Monday, February 28, 2005

poor ickle slebs

from DeHavilland
Taunted stars of Celebrity Fame Academy have hit back at judge Craig Revel Horwood for being so rude about their performances.
And Pub Landlord star Al Murray, who was the first to be booted off the show, said: "It seems mean-spirited to have a go at us.
Horwood branded the celebs' first efforts as "cheesy", "out of tune" and "rubbish", and even told the audience to "p*** off" when they booed him.

Edmondson, who sang Tainted Love, added angrily: "If you're going to sit there and tell people they're rubbish - well, what a crap job to have.

"This is for charity. You could say it with a little more grace."
yeah but no but yeah but right, have none of these people seen pop academy x idol factor before? Surely they know that pantomime villainry from at least one judge is compulsory1? Stars like Al Murray & Ade Edmonson are not used to this sort of thing, poor little flowers, having never (for example) spent 2 weeks being sworn at by Gordon Ramsay, nor having built a career around getting beaten up by Rik Mayall.

1. Section 7 of The Reality TV (Humiliation of Contestants) Regulations 2001, as ammended

The BBC are spamming me

I have so far received no newsletter from fame academy but two from people signed up to it. Oh dear something is wrong. The first was from someone at WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCIL (their shouting not mine) who sent an automated out of office email and the second from an aoler to the list.

Your links are not working and I haven't the faintest idea how to include my original message, minus the first line in a reply. Will you please accept that yes, I do want the newsletter. I wouldn't have asked for it otherwise!

There was another odd email a returned mail from BBC to the fame academy list.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sugar, spice and all things nasty

From the Telegraph City Diary (wooo get us and our fancy broadsheets)

All is not sweetness between the wannabe entrepreneurs slugging it out to be Sir Alan Sugar's sidekick in the BBC's reality TV show, The Apprentice. Last week Lindsay Bogaard, who quit as communications manager of Shell to take part, was ejected after her management style was crucified.
As a project leader, Bogaard appeared tyrannical, dim-witted and determined to opt for her favoured - and bizarre - communication toy for toddlers versus a flash looking robot. She says this was all because the robot was financially unworkable, although this vital fact didn't make the final cut.
She fumes: "Alan Sugar. Who is he? He can barely make good decisions in the boardroom in the show." And there's more. "I was very disappointed with the credibility of all the other people who were supposed to be the best entrepreneurs in Britain."

What can she mean? Is there a teeny bit of tension with Miriam Staley, the glam contestant whose full-frontal televised knifing of Bogaard probably did for her.

As for Staley, her personal website includes a powerful defence of the show as "ultimately a fair depiction of the truth". We hope she never loses that touching faith in the accuracy of television

Miriam's website - caution: may cause Flash overdose

wooo mystery guest judge

from the FA Site
It's not a case of cloistered information, but some nights the Comic Relief Does Fame Academy 05 judges will be joined by a special guest.

This big name will help oust the poor performers and keep the terrific tenors as part of the judging panel. But just who will they be, and will they know any of the students? You'll have to tune in to find out...

coo who's that gonna be then?

Reaching never stop reaching

I don't do intelligent analysis Ms Claz I prefer to shout like WOO EDITH ROCKS which is not something I ever thought I'd say as I hate hate hate her radio partner Colin whatever he's called.

I really hope I don't end up liking Jenny Eclair as well, that would be too much.

So...Jenny, Al, Nick and Jon were all rubbish HA. I missed Ade and Konnie as I was dog walking (very quickly so I didn't miss owt else).

Good song choices - Dawn, Ade and Edith. What good taste.

I like the way they all 'couldn't care less what the judges say' then head over to BBC3 to rant on about what the judges said and 'who the hell are they anyway etc'.

I can not wait for the interactive press the red button thing to start on Wednesday then I can watch the house live 9am to 12am WOO HOO. Shame I won't get to see Al Murray having a dance lesson though.

Good to see the official site is up to date...

Have Your Say

EastEnder Kim's tipped to win with Al Murray close behind - what do you think?

Saturday, February 26, 2005



With a runner from two of the major soaps, could Celebrity Fame Academy become a battle of the soaps? Bookmakers William Hill have installed Eastenders actress Kim Medcalf as the 9/4 early favourite to win Celebrity Fame Academy. Coronation Street's Debra Stephenson is the 10/3 second favourite. The writer and comedian Jenny Eclair is the 20/1 outsider.

"It is always very hard to price up this type of programme, but in this case it has been especially hard as we have not had a chance to hear the contestants sing. Therefore, it is possible that one of the contestants has a fantastic voice that we do not know about, so punters could get excellent early value. On Kim's website it proudly states that "Kim is a highly skilled singer specialising in jazz, rock and ballads. She has a mezzo-soprano voice." "So who are we to go against that." said Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.

Hill's latest outright betting: 9/4 Kim Medcalf, 10/3 Debra Stephenson, 7/1 Christopher Colquhoun, 9/1 Reggie Yates, 10/1 Nick Knowles, John Culshaw, Edith Bowman, Dawn Steele, Adrian Edmondson; 12/1 Al Murray, 14/1 Gina Yashere, 20/1 Jenny Eclair.

Anyone who had money on Al Murray's gonna be disappointed, he was first one voted off.

yay for reality tv

Two new shows to eat up time I'd otherwise fritter away working or spending time with my family.

/dusts down blog ready for new 'point & laff' fun ...

1. Sleb Fame Academy (or "Comic Relief Does Fame Academy" to give it it's offishul title) started tonight. I was only half watching (flippin kids and their flippin toys with 150 small almost but not quite identical pieces of plastic that have to be built now mummy now now now. Surely this is what Chinese children are for? tsk). Some random thoughts:

  • Patrick Kielty - die die die die die (preferably before I have to on holiday to a country where you have your own TV show waaah).
  • I'm also backing Gina. She's my kinda gal.
Jude will probably be along later with some more intelligent analysis.

2. The Apprentice. I'm loving this. I saw a bit of the US version when it was shown here. The great thing is, one has complete freedom to hate every single person involved with this show. All the contestants are exactly the kind of people I loathe. Hah. This week, 2 words - Sack Adele.