Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bye bye Scruples

I miss Michael and Spiral (and Scruples) I can't help wishing someone like umm JENNIE had gone instead and maybe Glyn or Pete or someone else who is boringly guaranteed to win. Snooooooooooze.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Richard

Nice party. So they are out of prison and much crying over the letters from home so much amusement for us viewers.

Now on to important news. I don't like Jennie. I want to like her but I just can't. It may be her mothers fault she sounded a right cow on BBBM. I like it when the friends and family turn me against a housemate! This isn't helping either, urgh creeping round Pete. Glyn is annoying me now too and Spiral after his latest kick off at Aisleyne. No need. I dread to think what he would be like if he drank.

I hope Susie and Susie Junior stay tonight (and Richard obviously). I think should adopt Susie as spokeswoman.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

prison time

I have to admit to liking this prison task. It's taken them out of the main house and shook them all up a bit. The secret room was brilliant and colourful and clever. Reminded me of the secret rooms in BB5 with the parties and some people being left out.
Glyn has driven me mad though with his stupid excitement at all the food and stuff. Michael is a real idiot and needs to go on Friday.

I did like the guards uniforms though. Jennie looks so cute in hers. Oh and a word about Ais. I liked her up till this point but she's driving me mad with her Nikki type screaming and refusal to do tasks etc. Ais out ASAP.

But I'm a Laydee!

News: Sam: But I'm a Laydee!

Third BB evictee Sam was ejected from a woman's toilets by cops when someone complained.
Sad really as before BB no one would have known she wasn't a woman.
Strange place Southampton ;P

Richard in and Pete out

Pete is out of the prison (and secret room) and Richard is in! I love this task (and the best friends one) next swap may be Glyn and Mikey as Glyn wants Mikey to see the secret room. It's all still secret from the other prison guards.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Twisty BB

The prisoners have a secret luxury room! They have a large bath, products, champagne and choc fountain. Aislyene and Imogen are rather enjoying themselves.

Love Island news... nooooooooooooooooo Dennis Rodman is there. Tsk they should bring Pete Burns on if they have to copy BB for 'celebs'.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Less than an hour into the prison task

Pete has a can that he can bang on the bars! Argh! Glyn is trying to squeeze back through the bars, Ash has had her earrings took off her and both her and Imogen are under some strange idea their normal clothes look better than their prison uniform. Oddly Glyn tried to persuade both the other blokes they had to take their underwear off. Now we just wait for Spiral to arrive... eek! Spiral locked up... good job he's so calming...

Aisleyne is in prison

She's said so about a million times in 10 minutes. The prison task has started already and funnily enough she is the first into the house next door again. Glyn is eating all his black pudding etc as he's going to jail too. Other prisoners are Imogen, Pete and Spiral with all the others prison guards in the original house.

Noms noms noms

Imogen and Susie, Michael and Spiral and Pete and Richard are up for the double eviction this week and BB has told them a pair are being evicted, the spoilsports! Mikey and Glyn nominated Susie so have put Imogen up for the vote. Ha ha! The viewers are voting to save this week rather oddly, hmm must be so Pete can't be voted out. At least Richard should be safe for another week (and his birthday) and hopefully Susie and Imogen will stay as well.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


At last. They have to nominate in pairs then the people with the most go up for eviction and one of the best friend couples will be evicted. The housemates won't know that bit though. Unless they guess it as usual... and then after all that the rumour was true the house next door will be turned into a prison. Fun!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Be afraid

They are making up songs as part of the best friends task which seems quite good. Glyn's song is very painful he's been in the outside toilet with a guitar singing badly.

Evictions! BB JaYne bye bye and Love Island Lady V bye bye (boo I was enjoying her bitching). How amusing was Davina and JaYne looking like twins in their black dresses ha ha!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Look who's having a baby... maybe

Looky at what I've just read...
APPRENTICE winner Michelle Dewberry is pregnant by her reality show rival Syed Ahmed.
From The Sun.

Eviction day

Hurrah! I hope JaYne goes. I'm actually more worried about Love Island I don't even know who it is up for that eviction yet. It should be up to me to decide on Love Island as I am (just about) the only viewer! Especially tonight as it is half an hour earlier than listed so every viewer (probably including me) will miss it! I'd quite like Shane to go he's a nice bloke and all that but he's not quite Love Island-y. Or Kelle, let's get rid of the born again Christians. They don't bitch enough.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

mid series boredom and hatred

Jaynetta's nominations this week made me want to spit. Aisleyne and Imogen, no problem with that... but her reasons made me cross. She said both of them had copped out on the stepping task. That neither had tried to do it, joined in with the others, been part of the team etc etc. So Jayne constantly breaking the rules, Jayne thinks the capital of Portugal is Spain.covering microphones camera's and talking about outside stuff is working as a part of a team? She is a first class hypocrite, she has spoilt BB for me this year. I don't object to putting a rude, ugly, vile person in the house. But the talk of how the HM's are percieved by the public has changed them, it's definitely made Ais more paranoid and changed her personality for the worse. Jayne's little chats with Nikki sealed her eviction fate most definitely.
I think only Susie and Imogen can see through Jayne's 'Look at me' belch, fart, belly laugh persona.
Last night I didn't watch the highlights show for the first time in ages.
Ok Noms night gets on my nerves. I was pissed off that more of them didn't nominate Jayne preferring to continue with their 'Boring' personal vendettas. Richard noms Imogen. Says she's boring Imogen noms Richard, says he's false.... Yawn. Week after week.
Jayne had better go this week. I have faith in the public though, so far they've thought like me every week... gawd I'm Ms Jack average... yikes!

Ok Jude...... Good idea. My thoughts on the Hms's this week
Richard.... he's ok. Not in my final 4 though. He's too up himself but he has some brilliant lines, doesn't suffer fools gladly and has a biting wit and wicked smile. Love him winding up self professed God Michael.
Jayne.... Crass, rude, vulgar, thick, ugly, stupid, Give that woman the first BB ASBO. I detest her.
Aisleyne..... Like her lots, but ditch the crying Ais and be a sport when the guys play with you. You can't play with them then go crying to BB when they get a bit OTT.
Mikey..... hate him and his unintelligible accent. Dull, boring and ugly.There's just no point to him. Take away that man's oxygen.
Michael..... Odd. Very Odd. Like his cat though. He thinks he's god? Hmmm.
Pete...... Boring.
Glyn...... Tedious. An 18 year old idiot. Even worse now his hair is dyed. Why are we watching this cretin on TV?
Imogen..... Love her, like her more each day. She's blooming. She's keeping it real.
Spiral...... FFS a volatile obnoxious idiot. Soonest he's out the better.
Jennie...... love her. Sweet, intelligent and nice. Ditch the fags though Jen, you're too young to ruin your life.
Susie..... becoming one of my favs. Sassy clever and amusing. I liked her standing up to Jayne where the rest lacked any backbone.

my final 4. Hmm Ais, Imogen, Jennie and Susie. What no men? Unfortunately BB men this year do not conform to Trin's idea of the word MAN.
Stay Cool.

Who is good and who is bad

Week 203 or something...

Aisleyne - good always good
Glyn - good but all comments about Susie bad and annoying
Imogen - good but all Mikey-ness bad
Jayne - bad
Jennie - middling I'm still unsure
Michael - middling I dunno I want to like him
Mikey - always bad
Pete - good
Richard - good
Spiral - bad Steve O has left Love island now get rid of Spir O
Susie - good I find her amusing

Jayne v Richard

Hmm. Leave Richard alone you bad Great British Public (especially Wales) and Ireland. I'll be wagging my finger if the result is wrong twice in a row.

Not much happening shocker in the BB house and even if there was I wouldn't know as Freeview has lost its live feed red button. THE FECKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blinking free film four. I hate it! WHO ARE THEY? Give me my secret channel back.

Monday, July 17, 2006


As if Paul Dannan being back in wasn't scary enough, the newest person on the love island is Steve-O from Jackass!

Meanwhile back in the BB house Glyn is hungry and 'cooking' alone in the middle of the night, surprisingly the house is still standing today.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well that went well on the love island

Love island first eviction went well... half of the celebrities refused to vote and Alicia ran away to the airport. I hope they punish them, put the ones who won't vote up for nomination next time. Brendan and Lady V became my immediate faves for just actually voting.

Alicia is sadly gone in more ways than one. She was very amusing.

Paul Dannan is going back! Should be interesting... He should of gone on BB could of given Spiral some sex pest tips. Other newbies are rumoured to be joining like Jean Christophe-Nouvelli and Chris Eubank (I thought he had a wife). Anyway I am enjoying LI muchly. I am currently liking Bianca Gascoigne and not liking Lee Otway.

Nikki the bush kangaroo

Except no she's not going to Australia as far as I know. 'You're going into the secret house Nikki' You're going to Australia Nikki' No, she's going straight to magazine deals and Richard and Judy (hopefully). Umm the crowd reaction was GOOD who are these people who voted for her WHO ARE THEY? I hope she gets a Chantelle type E4 show. We can't waste Nikki now we know her.

So JaYne didn't go and they have another rubbish punishment, one hour of hot showers, that used to be the norm. And they're baking bread, well Susie is!

It's a hard Knock life for Nikki!

me? you sure?
With 37% of the vote Princess Tippy Toes herself, Nikki Grahame was evicted tonight. The surprise was evident on her face... Probably because she'd been primed for two week by evil troll thing Jayne. "You're the star Nikki" she hissed in her ear every 10 minutes "You won't be going anywhere.... Ais is hated"
Jayne was the end of Nikki. The general public, whilst liking her and finding her hugely entertaining also were tiring of her antics... Her refusal to join in tasks. But also the nasty bitching sessions with Jayne were horrible.
Shame though. I did kind of like her. I hope she realises just how her friendship with Jayne detracted from her in every way.
I did smile at poor heavily pregnant Davina having to climb the stairs to drag the princess from her castle.
I have a feeling Princess Nikki will be bigger than Jade Goody.
And she'll be enormous fun on BBLB unlike the dull as dishwater Lea.
at the door

Friday, July 14, 2006


Bookmaker William Hill is offering odds of 8/11 for Nikki to be evicted. Next favourite to leave is Aisleyne at 11/8, with Susie in third place at 8/1.
From the bbc. Boo. It seems one of the best housemates is going tonight then. Stupid Big Brother.

The thread about Jayne going tonight seems to have gone from digi spy. Could that be good news? Is it too much to hope for?

that handicapped rat

Image Hosted by
NO NO NO no no No Glyn. Whatever you do with your rancid black pudding up in those welsh hills, we do not bash helpless Voles over the head with a hammer down south.
Richard still appeared a dick in his attempt to be the Ratty/Vole champion but he was right. Pete having a weep in the dairy room was silly. Ok I'd have understood if the thing was actually killed but...
Thing is..... Trouble is... With me head..... I wouldn't have objected to Glyn bashing Jayne over the head with his black pudding.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just get rid!

When is JaYne leaving? They can't possibly keep her in with all this 'talk' she's being doing. I think she'll be out soon hopefully tomorrow. Maybe they'll sling her out or maybe the housemates will vote. I'm very annoyed with her she's made this weeks vote Aisleyne v Nikki my two favourites, when it should obviously be Spiral v Spiral he's a nasty aggressive twerp. The latest JaYne punishment is basic food rations for all next week! I feel punished no nominations or weekly task. If they want me to be more interested in celebrity horsey jumping and Love Island then they have gone the right way about it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what's that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster?

I cannot stand her face for one more week I'm afraid the prima Donna, self confessed child tantrummy princess tippy toes has to go this week.
Her behaviour is becoming monstrous. I'm actually quite concerned she's becoming unhinged (even more than ever) but if not and she's acting... Then she needs to be kicked back home so her Mother can smack her bottom. She's more monstrous than the vile Jayne who seems unable to keep her big shouty trap shut. She's ruining it for everyone. The HM's aren't meant to know about the outside world but Jayne has told them all whose popular and who isn't and has fuelled Nikki's momentous tantrums.
Crikey Vanessa Feltz is on BBLB and she says Jayne is loathsome. Jayne has broken the rules AGAIN today. So what are BB going to do about it?
So she's got immunity from eviction this week.... Bully for her. But the fundamental rules of BB are no outside contact or details. The next punishment better be good. HM's in the past were kicked out for a lot less.... 'Nasty' Nick wrote one word down and was thrown out. For goodness sake get a backbone Big Brother. Do something

Monday, July 10, 2006

I am NOT happy AT ALL

All the housemates are up for eviction except for JaYne because of her rule breaking! I am about as happy as a very VERY unhappy thing.


Surprise surprise BB gave them enough drink to get spin the bottle drunk to show opposite Love Island starting tonight!
A positive snogging frenzy took place tonight, with Aisleyne taking turns to trade kisses with both Nikki and Pete!
Fake lesbians, fake kissing on fake Big Brother grrreat!

In the daily star Spiral gets branded a sex pest.
BB rapper Spiral was exposed as a sex pest after going too far between the sheets with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.
I saw this bit
She fled the bed in tears and tried to escape his advances by calling on Big Brother to get her into the diary room. Shocked Aisleyne, 27, shrieked: "BB can you call me to the diary room, quick-time.
But I thought Aisleyne was upset about Nikki on the live feed when it happened but Spiral did seem to be the cause of the first upset from the highlights show.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Classy Lea

'Let me out then you c**ts' Lovely. I didn't hear an apology channel 4. I will write to Tony Blair!

A nice pic of Lea.
Don't blame me that it is rubbish blame the channel 4 site and the silly make a housemate pic thing.

Friday, July 07, 2006

some good things

Not to be totally negative tonight, I'm really liking Jennie the new housemate. I like her attitude. She's sunny happy sassy and straight talking. She's a breath of fresh air and so different to the increasingly annoying Nikki (Nikki's bed... All three of them)
I also like Spiral... ATM. He's fun... Reminds me of how Pete used to be before the awful Lea 'changed' him. And last night I cheered for Imogen. Her refusal to be drawn into bitching with Nikki and The Vile Jayne. When she said "Actually I'm pleased Ais is back" I felt all warm and proud of her.
I'm watching BBLB right now and I'm so happy for Jonathan. He's out milking the crowd and they love him. Best wishes to him. Hope he goes further than any of those other wannabes.

pure trin hate

jayne is a tiny bit completely VILE!
BB site... Jayne upsets Jennie
So did we really need another vindictive, nasty, socially inept bitch to watch on our screens?
Jayne is absolutely vile. How I hate her. I dislike Lea greatly... always have done but I'd save Lea till the end to get rid of nasty Jayne.
I'm spitting to think we could have had the friendly lovely warm sensible Jonathan to get to know and watch. Well it would seem maybe that totally dim Jayne has pushed her luck too far. Her failure to obey the rules and stop discussing outside stuff has got her a serious warning. Evict her I say. Get rid of her now. Make Trin a very happy woman......

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Latest rubbish task passed

A weekly task that took a lot less than an hour!
The housemates have three hours to untangle themselves from a giant knot in the garden. They are working against the clock and as the minutes slip away so does their food budget.
And another weird E4 moment when the housemates were all standing up with the rope at the end and suddenly you saw another shot of someone in the pool! (obviously 5 mins ahead) E4 sees into the future you know.

Non celebrity love island

We have some professional reality tv people

Bombhead from Hollyoaks (itv singing programme)

Sophie Anderton (iacgmooh)

Shane Lynch (the games)

Some I'm related to someone famous types

Chris Brosnan (Pierce's son)

Bianca Gascoigne (Gazza's step daughter)

and an OMG THIS IS ACE person

Brendan Cole
FIERY dancer Brendan, 30, spends six months of the year working on global TV versions of Strictly Come Dancing. He says his ideal woman is "classy, giving and caring".

But he warns: "Anyone who is loud, obnoxious, common or brassy is a big turn-off for me."

Putting Brendan on is pure genius. Hopefully Lizzie Bardsley will turn up. Or James Martin or his ex Camilla.
From the mirror.

Oh now I hate JaYne

So Spiral is in the house and Aisleyne cried a lot. Ho hum. Not very exciting was it? JaYne is annoying saying her loyalties are with the original housemates as she was only in the second house 24 hours! I think the original housemates will be sick of her very soon. She's like a female David Brent always laughing at everything she says and always being 'up' she makes me sick! I'll probably like her tomorrow... unlikely.

I'm happy though as Lea will be gone soon. GONE GONE GONE! Yay.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Up for eviction Richard and Lea. Hurrah. Lea out please. Then in came Michael and Jennie for the tea party in the main house. Spiral and Jonathan were left in the second house. One of them is going into the main one tonight with Aisleyne, well I think that's what's happening! It's a live Davina show so there must be an eviction or something.

Spiral was rapping last night, very annoying 'Big Brother in your face' ASHleen was very impressed.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Two to move next door tonight

Oh goody. At 9.30 according to teletext. The housemates in the first house are doing an imaginary friends task I knew they'd be some housemate movement as soon as that task was announced. At the mo a couple of them are playing 'wear Jayne's clothes' it's quite frightening.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Jonathan is rubbish

I tried to ignore the homophobia in his opening clip (difficult) but he doesn't seem to be getting any brighter. Today he thinks the homeless (just the 'physically fit' ones) should all go in the army. But not the ones on drugs or drink just the ones with nice suits and gym memberships who really like living outdoors (probably). Spiral seemed more intelligent in this conversation, Brain of Britain (top 1% of MENSA allegedly) Michael seemed to keep quiet.

Well then

I see the secret house all know Jayne is in the main one already. I think they heard Nikki screaming or something. Jayne went into the main house in a England vest and the worst shorts ever. In other important news Michael has shaved off his facial hair. I'm not happy about that. I hope he's next in.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


2 AM and Glyn and Richard are still dancing. I do like tasks like this.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Yay! Michael, Jennie and Jonathan none of them are promotion girls from Essex and for that I am very grateful Big Brother. Michael looks a bit like the lovely Darren from Strictly Dance Fever if you squint a bit. The others are Spiral (unfortunately not Spiral Stairs from Pavement) and Jayne. I quite like Jayne mostly because you just know other people will hate her. Aisleyne was so happy not to go. There's a new twist on BBLB this Sunday, it's probably Aisleyne voting out/in someone (Jayne please) but we know about that and that's not new.

Over in Oz land two men have been kicked out
Ashley and John have been escorted from the Big Brother house by security guards after sexually assaulting Camilla. The incident occurred early Saturday morning at 4.30am when John held Camilla down in bed and Ashley rubbed his penis on her. This behaviour has happened in past seasons of Big Brother and has gained the slang term "turkey slap". Last year housemate Michael's similar behaviour prompted investigations into Big Brother: Uncut.
Producers have refused to comment officially as to why the pair were kicked out.
Umm... eek!