Saturday, May 20, 2006

fist impressions

Someone PLEASE give Glynn his suitcase. I'm not sure I can bear to look at his skinny frame and nipples any longer. I do wonder if both him and Nikki actually watched the programme the last few years, or maybe they're just incredibly stupid. They NEVER get given their suitcases immediately. So don't wear next to nothing in the house!
Nikki was throwing a hissy fit last night because she was going to have to wear her mascara to bed!! How dreadful. Her whiney voice irritates me already.
Pete has been dishing out his clothes from his newly aquired suitcase. He lent Imogen some trousers. He is a prime example of don't trust first impressions as he's kind of ok. I think we will like him even more as the weeks go by.
Shabaz, however, is too much. Already threatening to leave. I do believe that if they persistantly threaten to walk out they should be MADE to go. Orlaith drove me mad last year.


Jude said...

Yeah three 'I'm leavings' and you're out. We should be in charge.

clarrie said...

I so hate all the 'ooh I'm leaving oh you talked me out of it' drama. Germaine is queen of the leavers, she said she was off and she went.

clarrie said...

is the title meant to say fist?