Friday, June 30, 2006


Ours get karaoke and the Australian Big Brother gets live music from Izzy from Neighbours band.

Back to ours the mirror says
BB bosses hope to stir up trouble by giving either Aisleyne or Susie a shocking task at their new home. They will be forced to evict every one of their five new housemates over the next few days. But, unknown to them, those they pick will move to the main house.

When the houses are finally merged they will be shocked to discover their victims still there - and have to live with them. Last night an insider said: "It looks as though normal Friday night eviction is axed. But not all the new housemates will make it through. A couple will go home."

lea vs Ais

tragedy when the feelings gone and you can't go on it's tragedy. Much respect to The Ais for telling it like it is last night.
Watching Lea's constant crying and harping out about her 'Fookin' awful sad life has driven me crazy. On a much more personally vindictive level her silicon blimps jutting out from her chest and those horrendously bad hair extentions make me want to puke.
But it's been watching the normally happy chirpy Pete change to one unhappy frustrated boy is the worse bit.
His rejection of her persona, the really nauseating sex talk (which they choose not to show) and her sexual advances on him, have made her quite freaky. Ais was saying what most of them felt.
I read some saying that it's a shame Ais backed down, but I respect her for that. In a house as close knit as that, to maintain such bad feeling, would make everyone uncomfortable.
I'm pretty sure Ais will go to the new house tonight. I will not be able to bear Lea's smug face when she goes. She will see it as the public's revenge for Ais's treatment of her. But how joyous I will be to see her triumphant return next week.
All hail Queen Ais.
ps... Anyone see Russell Brand last night? He made it pretty obvious he does not like Lea one bit cutting off her friend Tracey on the phone. The guy is an irritating genius. Why do I find him strangely attractive?


Could the housemates please stop singing there hasn't been any sound on the live feed for about 45 minutes!

So they got a karaoke night for the 'task' of wearing coats (Nikki) and not touching themselves (Richard) they played videos with the songs and Aisleyne thought the people in them could all be new housemates! Ooh! I think there were five songs as well... we shall see later today.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

bb rant a la Trin

I'm reading Digispy forums and laughing my socks off. Some of them see everything in black and white... Where's the pink and purple in life? There's numerous hate Susie boring Susie threads. Ok Susie isn't a bowl of cherries and cream. She is refined and classy and quiet. She chooses not to join in the bitching and wailing. She prefers tea and the odd digestive biscuit. Ok Whoopy doo. She's dull. But the woman has most of her fellow housemates sussed.
Then there's lots of threads hating Aisleyne. Laughing at her grumpy reaction to being nominated for eviction.
Aisleyne is stropping because she's been nominated. It's understandable. She's quite highly strung. She's found out that most of them in there actually don't like her and want her evicted. In a close knit small house like that it must be hard to swallow that a lot of people do not like her. The only one making any sense is good old dull Susie. Maybe every BB house needs a Susie?
I don't hate any of them. I don't like any of them either.... But I really dislike Lea. Her manipulation and attempt at taking over the mother come harlot role in the house makes me cringe.
She said today that she has only cried 4 times in the house.
4 thousand times maybe. Silly sad old bag. Sooner she's out the better.
I cannot wait to see her face when Aisleyne marches back into the house triumphant with her chosen three new HMs.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

it's getting dull

where's me Julie?
It needs livening up big time. I'm very disappointed the housemates we can nominate are Ash and Susie. How dull. I guess it's predictably going to be Aisleyne then.... As long as the average texter can spell her name that is.
Hmmm wonder how all of this is going to

Trins predictions for the end of BB7.

Pete will finally snap and knife both of Lea's Bazookas. The explosion will be heard all over the south east.The fall out will cause The Summer of 2006 to end abruptly.
Richard will run off with a hunky paramedic who comes to treat the deflated Lea.
The mess will make Glyn vomit unfortunately over Nikki's head. She will then be pushed into insanity and have to be sectioned.
Glyn's Mother will arrive at the front door having finally seen sense and cart him off back to the valleys.
Ash, Imogen and Mikey are now at each others throats to win the coveted prize.
Ash does one Ali G impression too much and is evicted straight to Jamaica.
The final task has Imogen and Mikey battling out 'I spy'. Imogen couldn't think of anything beginning with W and is evicted.
Leaving Mikey the winner. Thousands of teen girls text in Mikey in Iranian. It's a momentous night.
Ohh... Wait. Three weeks later when the carpets are being cleaned a workman discovers a long dead Susie clutching a cold cup of cocoa in the Golden shower. She died in week 6 but no one has noticed.
Oh well." She'd had her life", the British public cried unanimously. Onto BB8!

Aisleyne and Susie...

Up for noms to go to the secret house apparently according to big brother online. They do spell Susie wrong though... It has to be Aisleyne. Susie would be BORING. The house thinking Susie was popular would be amusing, they are already guessing at a secret room or house though and Lea thinks there will be an eviction tomorrow.

Monday, June 26, 2006


About the only thing I liked about Grace was that she wasn't going to do the 'lads mags'...

Nikki's fame spreads

Perez Hilton thinks she's the new Jordan! He's a bit confused he also thinks she's an ex beauty queen. More Nikki-ness in the tabs a slight non story but it mentions Calum Best which is always good. The people who haven't slept with Calum Best in the world is now numbered around 6 by my reckoning.

Much 'I can't believe they don't know that' watching last nights pub quiz and following on from Jill Farrell Aisleyne and 'what's a monarch?' on BBLB, Imogen said 'what's a hobbit?' After feeling smug I then got a spelling question wrong. Dur me. I'm so stoopid I should be on BB!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Five more jolly friends for us to watch on the tee vee

Basically, everyone will be really surprised.
That's what it says on the offish site...

Ooh a house plan


Who are these people that still want to go in the house after seeing others bullied?
Are they Plastic or Fantastic? See what I did there!
How long will they be there?
Keep them in the separate house we could have two big brothers at the same time. Fun!

Can I have a woman who doesn't want to be a glamour model please?

It's bound to be Lea going into the new house if she's nominated.

Oh yes and Lisa's out...60.3%. I started to like her again as soon as she left the house. Unlike Gracey who I think I actually hate more if that's possible.

Friday, June 23, 2006

And this is front page news?

From our old friends ananova.
Big Brother's Mikey is really an Iranian called Sahin, according to the Daily Star.

The newspaper says the scouser's full name is Sahin Hamadani.

It also claims he is not a model or a software engineer, as he claimed, and has never had a job. Mikey's mum Jean confirmed: "My son's real name is Sahin Michael Hamadani."
Next they'll be telling us Bubble's real name was Paul...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It should of been Austin

We interrupt this BB coverage to bring startling Project Catwalk news... according to Heat the replacement for Liz Hurley is... Kelly Osbourne! Noooooooooooooooooooooo. I don't care if allegedly everyone hated Liz who worked on PC but I thought it was the first thing she was actually good at. Not that I paid attention to anything she had ever done before. BRING BACK LIZ! Fashion has no mercy!

And the BBC are apparently bringing back Castaway! Let's pray, The Mole revival could be just around the corner... I'd love a new series of The Murder Game BBC while you're at it. Even though I'm still scared thinking about it around three years later. That end game was scary!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

out out out

Gems from Yidaho. I like his photoshop stuff... This Bratz one made me laugh. Poor Nikki. Three times in a row. It must be hard.... But she does go totally OTT.
So it's Lisa the Manchester Troll. Mikey the long haired Dullard from Liverpool and Imogen the Welsh Bitch with less personality than a sheep vs Nikki Little Miss Bratty entertainment.
I say Lisa will be out.
Her constant swearing and Fag habit is vile. I don't object to smoking... Although as a nurse it is the worse thing you can do to yourself (health rant over) but she's selfish smoking in the house, bedroom and anywhere where non smokers sit. She's also volatile and has no manners or sense of justice.
I've already voted her out 4 times. Shame though... I'd love to see Pikey or Imodium go.
Nikki? Drives me mad at times but makes me laugh too. Girl has real issues upstairs... But she HAS to stay till the last night.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Nikki up for eviction

GRR! Annoyed I am. The rule breakers Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki all had to nominate one of each other (and in front of everyone) and Nikki had two votes, the other women one each and Glyn none. Now all the others housemates are nominating as normal to see who else is up. Unfair on Nikki. Just get Lisa out!

I can't believe I have just found this out

Pete's Mam was one of The Mambas as in Marc and The Mambas! I only read it today in the Sunday Mirror but it was in The (daily) Mirror weeks ago! I'm so impressed! That's much more impressive than Grace's Dad managing Haircut 100 (though I was a bit impressed by that!)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bye bye moosey!

Grace is a moose, Grace is a moose, Grace is a MOOSE. Now I feel better. Only 87.9% of the vote, SHAME. Video here. I liked the way they didn't open the doors immediately... Grace throwing water at Suzie (Grace is a moose) just made Ashleen (Aisleyne) more popular with her rant at Grace. Well done Grace! Good luck on the outside!

Friday, June 16, 2006

She's going home she's going home she's going...

Grace is going home! Hopefully. I like to watch the feed and go 'ooh look Grace's last shower' 'Grace's last meal' 'Grace's last hideous annoying everything in the BB house'!

Today's favourite thread titles at digi spy -
Davina would NOT do a Makosi. Grace's Mum will sue.
Suzi's breasts are too far apart

Rumours - read on teletext rumours for next Wednesday (it is 2 30 mins shows so...)

1. Australian HM swap. Hmm I don't think so. It would be fun though. Speaking of other BBs the American one is starting next week and this is happening
Twenty former "Brother" contestants will jockey for 12 slots open in the house. The audience will select its favorites, a first for the series.
2. Three secret rooms. I like secret rooms.

Grace's last day in the house

Hurrah! That is all I have to say for now!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I always knew she was too good for him

Beautiful Helen breaks up with international popstar Paul. I loved Helen I did. Ah, the goode olde dayes, *sigh*

Monday, June 12, 2006

nikki vs grace

Well the Golden Girl picked Nikki and Grace for eviction this week then came out and told them both. As you can imagine neither girl took it well, poor Nikki has only just escaped eviction this week. Lea is going around hugging people and trying to reassure Grace and Nikki neither will go.... silly cow. I hate that woman. The incident with Pete last night with her sat on his bed stroking him and staring at him even though he was asleep was very scary.
So who goes? Pretty obvious Grace. Though I wish it was Lea or Lisa as I detest both of those.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Podium task

Grace, Lisa, Mikey and Glyn only ones left on the podiums at the mo. Imogen was the last to quit so far.

Update - Lisa won the task they drew straws or something. Grace then cried a lot.

Snoozepapers - Ms Kit Kat in notw.
BIG Brother Golden Girl Suzie '‘The Floozie' Verrico is so obsessed with sex she strips for cash —even though she's loaded...

Nikki in the people.
BIG Brother babe Nikki Grahame nearly DIED during a 17-year battle with anorexia, The People can reveal...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Survivor ish!

Oh I did use to like the Survivor standing on a log challenge. From BBUK.
Housemates will each have to stand on a podium in the house. Whoever can stand there for the longest time will win a prize.
And the prize is apparently immunity from next weeks noms.

Poor Grace...

Obviously I don't agree with the BB eviction crowd booing it's awful. But chanting 'GET GRACE OUT!' That's ace! Stupid Nikki thought it was 'get Richard out' then Ashleen (Aisleyne) thought they were booing her. No it was when Grace's face came on the big screen outside. Ha ha! You can youtube it here chanting at its finest is at 4 minutes. Clip of the day on the official site is Grace crying. Nice! She thinks girls are jealous of her with Mikey and says she's hasn't been a backstabber!

Oh yes and Sam went out but only with 53.7% which wasn't too bad.

golden twists

So we have a new housemate. Her name is Suzi, she's 43 and her husband paid 4 grand for her kit kat ticket. She's the Golden Housemate. She has to wear gold, sleep in a golden bedroom take golden showers (oooer) but the twist is that she is the only one to nominate this week. She alone will choose the 2 HM's for us to evict.
The other hm's know this but she doesn't. I assume the nominations will be pretend ones.
This is an interesting twist and one which will have the bitchfest HM's in a tither.
Apparently Lea has already expressed a dislike and distrust of the golden girl. Her slot as the oldest and wisest.... (excuse me while I choke laughing) is under threat from a posh older woman with her own large fake boobs (that aren't grotesque) I like the HM's unsettled... Love it. Let them suffer... ;)
Also failing this weeks task means a limited budget and hopefully no cigarettes for fag ash Lil Lisa whose 60 a day habit being shown to my kids on national TV is irritating the hell out of me.

grace aka ms embarrassing

Monday 11pm MTV. A new show called Senseless.

"Get ready for a dating show with a difference…they say love can happen at first sight but when you’re plunged into complete darkness, does the path to true love run quite so smoothly?! Senseless sees a picker left with only their instincts to determine which of six potential dates to eliminate.

Fame hungry Grace, currently the talk of the nation in Big Brother 7, is the picker in episode one as presenter Tom Price guides her through a series of elimination rounds until she is left with either the man of her dreams or a specimen that nightmares are made of!

Grace will face challenges ranging from the questionably titled Loving Touch to Oral Pleasure! However, her route to romantic bliss isn’t as simple as finding the perfect guy. The selection of men stood before her includes two duds (familiar faces she’s already dated), two studs (men she’s been desperate to date for a long time) and perhaps the least appetising, two cruds (quite simply social rejects who’d be better suited on another planet!)

The potential daters also have the last laugh; if chosen, they will pick up a cash prize of £1,000 and have an opportunity to exact revenge on Grace by choosing which male they’d like her to endure a date with".

Lucky wannabe Grace gets to smell men's Bums and eat yucky stuff..... and meet ex boyfriends. Should be a laugh if really cringeworthy. The clip I saw on T4 was embarrassing.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Who will it beeeeeeeeeeee

From big blagger pics and details of the kit kat people.

A few of them -

Matt - ex internet stripper and self confessed virgin.

Nad - friend of Calum Best.

Sue - Aussie DJ her station (in Ireland) bought 13000 Kit Kats.

Su - Grandmother her children are mortified.

Wayne J - Blackpool! I'd have to support someone from BP.

Rachel - from news of the world that could be quite amusing. Maybe.


Last night - spin the bottle eww Imogen and Grace decided they were far too respectable and went to bed early leaving Nikki to be very drunk and Lea to get upset when Pete said he fancied Ashlean (Aisleyne) more or something. Oh and Glyn was about to run around the garden nekkid but Imogen said something in Welsh and he put his boxers on. Before I and G went to bed there was a very tedious exchange of who would sleep with who and do what to who (zzzzzzzz) and then they went to bed and Lea was gross and Glyn was having the time of his life. The usual.

And I'm not even mentioning BBBM but I did not approve of them showing that clip! Poor Sam.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Grace is a cow

We all knew it but now we have the proof.
Promotions Assistant Grace has been given her task for the day. She will be dressed as a cow, while holding a 'Milk' sign, for four hours. She's over the moo-n.
I'm liking the task especially Marti Caine Lea and Sam as the security guards having to frisk people in the middle of the night.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Third eviction between

Sam and Nikki which is rubbish, rubbish and rubbish. I wanted sweary Mikey and/or sweary Lisa out. Grace can wait... we shall deal with that one another week. The outside is too good for her she must stay in the house and suffer!

Imogen is the toilet assistant in the new task, cheer up love it's not real. Lea and Sam are security guards, surprise surprise Lea doesn't like the uniform. Glyn is the chef! Lisa has been teaching him how to boil an egg in preparation...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Let's count them

Makosi makes three (Kate and Becki being the others) that I have heard of linked to an 'affair' with Russell Brand. Wonder how many it will be by the end of the series. Speaking of RB hurrah it's a BBBM day!

Task! Temp Agency

Big Bruvva has got all the lovely housemates (and the complete bitches) to write CVs on blackboards and BB will give them all jobs.
Roles include a PA for Big Brother, a cleaner, gardeners, lifeguards, a cook, a toilet attendant, security guards and a promotional assistant.
If three or more get sacked then they fail.

X Factor - Lucy won yay!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Chris Moyles and saliva!

Ha ha Chris Moyles is out of the X Factor and everyone was behaving like it was a shocker! I knew he'd go, more people hate him than like him. Lucy to win! I've probably ruined her chances now.

In the BB house - they are giving samples of saliva to BB! Pffftt I'd refuse. They say it's to test stress levels and they will destroy them afterwards and not use them for anything else...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Banned round two

Imogen and now Lisa both banned from making nominations this week.

It's all very confusing

Last night Sam was bitching to Imogen and Lisa, so Lisa was all 'we'll look after Sam from now on' to Imogen but it seems they are back to bitching about Sam this morning (someone told Grace who told these people ever sleep?) Last night Lisa called Richard a 'fake f*cking faggot'. Nice! She then said she wasn't homophobic a few minutes later... I don't like Lisa one bit. In other news the search is still on for Grace's earring! Is that some sort of bitch code? Or just something she can shout at people when they are around Ashlean (Aisleyne).

Can someone teach Sezer to count please, on BBLB he said Richard (33) was twice the age of Imogen (23).

Papers - Sezer in NOTW and more woman has sex BB stories in the NOTW.

Strictly Dance Fever - Holly won her second major tv dance competition. Poor Darren. I like Holly but poor Darren. Note to BBC at least have a BBC3 spin off programme after the final ffs! The side view of Arlene's face was very disturbing too much botox.

X Factor - Chefs gone oh noooo.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bring back The Salon

Grace used to go out with Adee from The Salon!
...Her broadside comes as Grace was dumped by David Beckham's hair stylist days before joining BB. Disgusted crimper Adee Phelan, 35, said: "I wouldn't want to go out with her again. She's up her own a***...
How funny I hope it's true. That means she will know the friend of Calum Best who got one of the golden tickets! The article says she dated Calum and Spencer from EE as well but they deny it! From the Mirror.

Oh what a shame

Ha ha!

I'm loving these pictures

He was sooooooooooo gutted. Ha ha.

X Factor - Well done Louis, he got rid of the rubbish Nikki aka Candice from Corrie and kept in the equally rubbish but entertaining Chefs. I'm outraged The Chefs were in the bottom two not that I voted or watched obviously, it was eviction night.

Strictly Dance Fever prediction - 1st Darren and Lana, 2nd Darrien and Hollie and 3rd Ben and Stephannie. It's just a shame that Darren and Holly aren't dancing together they'd be the perfect winners if they weren't stuck dancing with others. I hope the lovely Darren wears black and cries when he wins and they better not mess it up!

Oh and Project Runway final (2 hours) tomorrow starts at 7! I'm bound to forget...

Friday, June 02, 2006

bye Sleazer

sezer went white
Jaw dropping classic TV with 91% of the vote.
Yes Sezer... you DID really look like a total prat. The guy with the secret game plan that he told everyone about. Get the girls to love him.... the public ALWAYS keep in the good looking men.
Well Sezer, you weren't good looking at all. I hope he learns something from this. Personally I'll be very happy to NEVER see his face again.
I hope Lea goes next week. She's a total sleaze ball. Those boobs make me shudder. Joke boobs from the 99p joke shop.
Why does that woman wear that gigantic D round her neck? D for Dog maybe?
So in order of my preference of eviction
Ashleen (spelt proper like)

Yep Grace is a bitch... but I like her and if none of them bitched it would be sooooo dull.
Nikki is the most entertaining of all. Pete is dull. Tourettes so what?

Unan1mous yes that is how it's spelt!

Channel 4 are going to make a UK version of this show.
In a dramatic new television experiment, a diverse group of nine strangers are locked in a bunker, where they a’ll remain until they decide who is worthy of a 1.5-million-dollar cash prize.

There is a catch, though, because the longer it takes to make a unanimous decision, the less money there will be to win. If they take too long, they will be left with nothing.

Sezer's last day in the BB house

Hopefully. Hopefully. HOPEFULLY. I'm really looking forward to it, if it doesn't happen I will be sick.

X Factor - Rebecca and James out. The Chefs still in yay.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I wanna see him evicted

Lea, Richard and SEZER are up for eviction. Sezer thinks girls will keep him in however bad he is. Sezer is a very VERY bad man. He needs voting out.

X Factor - My winners The Chefs are still in yay! Ahem. The glamour model called Michelle is out yay! Sharon said nothing about Rebecca Loos. Infact she didn't comment on them at all. Good.