Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Project Strictly I'm The Next Top XFactor Celebrity , Get Me Out of the Big Bro Academy Idol

Will Big Brother's Pete Star In 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'?

Oh ffs. Why not just transplant the BB house to the middle of the jungle on a desert island and add an ice-rink & some judges, save our poor addled brains the increasing problem of trying to spot the difference between them all.

Best reality teevee these days is Dragons Den, it's like a bite-sized Apprentice.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Apprentice USA is back tomorrow

The Apprentice USA
11:20pm - 12:20am

Reality TV series set in New York in which candidates compete for the position of apprentice to real estate mogul Donald Trump. Instead of the usual battle of the sexes, this time it's Book Smarts vs Street Smarts. The first task is to create the most enticing advertisement campaign for a new burger for the Burger King menu, alongside running a Burger King restaurant for a day.
Wednesdays and Thursdays late. In The Apprentice UK news it's switching to BBC1. Boo. I like it on BBC2.

Callum Best? Really?

I nearly couldn't speak when they announced the male winner of Love Island. How the blinking heck did that happen? CALLUM BEST! WHAT THE FECK? Seriously what happened there? I'm still expecting an announcement that they said the wrong name. Brendan Cole was robbed, who voted? Obviously I didn't, I gave that up on day whatever it was they changed the rules on Big Brother and let horsefacegrace back in. I smell a rat as Callum Best has a (exclusive to itv2 as if anyone else would want it) programme coming soon.

Oh and Bianca Gascoigne won. Who cares? Brendan was ROBBED.

And can Patrick Kielty just go and disappear please and anyone responsible for the dire itv2 spin off programme aftersun (once seen never again).

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Are you all present?

It's the old 'do not swear'.

Big Brother 1 clips

Sada out.

Mel's eviction announcement.

Catch up clip.

Our Anthony

Anthony Murray the child killer from Brookside is on the x factor! Omg! He's through to bootcamp, he's singing swing. Oh dear! They had a swing singing teen on American Idol once it was all very odd. But still he's from Brookie and I liked that. A lot.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random picture nonsense

'Princess' Nikki

The Badger

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

love gets dangerous

Actor hurt in Love Island fight
Actor Lee Otway has been injured after a fight broke out on the ITV reality show Love Island.

The former Hollyoaks star was punched six times by dancer Brendan Cole, 30, who appeared on the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

The pair started arguing after producers sent them on a drink-fuelled yacht cruise around the Fijian island where the reality show is based.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sunday Mirror knows its self


In other news... Gracie and Mikey at the V festival FECK OFF get off my TV.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Jennie 0.9%

Nikki 6.5%

Richard 9.2%

Aisleyne 22%

Glyn 38.8%

Pete 61.2%


Highlights -

Shahbaz telling Davina he hoped she'd have a boy and Davina claiming she didn't mind.

Nikki acting up and not getting much airtime. Davina = Supernanny.

Richard's Jerry Springer video

Michael's Ash to win t-shirt

AshAleeeeeeeen in general

the end goodnight

It's all over. I heave a sigh of relief. In previous years I've been so sad to see it go. Odd I felt a bit like this last year though, I hated Makosi and Craig so much. But last year had a lot of humour in it. This year was cruel and tedious.
I voted a few times for Aisleyne. My two texts didn't get though... though I was charged for them. Fix I shout. BB always aimed for Pete to win.
I thought Pete was dull, moody and false. Tourettes does not make a winner.
I was disappointed Ais didn't win. I wanted to see Grace and Nikki's faces. But she came third. Best female. That will have to do when faced with millions of stupid teeny texters (look at Anthony (who) last year)
I love my GonkThe best bit by far was Nikki's eviction 5th. She thought she was going to win or at least be second or third. She was shocked. Then the act on the way out and her refusal to interview. The little girl act that was cut short... Then 'hang on a sec I haven't had my best bits'
Hahahahahahhhaha made putting up with her all worth it. Stupid silly and irritating little troll.
Princess Nikki show? I'd rather watch the Antiques Roadshow laying on hot coals kissing John Prescott.
Looking like she'd been swept through nineteen hurricanes, she was so embarrassing and we did have a good laugh here at Justin Lee Collins impression of her in the but where are my best bits?advert break trailor for 'Friday Night Project'.
Well it's all over.
No more vile Horse Face Grace or Oilies Lea or Disgusting Lisa or Princess Tantrum.
Will us at Trinity Towers watch next year?
We might.

Hey, how about rather than Snakes on a plane (click the link for superb review btw)...
Man eating snakes in the BB house. Now THAT would be worth watching.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Because it's fun

The final day

Hmm how does Richard know the percentage Sezer got? I wonder... big mouth Nikki strikes again me thinks! I think he may even know about the other Sezer thing. Nikki has been telling Pete all the gossip as well... Jennie thinks her and Aisleyne are first ones out. Richard seems to think it's between everyone but Aisleyne. Hopefully Aisleyne will beat Jennie, Nikki and Richard at least. I don't see her winning, people have been brainwashed by Pete to win for too long.

But obviously

Vote Aisleyne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few Aisleyne to win column type things.

Grace Dent in the Radio Times.

Tim Teeman in The Times.

Emzi Tingay at Digi Spy

Having said all that of course the most important thing today is Trin's birthday. Happy Birthday Trinno!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

You don't say

According to the mole: "BB never expected Ash to last to the final week and, to put it in management terms, she has been a ‘spanner in the works’. Ash'’s hardcore support has been totally unexpected. And as a result tasks, editing, and presenting have been engineered to produce a negative response to her.
From the Daily Star.

Well the presenting bias has been going on all the time. I've known that from watching BBLB all series, especially the day Dermot said that they expected her to go in and bitch and be out in a week (and that's about the nicest thing they've said about her on BBLB until this week). I'm sure she won't win, just her being in the last 6 is a miracle. Last 3 would be ace. Second would be THE BEST THING EVER. If she won the producers would probably explode with fury and demand a recount. Oh and if she did win they'd say it was just a protest vote against the twists.

My you tube clip of the day Aisleyne saying boring when Nikki is talking about a threesome. It's the beginning of the feud!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

She's back!

Whoo hoo, our fave reality teevee lesbot returns. La Badger gets her own TV show. It'd better be repeated on Sky3.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Meanwhile Michelle the Winner seems to have drawn the short straw. Not only still going out with Slimy Syed but now pregnant by him! eew. I always thought he was a BadMan, even before I read about him getting done for drink driving for the 4th time. And he's been arrested on suspicion of money laundering. Run away, Michelle, run away, la Badger's bosom awaits to comfort you.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

AOL poll

Who do you want to win?

Aisleyne 154644 33%
Glyn 32802 7%
Jennie 113286 24%
Nikki 68007 15%
Pete 38730 8%
Richard 60372 13%

Total votes for this poll are: 467841
Ooh we can but dream...

From The Big Brother predictor.


Check out this Myspace track from Mono-Key from Cambridge. Lush voice and cool song. I love it.

"You stab in the back but you will smile to the face
the house thought you were nice but we know that wasn't the case
Oh Grace you're a disgrace"

Brilliant. If I never see Horse face again it will be too soon.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vote Aisleyne Vote Aisleyne Vote Aisleyne

It's something to do while Pete and Nikki are busy recreating that ad for that dating website where the two people are permanently attached to each other... never in my life (and I have watched a lot of reality tv) have I seen such desperate to be on tv people than those returning housemates. It's just plain sick.

princess gollum

petey is her ring So that hideous person Nikki Grahame, the girl I spent a substantional amount of cash on voting out of the house because I didn't fecking like her, has been placed back in the house for the last week. Plus, deep joy... She's allowed to win the prize.
Wonderful. I was one of those 2700 people who complained to Icstis about the BB phone vote scandal. I hope it gets investigated properly. It's highly irritating that these people can get away with such nonsense.
I detest Nikki. She is vile. She screeches and moans and is as false as acrylic nails. She has no sense of decency, humanity or niceness. She is all me me me. This Pete thing is just another attempt at attention snatching.
Their relationship is falser than Horse face and Munster and Max and Saskia.
I'm soooooo cold So it's the last week. Thank goodness for that. Bring back I'm a celeb ASAP. That's class compared to this drivel.
So the forums are full of who should win.
Want my opinion? No? Well I'm going to give it
Glyn... A vile bag of teenager hormones, wanking and dimness. Get back to Wales you simple idiot and never emerge again.Ejaculate yourself!! (in his own words)
Richard... Kind of like him because he's been consistent. Fairly entertaining and has a heart behind the gay bitchiness. Not sure he deserves to win though.
Pete.... A spineless, dull boring nothing. Tourettes does not make you a winner.
Jennie...Sweet but........... blah
Nikki....... spit spit spit.
Aisleyne.....The most decent rightful person in there and she's crap... So that's saying a lot. The only person to stand up and say her mind... To Lea, Nikki and Grace. She's honest and bright. If only she wouldn't be such a drama queen with the fake laugh, fake crying and ridiculous angst at things like nominating.
FFS This is BB you silly cow.

So who to win? Who gives a flying fuck quite frankly. It's my birthday on Friday come celebrate with me instead.
Loves you all.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Shut the feck up you saddos next door about Aisleyne. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Even the people I thought I liked, like Nikki and Richard (well I had gone off Nikki before she returned) I hate them in the house next door slagging off AisLeyne.

A quick review of the 'housemates' next door

Mikey - idiot
Grace - vile pig
Lea - deluded
Nikki - evil troll
Imogen - nice
Richard - gone all wrong

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous

Poor Imogen and Richard they don't know or understand the glamorous post BB lives of Nikki and Lea. The photoshoots! The personal appearances! The premieres! I've heard they live at Buck House now and are both carrying Tom Cruise's next babies.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Unhappy birthday

Gracieeee is going into the main house for 21 minutes on the stroke of midnight (let's be nice and not talk of anyone being anything like an ugly sister) as a special treat on her 21st birthday. The EX housemate who nobody likes will have a cake ooh maybe it will end up in her face.

Bring Syd Little back

I'm sure channel 5 announced to the world they were doing no more reality shows. They must of come to their senses as the rather amusing Trust Me I'’m A Holiday Rep is back with
Nancy Lam, ex-Hear’Say singer Noel Sullivan, Paul Burrell, DJ Brandon Block, comic Rowland Rivron, socialite Emma Jones and wannabe model Samantha Rowley.
Quality tv I say.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thank god for that

Just as I was busy kicking in the tv at the sight of (EX and should of stayed that way housemates) Gracieeeeee and Mikeeey snogging, BB has moved the nominated housemates Richard and Imogen into the house next door to be with the sad old desperate returning EX housemates. At least Richard may be able to stop the snogging... throw things at them! Richard better return I'm already as annoyed as a very very very annoyed thing that is very very very annoyed at the whole thing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

from home?

It seems I simply CANNOT avoid BB in this house. With 2 teenagers hungrily lapping up every antic of those fun loving housemates.
One thing made me sit up and smell the coffee this week. That letter from Pete's mum.
Hmm what a piece of audience manipulation if ever I saw one.
'Perfect Pete' mummy's boy. Mummy has been able to give up working in 'that' greasy spoon cafe and sip champers with the rich and famous.
And watching perfect Pete on TV has made Grandpa get better from some mystery illness.
Tug my heartstrings? Actually made me feel a little sick.
Richard to win.

Monday, August 07, 2006


On rubbish old Love Island (as Big Brother is just soooo classy in comparison you know ahem)

One swimsuit model (voted out) came and went
One Dennis Rodman (guest) came and went
One Leo from The Streets (voted out) went
Two twin 'models' (guests) came and went
One Paul Dannan (voted out) went
One Abs from Five (guest) came and went
One Shane from Boyzone left
Lee from Hollyoaks went mad, really mad, MAD MAD MAD currently still there though

Newest in the revolving doors is Callum Best. I presume he is a guest (3 to 7 days) not a contestant. Who knows!? I like this in and out stuff. I'd of liked the twin Mancunians to stay though I liked them.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

More rubbish

Jennie has won today's task and now has a free pass to the final week! Grr. Annoyed once more I am. Oh and SURPRISE Pete 'won' a letter from home. Hmm...

I have read a rumour that Jennie will choose the ex housemate (from the house next door) to go in...

I hate this ex housemate twist, seeing Grraccieee and Lisa on teevee made me feel sick and then Lisa saying on BBBM that she'd beat Aisleyne up! Lisa really is one thick EX (and staying that hopefully) housemate.

I'm Ais

Which BB7 Housemate are you?

Good luck Ais. I want her to win. Don't like her much but the best of a rather crap bunch. Bring back Michelle and Chicken Stu. /sigh

goodbye BB from Trin

Two weeks extra and it's absolute crap. Big Brother launches into the final two weeks with the worst idea yet. To bring back 4 of the housemates we evicted (because we didn't like them) and force us to watch their oh so (not) amusing antics for another week?
Nope, I shall not be watching again. I spent money voting every single one of those awful fame hungry, mentally unstable people out. I have no desire to see any of them again.
If they wanted to keep Nikki in they should have done something abut the vile Jayne in the first place rather than let her go on and on and on imparting information about the outside world to Nikki and the others.
This is grossly unfair. The person going back in will have tons of information about how HM's are perceived by us, about what the press thinks of them, tactics and game plans. This isn't what BB was all about. This is a farce.
Lisa threatened to 'beat up Ais' on BBBM last night encouraged by the child like and dim Nikki.
Anyway... Hasn't she sold her suitcase on eBay? Chav cow she is.
I have been a staunch BB fan since the start but it's just another dull game show. Bring back Strike It Lucky. It's got more common sense.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Rumour! Dungeon!

For it's rumoured that the returning housemates will be held in some kind-of dungeon for a few days, before being voted into the BB House proper.
Dungeon. Gracieeee. Nikki. Nice. From Big Brother Online.

Go away twists

I don't want anyone back in the house! I especially don't want Grrrrrrrraciiiiiiiiie back on my teevee and even though I loved Nikki I don't want her back to mess with the mind of Aisleyne. I wouldn't mind Jonathan in (or Bonnie) but let's face it, if it is up to the public it will be Nikki. Ok all of this is just rumours but it's everywhere so probably true. The double eviction is true though so twice the chance to get rid of Mikey. I expect Susie will go, especially after the silly Welsh comments. Mikey and Jennie would be my dream to go, but then if Nikki is coming back then Jennie can stay!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vote Mikey NOW

You know it makes sense. Imogen, Jennie, Mikey and Susie are up.

Who do we hate? MIKEY!

Why don't we like him? He is an all round badman that is why.

The thought of Susie going when Mikey and Jennie are up is very very very bad.