Friday, May 19, 2006

morning has broken

BB's first twist/trick/thang last night
"Lisa and Shahbaz, you are now the founding members and leaders of a very exclusive organisation - the Big Brotherhood," said BB. "Members of the Big Brotherhood will be afforded special privileges. Privilege number one: only members of the Big Brotherhood will receive their suitcases.

"Privilege number two: members of the Big Brotherhood will be immune from the first eviction next week."

As a final privilege, Lisa and Shahbaz will be responsible for selecting new members to join the Big Brotherhood - but only when Big Brother invites them to. As well as receiving their suitcases, these new members will also be immune from the first eviction.

The duo were warned not to discuss potential Big Brotherhood members with anyone else and, upon exiting the diary room, they chose only to reveal that they alone would be receiving their suitcases.

Unbeknownst to them, however, the rest of the group had been watching the dialogue on the lounge plasma screen - but collectively decided to play dumb to avoid making it worse for the brave pair.

I hope they invite Glyn to join first, I don't think I can cope with watching his bare weedy chest for long. Mikey has his shirt off too, ick. The boys (Glyn, Mickey, Richard, Sezar) are trying to out-macho each other with pushups etc, meanwhile Dawn critiques their technique hah. Lea is going on about being boo-ed last night and how it doesn't bother her but she's upset for her son having to hear that. Yeah, who knew that if your mum goes on BB you might hear people say nasty things about her?

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