Sunday, May 21, 2006

Aufwiedersehen Austin

omg etc. Project Runway in omg bitch witch Wendy made the final shocker. Her feathery orange concoction was chosen by some woman to wear to the grammies - thought the bust line was hideously unflattering but what do I know? I liked Austin's creation, the fabric was gorgeous, tho as the flashback shots showed, he has been making bascially the same dress each week. Jay's skirt was lush and Cora's dress was nice tho the trousers weren't. And it's not the final next week boo instead there's a reunion bitchathon yay.


Jude said...

I liked the trousers

I knew Austin was going

I was not happy

clarrie said...

I didn't know he was going. I know who wins (couldn't resist googling it) but thought Austin would be in the last 3 and Wendy would go