Thursday, May 25, 2006

Now Dawn has gone

Hmm. Dawn has been removed for breaking the rule of communicating with the outside world.
Lea quickly brought everyone up to speed about how Dawn had devised a plan with her family and friends: if there was any bad press about Dawn, she would receive a cunning 'your sister is ill' message. The secret message was delivered to Dawn yesterday, but of course Big Brother sussed her out.
Bad press? Hardly any compared to the rest of them! I think Sezer should be removed for locking Shahbaz out of the house there must be a rule about that. What will they do with the phone votes now? In particular phone votes for Dawn? There are rules BB have to keep as well but they probably have some special small print terms and conditions for voting when someone is removed. Which is probably why she's been removed it suits them rather than her just leaving.

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