Friday, May 19, 2006

Remember Lesleh?

"Earlier this year, it got so bad that I attempted suicide," she continued. "Using the handle of my hairbrush, I crushed a whole bottle of paracetamol tablets into a potentially lethal powder. I had every intention of swallowing it, but my mother came in and found me lying on my bed, sobbing.

Using the handle of her HAIRBRUSH? She CRUSHED the tablets?
How dramatic. How sad. What a bunch of crap. Why are we still reading or even acknowledging this waste of oxygen?
People are saying Bonnah is the new Lesleh. Don't allow her a hair brush then.
Talking of hair, those awful Lea Hair extentions won't last long. Didn't they learn anything from the vile Makosi?
Is she a woman? I have to say she looks awful manish to me.
My teen is already drooling over George. You go girl. Grab mummy a nice rich son in law.

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