Monday, May 22, 2006

hurrah for local papers

quite possibly my favourite thing in BB is the local paper's coverage (they'll have to go some to beat Hull's Backing Dan a couple of years ago)

North Wales Daily Post: Our mate Glyn's not the Big Bore "On Saturday nights we usually go out in Llanrwst and this year there have been quite a few parties with a lot of us turning 18"

South Wales Evening Post: IMOGEN'S FEAR OVER KISS AND TELL STORIES then goes on to reproduce said stories

Leicester Mercury: SKEGNESS RUSE GETS BONNIE ON TELEVISION Bono's mam says Mrs Holt said: "Bonnie ... went to the auditions in Birmingham and she pushed to the front of the queue. She'd had a couple of cans beforehand to steady her nerves and she said some shocking things. ... She told the Meadows Care Home, where she worked, that she was going away to Skegness. Big Brother then had to ring them up and explain that Bonnie was very sorry." ... Bonnie's turn in the limelight has also made the family the centre of attention for less desirable reasons. Last month, Bonnie's half-brother Clyde Mactavish, 28, was jailed for more than three years by Leicester Crown Court after being arrested in Loughborough with a stash of heroin hidden in his underpants. I have high hopes of the Leicester Mercury.

Manchester Evening News: Lisa's big bother on Blind Date BIG Brother contestant Lisa Huo is no stranger to the small screen - she once went on a Blind Date trip to South Africa with a rugby player. ... Tony, 28, who is now a rugby coach, told viewers: "I so wanted to get away from her that during our meal I went to the toilet six times for a breather." The best bit is where people who know her add their comments - Clint says " I used to work with Lisa and she was a right larf, in fact I quite fancied her "

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