Monday, May 22, 2006


gosh it all got a little bit overraught in the house last night. I missed most of it but as we know Shahbaz got his todger out, then he had massive rows with Lea and Lisa (I did see Lea in the kitchen in a 'hold me back, hold me back' stance with Richard), told everyone he'd come into the house to die, Richard decreed everyone should send Shahbaz to Coventry but that lasted about 30 seconds before he started talking to S again. After all the others had gone to bed, S took all the food and hid it. He's starting to scare me.

In other news: Nikki's friend says we shouldn't point and laff about the bottled water incident because she's an anorexic and thinks tap water makes you fat, and making her drink it could make her suicidal. Lea has also tried to top herself in the past, according to 'friends'.

OMG it's all becoming clear now. Shahbaz has been sent in to start a new Heaven's Gate stylee suicide cult. They'll all swallow koolaid tap water & haliborange on hearing the sacred signal - a disembodied voice saying "This is Davina"


Jude said...

I now know why I'm fat

IIIIIIIIIIII drink tap water

Trinity said...

I just drink