Sunday, May 21, 2006

from the sundays

News of the World has shock horror young women enjoy sex stories about Nikki and Imogen (accompanied by 'tits oot' pics).
More "woman has sex" shocks in the Sunday Mirror. In an astonishing twist, the People goes with 'man has sex' revelations.

What the old HMs say:
Cameron in the Sunday Post
I certainly don’t fancy the urinals in the bathroom. At the risk of sounding indelicate, when we were leaving the Big Brother 4 house we were cautioned always to use cubicles in public rest rooms to minimise unwanted attention.

Shel in the Sunday Mail

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Jude said...

Hmm there's Nikki in the bunny outfit again she said she'd only worn it once before good job she got photographed that time as well. I'd hate to think she didn't get any attention in it.