Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Geek task!

Oh dear. I wondered why Imogen was wearing Jack Duckworth style glasses on the live feed.
Throughout the Geek Task, all the housemates will have their powers of observation tested as they spot trains on a railway that Big Brother has installed in the garden. After that thrilling interlude, they will be divided into three groups and learn maths, language or science skills.
X Factor - Gillian McKeith out. I was hoping for the glamour model to go whoever the feck she is. I think the chefs will win. But then I also think Glyn has a good chance in BB... Isn't Sharon Osbourne being vile? 'ginger minge' 'no knickers' I thought XF was a family show tsk. Obviously she hates Rebecca Loos and James Hewitt but if one half of Brand Beckham had kept his pants on there would be no media career for RL.

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