the best sex she ever had was with a girl.

    Sophie mad stare

    I can not decide if I love Sophie or hate her she has cold mean eyes. I think I am getting a crush, I want her to be cold and mean to me whilst eating bugs. Forget Maya in Corrie check out this mad stare.

    Nat x 4

    Well once again the British Public pick Natalie for the next trial. Four times...I don't get it. She's just not entertaining to watch at all. Not that I dislike her, but she's now got the attitude, I'm just not doing it. First we get the big scene on the bridge, then the vomit thing. I'm not sure it's all real...But I believe it's real to her. She goes really pale. Its painful to watch.
    They all had quite a sing song tonight. Nancy really has a lovely voice. Plus Fran's not too bad but Huggy Bear! They all got up and walked when he started. Probably in fear they'd all laugh.
    Brian was interviewed and apparently the engagement rumours between him and Emma B are all untrue! Hmm the English tabloids making stuff up once again.

    Saturday, November 27, 2004

    Murder She Ate

    Sophie; "I sold tons of bras and they're twice as much as a record" I think she should have that on her gravestone!

    Can someone tell me WHY the general public keep voting Nats to do the trials? Are they stupid. She's not going to do them. So we don't get to see the trial happen so why? I don't get it. I want to see Huggy or Sheila or Nance do something.
    Sophie is soooooo full of herself.
    I am very sorry . I know they're only insects that maybe we stamp on everyday but to EAT something live like that is wrong. Some of those things look like the pets the kids keep at my childs school. InsectMurder is wrong. Anyways havent we had some law passed about hurting animals? SUE THEM NOW.


    I'm still annoyed at missing the live trial...hmm no one taped it for me sob. Maybe I will just have to download it be happy with the little clips shown last night. I don't know why they bother with the trials they could just get them to cross the bridge a lot that seems scary enough. Oh and that Sophie looks a right moo I have decided.

    Ooh there was goss on holy moly email this week linking 2 of the contestants in the past. See that link for details!

    Friday, November 26, 2004


    Prince Charles loves me, so should Sophie Tsk Bad Sophie. Janet was complaining because when Sheila burst into song and tripped round the camp like some bad Doris Day movie. Singing to each camper one in turn. Our Sophie ignored her and continued to talk to Nance about herself. St Janet of Street Porter reckons she was incredibly rude.
    naturally Sheila does have a good voice but I find this bursting into song most unnerving. My manager does it in work. All according how her mood is, is how she sings. Beware if Evita is heard, or anything from Les Mis. The very worse though is the 'happy' Sound of Music. 7am on a Sunday morning I'm a grumpy bitch...Rather like our Janet TBH.
    This is the word according to Trin.

    Brian walks

    Brian's left the jungle. Apparantly he walked out after JSP complained about his farting. He'd been threatening to leave all day, what with the food and the flies etc. JSP was the final straw.

    From offishul site:

    Brian's outta there

    He came into camp a day later than the other celebrities and he has been the first to cry “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!”

    Brian Harvey entered the camp later than his fellow celebrities, after receiving the sad news about his Nan passing away.

    But on his sixth day in the camp he decided it was time to go.

    It all blew up over dinner when Janet again told him off for breaking wind, this time as it was close to where she was preparing dinner.

    This was the last straw for Brian who had been threatening to leave all day.

    He complained of being tired, hungry and fed up with the flies. He decided enough was enough.

    He said his goodbyes and walked out of camp.

    Little Miss Perfect

    Sophie runs out of lip glossThis morning in camp they're all hungry. Sat around moaning about lack of food and feeling crap and looking haggard. Fran was a bit moany about no alcohol...I bet he drinks a bit as a night club owner. The girls all look crap, pale, hair everywhere EXCEPT Sophie. Sophie is sat around the camp fire with perfect hair and a face full of make-up. Unbelievable.
    Brian and Paul are forming a two man Janet fan club.
    Almost a week has past and I can't say I've warmed to any of them particularly, except Joe and only because he's funny and laid back. I guess he'll be the next one advertising DFS sofa's for the next 12 months


    Mr Steve was right - compare and contrast
    Popbitch yesterday vs Sun today

    Friday papers

  • No booze until Soph's out I’M A Celeb bosses have BANNED booze-ups in the jungle — so alcoholic Sophie Anderton can stay on the wagon.

  • Moody Janet's a cow I’M A Celeb hosts Ant and Dec have THEIR say on the stars sweating it out in the jungle.

  • Squealer dealer is Doomed ROYAL blabbermouth Paul Burrell squealed like a girl yesterday when he was forced into a snake and rat-infested cave.

  • Scotsman:
  • Jungle Celebrities are Feeling the Strain Former All Saint Natalie Appleton put her row with model Sophie Anderton to one side only to fail abysmally at her second Bushtucker Trial.

  • more later possibly

    Thursday, November 25, 2004

    oh lordy

    Nat. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Pull Yourself Together Woman. If you don't wanna do it (and feel pleased just to have raised lots of ££ for charideeeeee) then don't do it. Shut up and go back to camp. Bah. I did lol at A&D being so obviously completely hacked off with her and her grandstanding and her complete lack of professionalism. She knows it's live. If she doesn't want to do it, OK, piss off back to camp and let them get on with the contingency plan. I also lol-ed at Bob the Doc giving her oxygen, pre-empting any fainting bwaahahahahahhah.

    Natalies Bush Tucker Trial

    When they put her in the fly pupae I yelled at the TV get her out. I know she's a prima donna but way would I do that. Natalie looked really white after it and needed a puff of 02 again. I reckon she's gonna walk tbh. I'll be soooo surprised if she makes the fortnight.

    me me me me me me me me me me me me me

    Natalie: You have no emotion Sophie. I was expressing how I felt to you
    Where's your feelings baby? I want to hug you and feel you really meant it. I don't feel you baby.
    Sophie: Your a total bitch

    Both: sob sob sob me me me sob sob me

    Sheila to Nats: Everyone in camp feels like you (do they?)

    Sophie: Apologises to Nats

    Both: big hugs

    Trin : Big Vomits

    is she isn't she?

    the Emma B rumours persist. Tonight on the Paul O'Grady prog, Jade said she was going in tomorrow. Woo. Me, I get me EmmaB's all confoosed.

    DJ Emma B Spice Emma B is she isn't she going into the jungle Emma B

    does that one on the end know her top's unravelled?

    Sophie & Nat - it's all kicking off

    news from offishul site

    After growing tensions, things have finally kicked off between Natalie and Sophie.

    Tempers took over and emotions went into overload when catty Nat accused glamour puss Sophie of playing to the cameras.

    The row erupted as Sophie and Nat were set the task of tracking down the day's Celebrity Chest.

    After a morning of taking orders from Sophie, Natalie broke, asking her: “Do you want to take the front of the chest so you're closer to the camera?”

    Back at the camp Sophie retaliated by accusing the singer of using her phobias to get attention, mimicking her, saying: “'Oh there's a spider in my bed, I'm going to cry for two days!”

    Then Nat really let rip.

    “Where's your feelings?” she asked. “All you care about is how you look. I can see feelings in everyone else, but not you!”

    Following the outburst Nat broke down in tears on Janet's shoulder. “You did the right thing,” Janet told her. “She's been driving everyone mad!”

    Despite the camp friction shouty Sheila said she was relieved that Nat had the ‘balls' to confront Sophie.

    But Nancy comforted Sophie after the event, saying: “It could have been aimed at anyone, you were just the one who got it.”

    click here for photos

    tonight - 2 shows & a live task

    IAC's on at 8 with the 'normal' show then back at 10 for surprise (for the slebs) live bush tucker trial woo. I am v pleased, I thought I was gonna miss it all cos I'm out till 9.

    punters get the hump with Nancy, but Joe's on a roll

    from - for all your reality tv gambling needs

    William Hill have seen a significant number of bets for Nancy Sorrell to be the first celebrity evicted from the jungle and consequently her odds have been cut to 10/1.

    Hills believe that the couple face an uphill task to ingratiate themselves with either the general public or their jungle mates, and are offering 50/1 that Nancy & Vic will be the last two remaining celebrities in the camp but only 20/1 that they will be the first two voted out. Joe Pasquale remains the hot favourite at 5/4 with Vic Reeves a distant 5/1 second favourite.

    "Nancy seems to have alienated herself from the rest of the camp after she admitted that she knew all along that Vic would be joining the celebrities in the jungle. As a result, we think their chances of being the last remaining contestants is a massive 50/1. Joe Pasquale continues to rip up the form book and is becoming one of the hottest favourites of all time", said Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.

    Thurday Papers

  • We can't get jiggy in jungle COMIC Vic Reeves turned up at the I’m A Celeb camp yesterday — and walked straight into a nookie ban by his WIFE.
  • Claws out in jungle ANGRY Sheila Ferguson launched a furious attack on model Sophie Anderton yesterday — branding her stupid and boring.

  • Brand Republic Media Bulletin:
  • Vic becomes new favourite as he joins I'm a Celebrity Comedian Vic Reeves has become the new favourite to win 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' after it was revealed he is to join his wife Nancy Sorrell in the jungle.

  • Mirror:
  • I'M A CELEB-HUBBY: VIC & GOB Funnyman enters the jungle so Janet says she'll quit
  • SOPHIE: HORSE FRIEND HELPED BEAT ADDICTION CAMPMATES were yesterday left stunned by Sophie Anderton's claim to have beaten addiction by making friends with a horse.
  • PIE 'N' HARVEY Star wimps out on creepy-crawly trial
  • JUNGLE JIM'S VERDICT DAY Four of I Want To Be A Celebrity, Keep Me In Here was marked by one of the most disgusting sights the show has ever come up with. Yes, Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorrell snogging. Disgusting!

  • more later (possibly) as the papers update their on-line editions

    Wednesday, November 24, 2004

    I demand to see my agent in the morning!

    wozzOK so perhaps JSP didn't quite reach Wozz's histrionic heights, but her 'I am only contractually obliged to have 10 people round this campfire' rant was quite funny. I am still supporting her tho, because I can't think of any of the others I even remotely like. I'm hoping for some '9 sausages do not make a meal!' type rants about the food tomorrow after tonight's failed bush tucker trial.


    I can just imagine her Majesty in her slippers and Crown, running round the royal TV room punching the air in Royal triumph. Yesssss at last Paul Burrell faces a Bush Tucker Trial. The rat faces the rats. Oooooooh aren't I a Bitch?

    gratuitous koala pic

    a koala bearfor the person who found their way here by googling for i'm a celebrity get me out of here hogan koala.

    Please note however, we will not be providing a similar service for the person who came here via im a celebrity sophie anderton g-string. Tsk.

    To find out more about koalas, visit the Australian Koala Foundation. To find out more about g-strings, go use your imagination.

    Vic watch

    Richard Madeley on the telly just asked his producer if they could talk about why Vic is in the programme. Hmm...producer say no.

    I cannae change the laws of physics ....

    .... but I can hope that the rumour that William Shatner is going into the jungle is true!

    article from
    Scotty & KirkThe recent introduction of Vic Reeves has triggered off a flurry of activity on bookmaker VC Bet's 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' market.

    With new contestants expected to be introduced throughout the series VC Bet are quoting an "Any Other" winner in addition to the original 10 entrants.

    Former Star Trek star William Shatner is another celeb rumoured to have been linked with an appearance at some stage.

    Incidentally and nothing to do with IAC, but I have a brain-the-size-of-a-planet physicist friend whose screen saver says "I cannae change the laws of physics - but I'll have a damn good try"

    Couples in the jungle

    I do not like couples in reality shows they did it in Back To Reality the channel 5 show with Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier it really annoys the other contestants and is quite boring. I think Vic will be amusing to watch not in a haha funny sort of way more of a trying too hard and making fool of himself plus everyone will be confused watching as they'll all call him Jim, his real name, and us reality show watchers we are a bit dim and can't keep up that is why we are watching simple shows in the first place. I'd prefer Bob Mortimer there he is quite lovely I think.

    tittle-tattle from Fern 'n' Phil

    According to This Morning, Vic's staying and being a proper contestant (so we can vote him off yay). There was speculation that perhaps Nancy being there at all was because it was the only way Vic would agree to go on but that's pure bitchiness, of course Nancy's talents at umm whatever it is she does would've earned her a place in her own right.

    Sheila and Nat have been bitching about 'unknown woman' hmm - almost certainly JSP

    Body language expert wittered on about Stuff but I was too busy wondering why they don't get her to examine the body language between Peter and Katie to take in what she was saying. I am in no way of the opinion that Peter and Katie's relationship is all about career opportunities. I just couldn't help noticing that yesterday, Peter only put his arm round Katie in a pointedly 'look at us we're in lurv' stylee when the cameras started rolling. Hmm.

    Is Vic There?

    Yes he is.

    Vic Reeves Arrives in Celebrity Jungle
    Comic Vic Reeves has joined his sexy wife in the jungle in a surprise twist on the hit TV show I’m a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!.

    The funnyman will now sweat it out Down Under with the 10 other celebrity contestants on the ITV programme.

    A spokesman for the show said today: “I can confirm that Vic Reeves is in the jungle.”

    She would not reveal when Reeves arrived at the jungle camp at Murwillumbah, near Brisbane on Australia’s east coast – or what TV bosses have in store for the star, if he will face Bush Tucker trials, or if he can get voted out.

    bollox. I h8 Vic Reeves, he gets right on my t*t ends. I fear the smug get is going to spoil my viewing pleasure. Still gonna award myself an extended coffee break for the This Morning IAC slot, tho.

    Wednesday's Papers

  • Lost your soap, Soph? STUNNING Sophie Anderton airs her G-string as she bends over to look for her soap after it gave her the slip while she washed.
  • Don't worry, folks ... the snake suvived POISON-tongued journalist Janet Street-Porter had a taste of her own medicine yesterday when she was bitten by snakes during her Bushtucker Trial.
  • I caught Queen in crown and slippers ROYAL butler Paul Burrell once walked in on the Queen to find her in her crown and slippers.

  • I'M A CELEB BITER JANET Street-Porter became an unlikely camp hero yesterday after braving a pit of pythons.
  • BRIAN'S MUM IS SO PROUD BRIAN Harvey's mum yesterday praised her grief-stricken son for going into the jungle after the death of his beloved gran.
  • JUNGLE JIM'S VERDICT DAY Three of I'm Natalie Appleton Get Me Out of Here and the viewers had surprisingly - disappointingly - decided to give Neurotic Nat a break and try tormenting Janet Street-Porter for a change.
  • Breaking News

    Vic Reeves will be joining his wifey Nancy in the Jungle. He should be joing them all tonight...wonder if they'll parachute him in?
    Nancy's big fear is getting spiders in her knickers...well Vic will be able to fish them out then!

    Such a surprise from the sun

    It has only been the main IACGMOOH rumour for the past week.

    STUNNING model Emma B is in secret talks to go on I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! and surprise her boyfriend Brian Harvey.


    Five minutes of Brian Harvey whining about no food then task details of eating pies made of bugs. Hmm who will the public vote for this trial we (didn't) wonder?

    Janet has the best friends! Sir Elton we heard from on the first show and she is big mates with the Pet Shop Boys and tonight on itv2 Jo Brand was supporting her. Yay. I actually expected Jo to be in the studio and not on the phone. Dur me she not very likely to fly to Australia for one small interview now is she? I forget Tara and Mark the presenters on itv2 are actually there and not in some studio here.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    I didn't get where I am today ...

    ... by being scared of a few snakes!


    yes J.S.P. C.J.

    and speaking personally, I didn't get where I am today by believing that lot built that tree palace all by themselves.

    rumours rumours

    rumours are rife that one or more extra slebs will be joining the existing ones in the jungle. Perhaps living in the tree house, which has now had a double bed installed it in.

    Janet Street Porter 'attacks cameraman'

    sez Digi Spy

    Janet Street Porter has apparently lashed out at a cameraman. The 57-year-old is said to have had a clause written into her contract forbidding crew members from following her at close quarters for lengthy periods of time.

    According to a report on The Paul O'Grady Show today, one unwitting cameraman made the mistake of doing just that and received an angry "whack" in return. Footage of the incident, if true, will air on tonight's episode at 9.45pm.


    Brum's Backing Joe!

    Birmingham Evening Mail: Joe might squeak it!
    Birmingham Hippodrome panto star Joe Pasquale has emerged as the new bookies' favourite to win I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

    actually this is just a thinly veiled excuse to post the Birmingham - It's not Sh*t link again

    i've just remembered

    mmmm the 80s
    about Janet & Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
    Janet (right) & the some Sputniks
    Ouch. Mind you, it was the 80s. Seems everyone else has forgotten, tho.

    Brand Republic: Celeb's ratings soar as does Street-Porter's popularity

    As viewing figures for 'I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!' rise from 10m to 10.4m, the best performance for a second episode of the show to date, mouthy pundit Janet Street-Porter has had her odds to win slashed from 10/1 to 7/1.

    nearly off her trolley

    Nat in action
    pics of Nat pluckily overcoming her fears/hamming it up mightily ** from Sky

    **[delete as appropriate depending on your prejudices]

    news from tuesday's papers

    hope it works this time ...

  • Trial puts Nat back on track sez Jord of the Jungle
  • Hard life of Brian EMOTIONAL Brian Harvey sobbed yesterday as he talked to counsellors in the Bush Telegraph.
  • Nat's a fighter like me I’M A CELEB winner Kerry McFadden last night said terrified Natalie Appleton was suffering the same jungle nightmare she endured.

  • PAUL BUILDS TREE HAVEN PAUL Burrell put his DIY skills to good use by building a tree house for the camp.

  • I'm a Celebrity... the next five years according to Craig Brown

    Manchester Evening News:
  • Janet Street Porter continues arguments JANET Street-Porter got even more ratty with her fellow contestants as the tension mounted on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Here!
    "For God's sake! What on earth do we need pets for? I hate pets," she moaned. "I don't want pets, I loathe pets. I thought for one moment we might be eating them."

  • friction in camp

    The only good thing about having to stay home and look after poorly child, you get to watch day time tv guilt-free. According to This Morning, Janet's got friction burns from throwing herself into the snake task, but it sounds like she won lots of meals. Hurrah go Janet!

    edit: she got 9 stars

    testing testing

    whenever i try and post a post with the stories from the papers, it messes up the sidebar. boo. I wonder if this post will ...

    Emu watch

    Last night on 'I'm a celeb extra' on itv2 Tara Palmer Tompkinson mentioned the emus which prompted a 'that's meant to be secret' from her co presenter Mark Durden Smith. Then tonight on the itv1 show they appeared! They are pet emus aww etc. Anyway then Tara mentioned bigger emus on itv2 so maybe that will happen too. Current goss round the camp fire is that maybe a new person will appear sooner or later.

    Monday, November 22, 2004

    dib dib dib

    Some of those slebs were must have been very dilligent girl guides, had special tution from the Ray or have interesting private lives. Either that or there was some Blue Peter-ing going on with that tree house building.

    I missed the task owing to having to Go Out boo but gather well done Nat is in order.

    I am loving Janet's faced-like-a-smacked-arse distain for all the others tee hee.
    That's right look who earned the food.

    bookies think someone's gonna walk

    William Hill have suspended the betting on whether a member of the I'm A Celebrity cast will leave the show of their own accord rather than be voted off, after a number of the celebrities, particularly Natalie, looked fragile and as though they may well not last the course.

    "Last time round we got caught short when John Lydon walked off the show, at the time we were quoting 3/1, we do not want to make the same mistake. It is a question of once bitten twice shy." said Hills spokesman Rupert Adams

    thanks to lovely lovely

    monday tabloid round-up

  • Pete 'n' Jordan Katie's Jungle Diary, Day 1:
    Jord of the Jungle's verdict
  • Sophie: I blew £1000 a week on coke
    I’M A Celebrity stunner Sophie Anderton has revealed how she blew £1,000 A WEEK on cocaine.
  • Never Ever Have I Ever Felt So Low
    Jungle Nat's losing it already

  • Mirror:
    Distraught Nancy's missing husband Vic.. while Natalie's already had enough of the jungle and says she's quitting
    TEARFUL Brian Harvey told how his decision to stay with the show after learning of gran Betty Nabb's death was the toughest of his life.

    Daily Record:
    DAY ONE Janet's already moaning about smokers in camp and tearful Nat wants to go

  • Look out, here comes Janet!
    Elton warns of a rumble in the jungle

  • Huggy's a legend - get him out of there
    He'll probably soon have a bucket of cockroaches poured over his head. Huggy Bear becomes Buggy Hair
  • Task type thing

    Oh yeah they are building a tree house. Due to legal reasons we are not allowed to hear all the details of the building or possibly they are swearing and talking about the royals.

    Sunday, November 21, 2004

    whatever do you mean?

    all in the editing? surely not.

    and anyways, she did say the tree and spider stuff, and she was sobbing in the diary room or whatever they call it (I know it got some jungley name but i forgot it right now) about how she couldn't go on after having missed a night's sleep. The woman's got kids ffs, sleep deprivation should be normality for her.

    I am gearing up to hate Sophie, tho. And possibly Mrs Vic Reeves, if only because of her association with Mr Vic Reeves and his tosser-like behaviour on GRSAS [1].

    [1] Gordon Ramsay Swears At Slebs

    You lot

    Stop judging Nat on her first day. Tsk you should know it's all in the editing by now.

    Sheila Ferguson wasn't allowed to bring a vibrator into the jungle as her luxury item so she has made do with a hairbrush. I'm saying nothing but will be watching the itv2 live bits closely.

    Natalie, go home sweetie

    Please go home, Nat. You are either:

    a) genuinely scared of/have issues about spiders, dirt, heights, trees, water, horses, non-girlie women, snakes, germs, potatoes, toilets, life - in which case you need to see about a decent course of CBT, not try to conquer all those demons on national tv


    b) you are a self-centred, attention seeking pain-in-the-arse and should leave now before Janet S-P decks you one.

    She reminded me really strongly of a 'friend' (ex-friend) of mine who developed 'epilepsy' while at university. Her blackouts seemed to be mainly brought on by not being the centre of attention and/or not getting her own way. Gawd I hate girlie girls so viva la Janet!

    OK maybe I am being unfair on Nat. But really, if she has so many issues, wtf is she doing going into a jungle? what was all that 'omg I've got 3 kids at home' nonsense? they were only asking her to ride a horse, not enter a mine field. Or jump out of a plane. Tsk.

    Other people I am not liking so far: Sophie "that's the last time I wear a g-string in the jungle" Anderton; Paul Burrell, natch

    People I am not sure about: Huggy Bear - yay for the fire lighting innna Ray Mears stylee, boo for the sexism

    Pedantry of the day: Snakes do not feel slimy. Tsk. ITV want people to pay £1 to phone in for a competition and they can't even get the clues right. Bah

    Ant and Dec still ace, tho. Even R, my 'who are busted?' other half, knows which one is which by now.
    Ant and Dec

    So far

    Natalie Appleton is already pissing me off. Whine whine whine cry moan...And she hasn't hit the camp yet!
    Damn brilliant pushing Paul out of a plane! I have a lot of Ali G respect for those who just got on with it like Brian and Joe and bless Nancy. I'm not sure I could have done it...Mind being strapped that close to those hunky parachute men...Well maybe I could have forced myself.
    Ok my fav so far.... I'm in love. With that cutesy Hogan. The Koala. Hope we see more of him.

    all for one and one for all

    another star reporter comes aboard and fittingly, Trinity takes the team up to 3. And the other 2 both have fancy new-fangled digital oozits so can do proper coverage woo.

    edit: the other 2 apart from me, I meant. Just to be clear, in case you thought it was Trin who was living in the dark ages

    Jude 4 Nat

    Well if we are all saying our pre show faves then mine is Natalie and can I just say you all laughed at me for backing Kerry McFadden Katona at first last time.

    Celebrities take a dive in the jungle

    The hilarious puns just keep on coming

    At least the beeb managed to carry the story sans puns

    Contestants in ITV1's reality show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here have begun their stint in the show - by skydiving to their jungle base. The four, led by bookmakers' favourite Joe Pasquale, leapt into the Australian jungle at Murwillumbah, near Brisbane.

    A further five had to ride on horseback for four hours until they got to their base. The show begins on Sunday. The final contestant, singer Brian Harvey, will join the group on Monday following his grandmother's death.

    just over 2 hours to go woooo

    Following the 'Jenny Bond' principle, I am provisionally backing Janet S-P but reserve the right to be utterly fickle and shallow hah

    Huggy to win

    I want Huggy Bear to win. Mind seeing he says he's never even seen the programme, I wonder how he'll handle it?
    Huggy (Antonio Fargas) is 58 and has recently been on, which may be why he's agreed to be on I'm a sleb. I love his wacky dress sense...shame we won't get to see it.
    And what's odds on for romance in da Jungle this year.
    Well My bets on Brian Harvey and Janet Street Porter. Go on get those knockers out Janet.... You got the christian a JJ.

    Bad birds

    First official I'm a sleb boycott. The First Direct parrots on the itv site saying 'Pop singer Natalie Appleton is clearly potty...' Well I won't be buying my pretend round the world trip with them then. Brian Harvey is obviously much more potty anyway.

    exciting news

    Ace reporter Jude has graciously agreed to join the blog-team as roving ITV2 special correspondent hurrah! Gosh I'm excited, only 7 hours to go, better go get the pistachios in ....

    Sunday Scandal-Rag Round Up

    News of the Screws:
  • Jungle Phwoar-fare! Who Bares Wins!

  • JUNGLE babe Nancy Sorrell is already way out in front in the battle to be crowned queen of the jungle—and here's the proof. Nancy has declared: "I'm a Celebrity—but I'm NOT getting them out on the show."
    But Nancy's biggest worry is how she'll cope without her daily sex sessions with funnyman hubby Vic Reeves, 45. The blonde beauty—who once romped with comic Steve Coogan on a bed covered in £5,000 of £10 notes—joked: "We stick together like glue usually so it will be hard. "I will cope without sex for a couple of weeks—but that will be it."

  • Brian damage ~ Brian on verge of breakdown
    Star Harvey is on verge of a breakdown, fear mates...And Natalie sounds like she's off her rocker, too

    TROUBLED Brian Harvey will join the celebrities in the jungle today amid fears the death of his nan could push him over the edge. The former East 17 star has serious mental problems and has relied on anti-depressants since he threatened suicide in April. There are also fears Natalie Appleton could also crack up on the show.
    Natalie's mental state is also causing concern. Her husband Prodigy's Liam Howlett warned her against taking part but Natalie told the News of the World she wanted to use the show to tackle her obsessive behaviour. Natalie, 31, said: "I have a few things that I have to conquer within myself." She said: "I need to nip in the bud all the compulsive things that I do."

    good-o, stereotyping of people with mental health problems as loons and nutters starting already.

  • Sunday Mirror:
    TERRIFIED I'm a Celebrity stars had to parachute into the jungle during a rainstorm yesterday.
    Before his leap ex-Royal butler Burrell revealed his pal - movie star Tom Hanks - had left him an odd message. He said: "When I phoned home to say 'goodbye' to my boys, they very excitedly told me 'Daddy, Tom Hanks has sent you a message ... he says 'Don't let the bugs crawl up yer ass'!"

    In another twist, the other celebs - Sophie Anderton, Janet Street-Porter, Sheila Ferguson and Antonio 'Huggy Bear' Fergas - had to trek to camp on horseback, cowboy-style.

  • Sunday People:
    Nat was a drug-fuelled raging monster..her jungle pals will boil her in pot
    sez her ex in nasty Nat expose, yawn

  • hello, good morning & welcome!

    I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here 4 starts today woooo! Seeing as how my fave reality tv discussion board has closed down since the last series (:sobs:) and rather than clutter up my main blog, here goes with a Clazza special IAC blog supplement hurrah.