Thursday, May 04, 2006

Michelle: winner or loser?

OMG Michelle made the final. Sir A seems very taken with her, it all went bit cardboard box? in the boardroom there for a minute. Nick (I think) remarked that she's seduced him. According to Paul, she's seduced Syed too. Eeewwww. I wouldn't touch him with yours.

bloggers for badgerI still want Ruth to win, even though I would like to give her a serious talking to about how having no qualifications is not something to be proud of (tsk). Michelle obviously does have talent but she does that classic thing women do and hides behind a facade of nicesness so none of the boys feel threatened. Whereas Ruth just barges in and says what she thinks. At this blog we like girls with balls, oh yes we do.

Paul's interview surely vindicated all I've been saying about his Brentness. All his boasting about his brilliance and he's not earning loadsa money after all, the way he ranted about Big Issue sellers in his application!

bloggers for badger

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