Friday, September 30, 2005

Congratulations Nina

Senior holiday rep don't you know. That's what she was fake offered at the end of 'Trust me I'm a holiday rep' Do they allow reps of Nina and Sid Littles age as all the proper ones in the programme were slightly younger than them... Sid was offered a rep job that they seem to have made up for him involving no paperwork and Jordan Knight got 'fake in charge of kiddies' rep, seemingly based of his ability to dance to Justin Timberlake and only once kicking a child by mistake whilst dancing to Justin Timberlake. The others got you're fired of different degrees (as in if only you hadn't lap danced the customers/smoked all day you would have been fake hired).

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Nancy does Ann

Nancy to Ann Summers

Wow Nancy Sorrell does Ann Summers. she never looked like that on IACGMOOH.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wrong presenter axed shocker

Kelly Brook is being axed as a presenter of Celebrity Love Island.

Wooden? Yes she is but at least she's not Patrick Kielty, who is unforgivable for being a complete idiot to that American model/actress/whatever last series because she didn't know who he was! Imagine not knowing who he was...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jaded Jasmine

Jasmine Lennard (who) the pampered princess of Holiday Rep , really drove me nuts tonight with her whining and miserable face.
And her assumption that EVERYONE should know who she is? I'd never heard of her.
I'm loving Scott, who is a truly Holiday Rep guy to me. Jordan seems a bit wooden. Jodie Marsh is too common for me but she's trying and is fun. Syd is too old but bless he can party with the best of them. He really can't sell anything. Nina, too old but eloquent and tries hard and is soooo down to earth, she HATES Jasmine.
This is far better than Celeb love island.. Far better.

trust me I am super model

having watched the first show by accident (honestly!) I am now addicted to Trust Me I'm a Holiday Rep. It is however deeply disturbing. Not because of Jasmine (who is such a complete cartoon Naomi-wannabe it's hilarious "don't you know who I am?!?!?") but because of a lingering fear that Little & Large may somehow manage to salvage their career off the back of Syd reprising his Butlins days. :shudder: 1

Meanwhile over on t'Apprentice USA, Ivana got fired. Boo, she was my fave. I don't understand why the blonde woman was so down on her dropping her skirt when the Barbie dolls made their entire profit from selling their bimbo asses. Bah.

1. Oh. It seems I made an almost identical post a couple of days ago, of which I inexplicably have no recollection. Curse those aliens and their probes.

Reality tv shows I am currently watching

The apprentice

My big fat obnoxious boss (absolutely hilarious but possibly only to me)

Trust me I'm a holiday rep (I'm sure I've seen one of the reps on something else)

X factor

X factor extra (Stuart from Big Brothers sister OH DEAR this years G4 all by herself)

Lost (it is real innit)?

Reality show cross over once again

Nadia set to return as a holiday rep
Next week, Jasmine the pampered pointless prima pouch, leaves Holiday Rep (feign surprise) and is replaced by BB5's Nadia.
Apparently Nadia has had a couple of spells in Rehab. Deary deary, the 'stress' of being a minor celeb!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Trust me......

OMG Clarrie is hooked on Trust me I'm a Holiday Rep too.
I love it.
Jasmine is a spoilt vile self absorbed cow and her outburst with those guests was apalling.

Anyways a line up for you

Jordan Knight (35) was the pin up for teenagers worldwide as lead vocalist for boy band New Kids On The Block. When the band split in 1994, Jordan went on to enjoy as successful solo career and is about to launch a new single and album in August 2005.

The recruits will exchange their showbiz lifestyles for long arduous days ensuring holiday makers have a trouble free and idyllic break. From meeting and greeting at the airport to arranging excursions and evening bar crawls, the six will have their work cut out and their glamorous designer clothes will quickly be exchanged for regulation uniforms.

Jasmine Lennard (19) shot to fame on Five’s Make Me A Supermodel. With a reputation for her outspoken and argumentative approach, she cites Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham as her role models and aspires to become a TV presenter.
(vile self absorbed bitch... fun to watch)

Syd Little (62) has for forty years been one half of Britain’s best loved comedy institutions, Little and Large.
(wow I didn't recognise him)

Jodie Marsh (26) has made her career from outrageous photo shoots, tabloid kiss and tell exploits and public rivalry with Jordan. She cites Kenzie, Fran Cosgrove and Callum Best as her most recent sexual conquests and likens herself to “the human Viagra”.
(cheap tart)

Nina Myskow (59) has a broadcast and journalistic career spanning forty years. Editor of Jackie magazine, she was Pop writer on The Sun before her stint as an acerbic tabloid TV critic led to three series as judge on New Faces. She starred on GMTV and The Wright Stuff, as well as Radio Two, Radio 5 Live and LBC.
(hmmm doesn't like kids, kinda posh)

Scott Wright (30) is best known for his two-year role as Sam Kingston in Coronation Street. He proudly won the title of ‘Rear Of The Year’ alongside Charlotte Church in 2002. Scott’s looking for a “top laugh, nice people to work with and another string to my bow if the acting doesn’t work out.”
(seems ok so far.. game for a laugh)

Jordan Knight (35) was the pin up for teenagers worldwide as lead vocalist for boy band New Kids On The Block. When the band split in 1994, Jordan went on to enjoy as successful solo career and is about to launch a new single and album in August 2005.
(cute looking)

Monday, September 19, 2005

I could be tempted ...

Oh dear sweet baby [insert diety of choice] ... Trust Me - I’m A Holiday Rep. A show that may possibly re-start the career of Syd Little should surely have been strangled at birth. Then again, it's worth if for Jasmine "don't you know who I am" Lennard.

Yes I admit it, I'm addicted. Hah.