Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Strictly dance fever is back!

But they've changed two of the judges. Wayne Sleep and some bloke from Footballers Wives are the new ones...I don't approve of the last one, unless he's evil then that will be fine, and June Sarpong is doing the spin off show nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Project Runway

Thank you sky 3 I love you! Project Runway series one started tonight and yes I have googled to see who won! Mwahaha I couldn't help it. Obviously I am drawn towards this designer at the mo

I knew he'd win the first challenge.

I was rather upset there was no 'fashion has no mercy'. I just googled that phrase and look here cute Matthew Bowkett (stalk) pics ahoy!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Games and stuff!

The Games - Javine and Jade winners no big surprise. I'm now looking forward to tonights champ of champs show, I'm so sad. But we knew that already.

American Idol - Kevin gone. That's not fair I want Bucky OUT and Ace oh and Taylor but that is too much to hope for.

and in AI who 'gives a feck' news.

"American Idol" chat rooms were buzzing Friday over a controversy surrounding Chris Daughtry's version of "I Walk the Line."

Judges praised Daughtry for making the song his own when he performed the Johnny Cash tune on the Fox network show.

But some fans say the version wasn't Daughtry's, but ripped off from one done by the band Live in 2001.

If people do a song in a different style on an Idol or similar show they will have heard it done like that before. People don't put in original performances on these shows, they sing a long with a band, they don't spend hours jamming and changing a song.

Project Catwalk - I was so happy with Kirsty winning and the lovely Matthew coming second. Matthew's clothes were the best in the last task but Kirsty had to win.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

That's the concierge now

The ads they made on The Apprentice were very funny, as funny as the American Apprentice when they had to make an ad for the New York police department and one team made it look like the worst job ever. I loved that. Good firing as well. Ha.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Diving! News!

Something bad has happened around Adam Rickitts eyes during the diving practice! He looks scary. Something about capillaries...

I still hate the E4 night show especially that woman presenter. I like the 'house' shows in the morning and night, I like watching people eat breakfast. Fascinating! Or maybe not.

I don't like JK, for one thing he thinks Chris Moyles is funny that is just wrong.

Javine is only happy when she wins, she must of been v miserable during 'pop stars the rivals' then.

The Lib Dem woman reminds me of Sue Perkins.

I like Nolans, all Nolans.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

E4 boooo

I did not like the E4 games show with Justin Lee Collins it was rubbish and far too laddy for delicate me!

Michelle Gayle (sweeeeeeeeeetnesss is my weeeeeaknessss) was ace in the water rafting (kayaking) thing, she won! Amanda (place in the sun) came last, oops. Jade (Mr Emma Bunton) won the 'boys' event (water ski jumping). JK (?) came last, good.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Games starts today

And Goldie is out he got injured ski jumping, replacing him is.........

Adam Rickitt! The future Tory MP! Our next PM! Or maybe not. I missed him on question time I just couldn't get my head round that he was going to be on it.

It's all about Amanda Lamb oh and Michelle Gayle. I do like Amanda. Javine I have gone off she seems a bit...hmm dunno I just don't like her (might be her recent drink driving thing). I like Jade Jones a lot, he's replaced the awol Darren Day. I wondered what he was like, all I knew was that he dated Emma Bunton, he seems lovely from the Mon - Thurs E4 shows. Most boring has to go to MC (Marcel) Plat'num I've had enough of Blazin' Squad on reality tv and MP Julia.

I'm going to watch alllllllll of The Games chan 4 E4 allllllllll of it.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

under no circumstances ...

... is anyone to txt me about tonight's Apprentice. Am going Out and will be avoiding the result till I catch up on-line.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

me? sad?

An on-line market questionnaire asked me

What did you do on The Apprentice website? (Please tick all that apply)

  • Watched a short clip to catch-up on an episode I had missed [yep]
  • Watched a full episode [yes]
  • Watched a video biography of one(or more) of the apprentices [all of them, doesn't everyone?]
  • Watched clips from the first series of The Apprentice [yeah]
  • Watched a "behind-clip of the-scenes" clip Director/Producer talking about The Apprentice [oh yes]
  • Read Saira's column on the apprentice's progress [loving her work]
  • Played the Plot Predictor game [but of course]
  • Other [yup, watched "The Apprentice: Your Fired"]

Luckily there was no question about how you are doing in the Apprentice Plot Predictor game (answer: total bobbins)

apprentice-mania, it's everywhere

Even on the Gruaniad's sports pages

we are all craning our necks to peer over to the other carriageway at the car crash that is Jo Cameron, the highly strung Charlie Dimmock/Ray Parlour lookalike who I was startled to learn runs her own management training company (as part of this column's commitment to interactivity we invite you to insert your own joke here, using the words Gary, Glitter, and baby-sitting franchise).

Jo's former husband has described her as "headstrong". He now lives 3,000 miles away in Florida. I wonder why.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Games

The Games is on E4 tonight woo hoo. I love The Games I do. Javine and some Lib Dem women are faves for the women, I expect some drama from Michelle Gayle.

Ooh Richard and Judy going to discuss with curse of big brother with George, Makosi and Nadia.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Top 12

At last American Idol has finally got to the BIG top 12 stage. Kinnik, Will, Ayla, and Gedeon all left. I wanted Bucky to go I really can't stand him (or understand him when he talks). I love Mandisa I don't care who wins as long as it is her. Even though this puts me off a little
Who is your AMERICAN IDOL? An author and speaker named Beth Moore. She inspires me to live more like Jesus and I want to do the same.

Home of Sugar girl 'fired'

A WOMAN told “You’re fired!” on hit show The Apprentice has had her home destroyed by a blaze. Nargis Ara, 38, has lost all her possessions too — because she had forgotten to renew the contents insurance for her flat.

Fired/fire see what they did there?
from the sun

Friday, March 10, 2006

reality tv stars make the best tv presenters

an elk

Ben Fogle to Dog Owner: So, the Norwegian ElkHound, what was this breed bred for?

Dog Owner: Hunting elks. In Norway.


PS further to the "my son's a gay" debate: he :hearts: Crufts. I rest my case.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

at last

Had to miss Apprentice last night booooo. I let my otherhalf use living room for a meeting (he owes me big time) on the assumption I'd be able to watch it on-line later that evening. But it wasn't up aargh. I had to spend today avoiding finding out the result.

Anyway now I have seen it and omg Jo saved again! Despite being clearly a nutter, Sir A saved her and sacked Karen. That was quite funny actually, because Karen is Ms Cool and clearly thought she was in no danger. Also she is a bit (understatment) two-faced imo. But she is at least not doo-lally. Ah well, Jo does make good telly. Bring on next week. I so love this show

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Daz and Gaynor won! Woo! Etc! Dancing on ice had the stupidest thing I have seen in a final since Colin Jackson danced with a dummy on strictly come dancing. Flying! With wires! How strange.

How why what? Sian and Russell still in it takes two, she can't sing and is quite frankly odd and he is boring. They better not win. Brookie and Atomic Kitten to win! Yay!

I liked Ben de Lisi having a major strop on this weeks project catwalk that was fun.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday trash and VOTE DAZ!

Good god I am pleased that just the two of us is finishing tomorrow it is so rubbish. I'd like him from Brookie and her from Atomic Kitten to win though.

Gaynor better win dancing on ice as well.

Oh and Daz for Eurovision please. Anyone who says his influences are Joy Division, Jilted John and Stevie Wonder deserves our Eurovision vote.

Friday, March 03, 2006

2 songs

OMG I thought my Abby was going to explode in fury as The South and Welsh population of this country voted for the dreadful Penny to win 'The Two of Us'. She loves Chris from Hollyoaks.
Obv. Sian got through because she cried The UK is a sucker for a tear machine.
I have no idea how Penny got that far in the competition except... Look at the 'Great' wins in the past. Michelle McManus and Steve Broccolipot. Shayne Ward and Tony Hadley... The list is endless. The great British public really does have a sense of humour. Does it not?
Remember how Westlife won the song of the year with a cover version of something me granny had on vinyl way back west.
Ask the public to vote and your going to get the crappiest underdog available.
Now 'The Two Of Us', is a load of balony really. But it's easy to watch and the players are likeable. Plus I like seeing Stewart Copeland again. Kinda shocked that Abby has no idea who he is.
They should do GCSE rock as a compulsory subject.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

pass the tissues

blimey, it was waterworks central on tonight's Apprentice. Jo weeping and wailing (natch), also Tuan and Sam boo-hooing. And then just as they go into the boardroom, my friend rings up boohooing about her boyfriend dumping her becuase she's an alkie yadayada stfu the Apprentice is on!

Nargis got sacked. I was liking her, I thought she did quite good as team manager. Up until the presentation when she was just dreadful. And even worse she started blaming everyone else for her being dreadful. Although Kate did stab her in the back in the boardroom. Jo should've gone, tho. Bursting into tears and/or shouting at people who disagree with you is so not a good business strategy.

Meanwhile over on the boys team they are competing to out-David-Brent each other. Mani is such an hilariously pompous @rse. Sam was a dreadful PM - how could he not have decided on a price? I'm liking Ansell, but not the Ansell-Syed-Paul lipgloss bitch krew.

If you're feeling Apprentice withdrawal symptoms between shows, go on over to their website and watch the clips and interviews. Some excellent interviews with the contestants. Tuan says you must live your life to the full as it's the only one you'll get. Eh? I thought he was a buddist? And Paul will take some beating in the David-Brent-athon that his interview. I don't know how they stopped him getting his guitar out for an impromptu "FreeLove Freeway" singalong.

Have I mentioned how much I love this show?