Sunday, December 31, 2006

News of the world sez

For celebrity big brother...

Robert Kilroy Silk ~ ha ha yes please

Paul Michael-Glaser ~ blimey YES PLEASE I did have rather a crush as a small child

Lauren Harries ~ no god not again wasn't 'trust me I'm a beauty therapist' enough

Justin Hawkins ~ no ta

Shilpa Shetty ~ 'Bollywood hottie' I have no idea

Dirk Benedict ~ I keep think he's a porn star but apparently in the A Team

Saturday, December 23, 2006

England Cricketer Wins Something Shocker

Mark Ramprakash won 'Strictly Come Dancing' . Tonight's was the only one I've watched, and only then because my son was quite interested in the programme that was 'like dancing on ice without ice'.

I hope they get Shane to do the next series, I would definitely watch that.

Today I saw my first Celeb BB trailer. Starts Jan 3rd. Hmmmmmmm ...

Oh and the Lembit/Gabriela story just gets better and better. Entertainment news story of the year, undoubtedly. Awards should be awarded for getting the Cheeky Song on Newsnight. In his honour I am giving him a tag all of his own (oh yes we are all beta-ed up and labeltastic now).

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

he just can't get enough

That Lembit Opik, eh? No sooner has he split up with one reality teevee star than he's touching the bum of another.

Things I need to know: after her 'triumph' on IAC extra, is Kelly still on for the Project Catwalk gig? Fashion has no mercy, after all

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ex factor ho ho

I'm looking forward to the X Factor final tonight to see just how rubbish and long drawn out it is possible to make a programme. Hopefully Take That will be singing with Leona and rubbish Westlife with rubbish Ray.

I am happy that Strictly's final is next week so no big clash (I'd always choose Strictly over XF though).

On another note Unanimous finally limped to an end with Sian ('young Mum') grabbing the hundred thousand and a bit that was left.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The winner

Ha ha Matt won. I'm happy about that result. No Phina at the final and Faith back in Britain being annoying on the extra shows. Toby desperately trying to get into shot at the end, an arm around Matt and Myleene just to be safe. I thought Jason's last trial was horrible, Matt's pointless and Myleene's good, you can never have enough cheesy pop on tv. I still can't believe she is 9 stone though, did I hear that right on the scale day? She's much thinner than the HearSay days and she wasn't big then.

No Eton Road tonight. BAD X Factor. They would of been good for Barry Manilow week! Hopefully Ray will go or smug Ben...