Sunday, October 30, 2005

'bigger, better, harder, harsher'

Digispy says Lynne Slater is going into the jungle, and that this year's IAC
Another source added, "This is not going to be a holiday camp. The theme bosses are working around is 'bigger, better, harder, harsher'. They are keen to hit the celebrities with the worst challenges they can come up with. Viewers can expect to see the stars squirm and really suffer for their supper."


Noooooooo the lovely Darren is out of Strictly Come Dancing I'm hoping one of the other male professionals breaks a leg and he can come back in. Even Gloria Hunniford having a good luck video message from best friend Cliff Richard couldn't get her any votes. Fiona Phillips was the worst through she made me howl. Colin Jackson is on jury service! Isn't there a box you can tick saying you're on the tv and can't do it!

Phillip is out of the X Factor which was pleasing as he can not sing. I'm bored of ShaYne and Andy it is all about Maria now. I still don't understand why Sharon called her a virgin bride last week that was odd, not as odd as Sharon's 'I have something warm and smells good for ShaYne' speech this week (we waited for an innocent punchline but none came). She gets odder by the week. Brenda good as well. I liked her suit.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

aww, reality tv nepotistism nostalgia

Terry from the Salon doesn't like the finalists on Aunty Shaz's show:
"Chico? Don't make me laugh," he told The People. "The only talent he has is his six-pack and rippling muscles. .... "Whoever triumphs will just be next year's Steve Brookstein - and look where he is now. The last I heard he was touring Butlins holiday camps."

I gave myself RSI emailing C4 and still never got a Salon appointment.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm a sleb trauma

Mark Durden-Smith isn't doing I'm a celebrity ITV2 this year! Some pathetic excuse of not wanting to leave his heavily pregnant wife.

I like the Durdo muchly I will miss him.

Worse news

There is a race on to find a replacement - someone who can cope with co-hosting with Tara Palmer Tomkinson! Patrick Kielty, Paul Danan and comedian Justin Lee Collins are among those being considered for the job.

I like Justin Lee Collins he did one of these show before and was good. But the others!

The x factor is bad for my health

It can't be healthy to watch a programme and want to hurt the judges can it? I wanted 4tune to stay in. I wanted Phillip out as every x factor I just sit there thinking the big question who is cuter ShaYne or Phillip? and I really should be concentrating on the songs. I thought Nicholas was the best this week. Andy's song was rubbish, Simon was right. I hate Louis Walsh. Really. Hate. I was dumbstruck that Simon didn't know 4tunes names! I know he is probably spending all week doing American Idol but he could of learnt them umm on the plane at least!

Strictly come dancing was ace. We have a problem with Darren though. The problem is Gloria is rubbish and the lovely Darren could be out soon. But COLIN TO WIN I have always liked him now I like him MORE.

lovely 1

and lovely 2

Other people I am liking on it

Darren Gough - amusing big bloke dancing
Bill Turnbull - amusing quite good dancing

People I am not liking

Brendan Cole - bad man always, in the tabloids again I see today
Fiona Phillips - eww no like, pleasingly rubbish dancer

Colin is going to win anyway.

tisha out, carol in?

The Observer it says:
"Pendennis learns that the makers of ITV's I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here are struggling to find suitable contestants for the next series. They begged Queen of Daytime TV Trisha to appear, but to no avail. Is this conclusive proof that reality TV's days are numbered?"

Meanwhile, other sources say Ian Wright and Carol Thatcher are rumoured to be going into the jungle.

When does it start? I need to know!

Reality Trash

X Factor.... 4 -tune kicked out over Chico?
Now I didn't like 4Tune. I don't think the world needs another boy band TBH. I think that the era of the boy band is nigh. Even the boy bands think so...
But Chico is a talentless, ugly little stripper. His stage persona is his only talent.
Now there's the danger in allowing the great British public to pick the winners. For some rather odd reason they go for the trash. Michelle Macmanus, Steve Brocklepot, David Sneddon.
Then, they forget them immediately they vote for them... They don't buy the records.
So these poor people who think they have it made, are really a laughing stock.
If you really want to pick out some talent, you need to vote for someone like Journey South.
WTF am I going on about anyways?... Anyone with one iota of talent and self esteem would never use this programme as a lever to stardom anyways.
These people will NEVER achieve credibility.
Will Young, being the first has tentively made it big... For other reasons than the show though and Girls Aloud are pretty good. But also they have worked damned hard post reality TV and forged a place for themselves.
But the rest?
Forgotten already.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

x factor and trin

Ooooh I am just lovin' X factors Shayne Ward . I turned over and I thought Daniel Bedingfield was singing... wow and he's hot.
I need a psychiatrist. I'm liking an X Factor contestant.. someone quick help me.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Strictly Factor

The X Factor final 12 was right. Boo. No Trevor and no Ritchie. Though Trev did get to be on Granada Tonight so that's exciting... Anyway Strictly Come Dancing starts tomorrow... My fave. Lots of people celebs in it, some I have never heard of like Holby/Casualty types.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

channel 5: never say never

"I'm not going to do another reality show," Man-from-Five told a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch today.

But but but but but we want the Mole! I do, anyway. I loved that show. One of the greatest reality tv shows of all time, several hundred times better than Survivor. Bring it back oh please oh please oh please.

Oh yeah and he's not doing the Farm again, either.

Mind you, that's what they said about Sunset Beach ....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

cheap as witchety grubs

DS says the Daily Star says (so it must be true innit): Lovejoy's Dad to go into the jungle.

Monday, October 10, 2005

can't wait!

'I'm A Celeb' sleb news/rumours: next series to include Dennis Rodman: basketball player, bad hair, likes to wear ladies' things, won Yucatan Celebrity Mole. What more could you want?

dennis ladies
Mr Rodman .................................... Ladies

Also rumoured to be going into the jungle (new location) are George Hamilton, Magenta De Vine, Sunita from Corrie and Ron "Clapham Common" Davies. Still no Frank, tho.

it's the way he tells them

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Final 12 X Factor maybe????

According to a post on digi spy

Shane Ward
Nicholas Dorsett
Chenai Zinuku
Philip Magee

Maria Lawson
Andy Abraham
Brenda Edwards
Chico Slimani

Journey South
Conway Sisters
Addictive Ladies

Wot no Trevor? We gotta have Trevor. He's young, normal looking and has quite a good voice, perfect for the rubbish old fantastic X Factor. I have already decided after hearing him sing one ok line to support this years Tabby (even though I didn't like last years) Andy Ritchie (I think that's what he's called anyway).

We will see later the real exciting final 12 woo etc.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Strictly Come Dancing

Can not blinking wait. Gloria better be good as she has Darren Bennett and I will cry if he goes out early. There are some new dancers this year but Darren, Lilia, Brendan and Anton are all back. I am more interested in them than the celebs now. I'm glad Camilla is back, hopefully to beat Brendan who was her partner (in all ways) until the evil Natasha Kaplinsky danced with him (in all ways) in series one.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

you're hired

Apprentice USA Finale tonight. No way can Barbie-Girl Jen win. How the feck did she even get into the final? Ivana Was Robbed!

edit: she didn't win. Hah.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Just when I have an expanse of spare time, I have no reality tv show to watch. Bah. When does IAC ... start, anyway?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The full horror

Of why everyone in the X Factor has already been on ITV nine million times before.

Joanne from Bolton won a sing with Westlife comp involving Louis and Simon

Haifa was on Pop Idol 1

Andy the dustman was on This Is My Moment (with Mel B presenting apparently)

Shane was on Popstars: The Rivals

4Tune were on last year

Trevor was on Search for a Star (Is that Jane McDonald's old programme?)

Chenai was on last year

Plus the The Conway Sisters toured with Westlife and sang at a Westlife wedding...