Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bitchy BB

BIG Brother 7 housemates will be allowed to discuss nominations for the first time— as bosses go all out to guarantee fights.

Contestants will also be ENCOURAGED to forge secret alliances to maximise bitching and back-stabbing.
From The Sun

Guarantee fights? Like when the police were called and they had to remove Emma? Hmm. I can't see BB this year topping the beginning of last years, Makosi should of been made a Dame for her good work (apart from when she nominated Craig and Mary boo).

More on BB TeeVee allegedly Big Brother's Little Brother 7.30pm weekdays on E4 and Big Brother's Big Mouth (Russell pointy boots and stupid tight trousers) after the main BB nightly show. An unofficial guide to the BB presenters...

I'd like a big tabloid scandal about Dermot this year please (ok not too big nothing awful).

BB Australia (will there be a BB housemate swap?) has the bedsit this year and a 'secret to the rest of the house in the first week' Mother and Daughter. Oh and there is a MOLE (unfortunately it isn't Glenn Hugill).

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clarrie said...

Davina needs to EAT SOME FOOD before she falls down the cracks in the pavement