Sunday, January 29, 2006

Preston top(ish) of the Hit Parade

Preston in top ten with 'Boys Will Be Boys'

Dear People of Britain,

you want ska? get yourself a decent two-tone and/or trojan compilation. You like the mod thang? Let me introduce you to Mr Paul Weller.

Mind you why am I expecting any sense from a bunch of Barrymore voting, Pete hating fules who will probably pay money for Kandifloss's single?

yours etc

old bitter and twisted of manchester

Tabloid time

Chantelle is nekkid all over the news of the world, probably old pics as she has sold herself to the OK Star Express family.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Why is there no last day highlights show? Why? Why? WHY? Oh and feck being on BB I'd prefer to be on Big Brothers Big Mouth. Oh and please can we sack Davina and let Russell Brand do it? I wish someone would remind Davina and the crowd it is only a game show.

missing pete

take a deep breath before you click sfw unless you're a politician

For Clazza.... and you miss this?

"At home with the Burns's"

I miss Pete. I want Pete back on my tv. I need someone to make a new reality tv show filming Pete, Mr Pete and Mrs Pete.


Hail to Chantelle

so the pretty bubbly little ray of sunshine wins CBB! The non celeb. I guess if you think about it actually Michael Barrymore did win the celeb bit.
I was most impressed that she held her own, didn't dissolve into floods of tears. She's a bit dim at times but she makes up for it in happy sunny and warm personality. I predict she'll make a small fortune and go very far.
Maggot came across extremely well too and third place was excellent. I don't think we saw nearly enough of the guy. There were other's being far too extreme and stealing the air time.
I was shocked Preston came 4th. He was my fav but I think Chantelle had a massive part of the vote and the others were Pretty much bunched up together.
Jodie Marsh has a face like a sucked lemon. Pete was booed and heckled (annoyingly, I wanted to hear him talk) No one deserves boo's (except GG)
I'm sad it's all over. I think me Clazza and Jude should audition for BB7 and God help them all!
Ah well...on with the ice skating!

Friday, January 27, 2006


Ooh it seems to be snowing a little bit outside the house on the live feed. Bet Davina wishes she wasn't so thin and cold now. They have had flowers from BB, I think Preston asked for them. Also they've had a little drinky. Pete is walking round with his backside hanging out, how entertaining. Remember kiddies BB starts at 8.30 tonight.

Final day

Poor Clarrie! I will be in front of tv with nibbles and things.

Chantelle is going to win apparently, I'm happy with that. I don't really care who wins out of who is left. I suppose Pete is too vile to win, I love him!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I will be on the train during the final tomorrow night. sob sob sob ....


tee hee
Image hosting by Photobucket
Labour activists delivered cat food to the London home and office of Respect MP George Galloway

I voted!

I couldn't help myself. VOTE PETE VOTE PETE VOTE PETE.

Dennis was awful on BBLB. AWFUL. I'm having an attack of the capitals.

I will leave you with a nice pic.

in my liverpool home ...

Aww, Pete's scared of the living room. I can't help thinking of the episode of the Liver Birds when Beryl (or was it Carol?) painted her bedroom yellow against sensible Nerys's advice, then couldn't sleep there for fear of the wild horses coming to get her.
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket
classic, classy liver birds

Gorgeous George: what the papers say

Gruaniad: Out of the frying pan into the ire
McCall presented him with a montage of recent newspaper headlines, and he fell silent. "George, I see you biting your lip nervously there," she said. "Oh dear", was all Mr Galloway said. "Oh dear". He sat stony-faced for much of the rest of the debriefing, ...

It is not in itself a criticism of Mr Galloway to say that he had addressed tensions in the Big Brother house with the same unsmiling fury he had previously brought to national politics, and may yet bring again, if he can make himself heard over the barrage of cat impressions he can expect next time he enters the House of Commons.

Indie: The voters decide: Galloway is evicted from 'Big Brother' to face public ridicule
A week may be a long time in politics but for George Galloway the bizarre events of the last 21 days could yet account for a whole career. ... surreally, when it comes to Mr Galloway's reputation with the public, it may be that his links with Saddam's Iraq count for less than his dealings with a former game-show host and a transvestite former pop star.

Times: As he read the hooting headlines, it slowly sank in: trouble, deep trouble
... now that the nation has had nearly three weeks to witness 52-year-old George Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green & Bow, go out of his way to destroy his career by taking part in a notoriously ludicrous game show, we can only speculate just how much the intellect is robbed by the passing of the years.

Torygraph: Oh brother, cat-wannabe George is let out of the house
Labour MP Steve Pound told Channel 4's Richard and Judy. "When he returns to the Commons there is going to be such a chorus of 'Meow'. He'll have a saucer of milk waiting for him and a litter tray."

(somehow forgets to mention they owe him £150,000)

S*n: I've lost my last election
Britain’s most hated man said: “Well actually, I’m not standing in any other elections so that was my last election and I lost it, hey!”

(I don't like him much either but 'Britain's most hated man'?)


Mail: 'Cocky Galloway has lost respect forever'

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

thank f*ck CBB is ending soon

While I could happily watch The Pete for several more weeks, I am suffering serious health-threatening side-effects. When you find yourself lusting after a Motorala Pebl, laughing at Russel Brand and agreeing with Vanessa Feltz, you know it's time to hit the off button.

George trots out

... and another old trot rings BBBM to slag him off. Tsk, these Trots, too busy fighting each other to fight the real bad guys. No wonder the left is in such a mess .... [insert discourse on Militant, SWP, the British far-left in the 1980s, etc] Anyway bwahahaha @ George's trying to put a brave face on being boo-ed, on seeing his press, on being told how everyone's laffing at the cat incident. Heh heh heh. I'm no fan of Michael B's but anyone who's met Uday and Sadam Hussein yet describes a washed up comic as the most self-obsessed person he's ever met, deserves everything he gets. Touch of genius getting Paxman on, you could smell the fear coming off His Gorgeousness.

Right, I'm off to watch the Newsnight Galloway Special.

Booooooooooooo him

"The cheat in this picture will be vividly evident to everyone watching" So sez George. How true.

I'm going nowhere tonight I want to stay in and BOOOOOOO The George BOOOOO him BOOOOOOO. What a fantastic BB last night. Best ever. I hope they have some oldies (as in 30 plus ha) in the proper BB now.

I still like Pete though even the last two shows it has been hard. I think he'll love being boooed though.

So... Preston or Chantelle to win? I'm sure Chantelle will get her (sigh) glamour career anyway. Pete and Preston can have a race to number one. It'll be like popstars the rivals all over again.

Jan 30th this is out.

I'm still hoping there is secretly another week to go.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

am I bovvered?

Last night's row (just shown on tonight's C4 show) has to be one of the best BB happenings ever. Top quality bitcharama. They were all in the wrong, of course, which just made it even more fun. Even Pete, who I'm starting to go off - but at least you could never say he bitches behind people's backs, he says exactly the same to people's faces. Hightlight, tho, was Michael's refusal to diminish his character. Bwaahahahaha.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Confused? You will be

Banker task sounds fun. Shame it is second chance Sunday on E4 so no live streaming.

Ice ice baby

I'm hooked already on dancing on ice the best/worst person (Andy) has already gone. Boo hoo. When he came on the ice for his introduction and fell over I nearly died laughing. Good idea stealing Jason Gardner from the beeb (strictly dance fever judge) he's already called Andy a telly tubby, Dame Kelly a man in drag and accused someone of botox. Well done. I think John Barrowman will win, he better do as I love him, and on the itv2 show they talked to his boyfriend who is unsurprisingly lovely. The itv2 presenter/berk went into the audience and asked 'what's your name' to Susan Hampshire, the berk. He is an idiot.

Double eviction

Wednesday's double eviction is out of the Baby Chantelle, the towering Dennis and the diplomatic (not) George.
George will definitely go but it should be a tight race between Chantelle and Dennis.
I think Dennis will go. But we shall see.
Pete's very happy he's not up. I think they're all surprised Traci isn't up, but it's odd because the housemates seem to nominate fairly... If you've had too many eviction nights they won't vote for you.
Pete's having a good bitch about Jodie Marsh again.It's fair to say they don't like her.
Chantelle seems happy she's up for the chop. She misses her Mum. Preston however, looks miserable. Bless.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What utter and complete rubbish

Channel 4 axes "unloved" red button service
Channel 4 has decided to axe its "clunky and inefficient" red button service, chief exec Andy Duncan has confirmed.

The interactive service, launched in 2001, offered 24-hour live streaming of shows such as Big Brother alongside voting, games and news content.
I'm sure it will be back as a pay channel or some expensive rubbish, they can go feck off. Everyone loves the red button, who did they ask?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Not fair

Poor Rula. Lovely Rula. I miss Rula already. Maggot should of gone.

Rula out, Pete sulks

Rula evicted, no surprise there and I'm not sad to see her go, except for the reasons Jude said (why do wimmins always get evicted first?). Meanwhile, Pete took to his bed and sulked thro' evictions, apparantly in protest about the arrest of his coat. Oh and I think I might be starting to like Dennis. Maybe. Loving his work on Traci, hurrah.

Please please please

Let Maggot get kicked out tonight there are too many men there. The betting sez

Rula Lenska 2 - 5
Traci Bingham 7 - 4
Maggot 28 - 1

What tosh. It seems you can be invisible as a bloke in the BB house and still you get to stay in.

furry tale

OMG it appears Pete doesn't know they've taken his alledged 'fur' coat He's been looking for it everywhere and went to the dairy room to ask about it. He's not going to be well pleased at all.

All Hail The Pete, Bitch Queen of the Known Universe

He was outrageously offensively gratutiously bad to Traci. And she deserved it all, the Californian phoney. Hah. Pete must win!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Police test out new uniform

Police have seized a "gorilla coat" belonging to Celebrity Big Brother contestant Pete Burns. Officers from the Hertfordshire Constabulary took the coat from the Big Brother house as they were cold on Thursday after a number of complaints from viewers.

A spokeswoman for the force said: "The coat will now be tested."

Sez the beeb

Vote Maggot

I love Rula and a bloke must go.

Bad BB

Last nights 'punishment' for Preston and George was positively cruel. To nominate whilst being watched... And what kind of punishment is that anyways? They should have been up for the public vote.
I do believe that Preston was led, with the discussion of the Nominations and the actual nominations. George is a bad man. Never trust a politician.
Anyways we have Maggot whose rather hurt by it all. Rula whose bloody fuming and Traci whose 'Oh my Gosh' crazy.
Rula will go. She's drying out like plaster of paris and I think one day we will wake up to find a heap of dried out Rula on the lounge floor.
I am loving Pete's work. He's a gem. Biting tongue and dry as dry. Pete to win.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poor Traci

They showed Rula on BBLB talking to George in the bedroom about how she didn't get Traci and she was on a different planet blah blah, while Traci was in the same room! Rula didn't realise until Traci got up and left.

Richard and Judy

I did like George on 'you say we pay' on Richard and Judy last night, Richard Madeley was dying to tell him stuff from the outside world. I dunno what is going on tonight (toboggan whaaat)? I just hope I'm home in time to see it, so if you could talk slowly Davina I'd be grateful.

Rula - what did I miss?

What is this trauma Rula is dealing with? Pete made some comment on it in the diary room last night, obv I must have missed something for I have no idea why she is going round looking tearful?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Denis Out!

Or Faria. Keep the Pete!

Nomination results

Pants of power!

Rula to choose the third person up for eviction. Ooh.

Monday, January 16, 2006

it's all go

Pete's got his bags packed and is threatening to leave (again). Please don't go, Pete! You are the nation's favourite Bitch Queen.

Meanwhile Michael might be getting served with some legal papers from someone who's trying to bring a private prosecution against him.

Mr Bennett is in discussion with Stuart Lubbock's father, Terry, and travelled to Elstree studios on Monday to hand the papers to the producers of the Celebrity Big Brother programme to hand onto the contestant.


The Times BB blog has stolen our 'we watch so you don't have to'.

Preston party update

Mods and rockers party. BBLB viewers voted to play The Who at the party, I wanted Bucks Fizz the song that was number one when he was born. Hopefully this one will start before midnight. It will be boring and include Preston and Chantelle fake snogging no doubt.


Wonder what his party will be like?.
Jude had a good idea... she said dinner for two. That would upset Pete!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I am fecking sick of the Car phone warehouse adverts and want to smash little Mowblies facia right off.

do you mind, I'm having my lunch

Possibly even more disturbing than the original incident, Vanessa Feltz on today's BBLB discussing whether or not she found the cat incident arousing. Blurgh.

That's the first BBLB I've seen this series. I do hope they're not going to persist with this estupido morning BBLB for BB proper.

the sundays

Jodie in the News of the Screws
Jodie in the People
Big Brother: a virus you can't get over
Psychiatrists fear for celebrities' sanity in a modern-day freak show
Jodie in the Sunday Mirror

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saville in the house

Apparently. There is no live on E4 so unless you've paid for t'internet streaming you can't see it. Davina is a big liar she said it would be on E4.


they're all out the boxes already. I think they had some kind of pact, but I missed what as someone rang me up at the wrong time.

Poor birthday girl

Banned from her own birthday party until midnight, what rubbish. Even worse for us viewers waiting for the thing to start and now it has started it is pretty rubbish. Free The Baywatch One! I'm sure they will make more effort for Preston's birthday next week. The 'live' streaming on E4 is about 50 minutes behind proper time, will Traci ever be let out?

Hmph, ten to one in the morning she's finally allowed out...50 mins delay on E4 is really rubbish and the 'party' is a complete non starter bore. I know she did a 'task' to determine how good her party was but that was just bad.


yorkshiremenCardboard box?

Oh yes, it's the return of the cardboard box task. Michael, please SHUT UP! Who knew he could be even more annoying inside a box? Meanwhile, Pete and Press-stud have lasted approx 3 minutes and are now out drinking fresh coffee and eating croissants mmm.

Pete is discussing his depilation plans. Pete shaving his legs will be better entertainmnet than Michael doing songs from the shows

PS boring ugly chris moyles vile

Friday, January 13, 2006

jodie's interview, pt ii

And another thing .... complaining about the fact that people didn't ask you the right questions, so you couldn't present the good side of yourself? Hello, you can start your own conversations about things you like and can be positive about. Likewise when she said we'd've seen a different side of her if she'd been in there with people she liked. We can all show our good side when surrounded by fawners, friends and groupies. Getting along with other people is more of a test of your charachter ...

search term of the week

boring ugly fat chris moyles vile
Currently we are 4th hit for that search, I will not rest until we are first bwahahahahahahahahaahahahaha

living in a box

Jodie evict. Quel surprise. Feck off with all that slagging off Pete cos he doesn't put himself into a neat box for you. Any sentence that starts "some of my best friends are a gay ..." isn't going to end well. This isn't the 80s, we're so over getting our knickers in a twist about gender benders. Tsk @ complaining about being pigeon holed then having a go because someone else doesn't want to be, either. And as for all that about how she couldn't stand looking at "that thing" any longer ... she loves you too, darlink x


The most disturbing thing to be seen on TV. George Galloway and Rula Lenska's catplay. Sent shivers down my spine.
Scarier than Alien.

Jim'll ... errr ...

Savile to join Big Brother house for a bit at the weekend

Dear Jim,

please fix it for me for Jodie, Pete and George to all stay in the house

Clarrie (age "older than kylie")


Watch Pete doing you spin me round in the house and listen to Yeah Jackie on BBLB this week. Hilarious.

Happy Birthday Traci

You've brought so much to the house... like... a cake! Today you are getting a cake. I like cake, I prefer it not to be in the shape of a women's swimming cossie but I'm not fussy.

eviction cancelled!

Not really, but we wish it was. The three up for eviction need to stay, they are feckin hilarious. Traci out bore bore boring, let the other 3 stay!

I'm scared

Pete won't leave will he? Jodie has just annoyed me again prancing about with Chantelle and trying to be entertaining (leaping on Faria, making comedy 'sex' noises in the garden and GENERALLY BEING ANNOYING) but if she leaves Barrymore will be happy (he'll still probably be crying though) and that would be bad. I'd miss George he is quite odd especially his strange love of Michael Barrymore (people with bad press stick together)? I'm actually looking forward to Jimmy Saville now. Really need another woman in there though, the only one I like is Rula.

loving Pete's work

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has no idea what's going on in there. But, gorilla suit aside, I adore the Pete. I just love the way he doesn't go along with all that faux "we love each other" cr@p that ooozes thro every reality tv show. Particularly love that he told Rula he chants too - he chants "f*ck off f*ck off f*ck off".

Speaking of Rula, Jodie should watch and learn how to be a real glamour puss. The animal role play with George weirded me out a bit tho ... had me wondering if she's going to be the next Mrs Galloway?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The BB house and all its freaky people...

I don't know what is going on in BB. But I like it, all this vileness is very good and so over the top. Apparently Jimmy Saville is going in for one night, I want a new proper NEW celeb. Barrymore crying and Galloway talking about him like he's not there, that was priceless.

Soapstar superstar...Craig from Corrie was saved from the phone vote by Cilla from Corrie, then they announced he didn't have to do his acoustic song! Thanks for that SS SS he was disappointed, I was disappointed, everyone was disappointed! What rubbish.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Things to amuse my tiny brain today

Michael Barrymore doing a 'how unlucky are you' experiment by smashing eggs against his head and not knowing if they will be hard boiled or not.

Chantelle's reaction to Michael with egg on his head, singing 'egg on your head egg on your head, you've got egg on your head HAHAHAHAHAHA'.

Rula asking Preston to open the bathroom bin and him saying 'oh the sanitary one' and Rula saying 'it doesn't have to be a sanitary one' I'm not sure she knew what it was.

Rula seems to have a written contract that no ex husbands and the like will enter the house. Ooh.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I hate Dennis, Faria and possibly Traci and last night Jodie and Chantelle. Can we have Liza Tarbuck in please? I like her and NO NO NO Jimmy Saville please.

SS 'superstar'

So...soapstar 'superstar' the itv karaoke show. There's three good ones, Craig from Corrie, someone from Hollyoaks and someone called Roxanne from Emmerdale. The one who gets voted out gets to save another one from the phone vote, that's annoying as the first time a woman from Emmerdale saved another woman from Emmerdale. Hmph. I have turned against Lucy Pargeter (a woman from Emmerdale I think she's a Dingle) as she hated singing Girls Aloud a bit of a cheek as she was apparently in a failed girl band called Paper Dolls who obviously weren't as good as The Aloud.


There's a task it's some kind of health farm/detox thing, spinach is involved. Rula says it will give them diarrhea. Half of them seem to be staff and half guests. It's hard telling what the task is from the live streaming but is definitely involves water and spinach. Woo.

Task update!
The staff seem to be lab assistants. Jodie and Traci are having to do some test on 'does classical music make you brainier'. Live streaming on them writing and George reading from a book.

Up for Evicton

Jodie, George and Pete. I think it's a safe bet Jodie will go.
And WTF has Pete got on today? A pair of tights and some pants? heck it's too early for such a sight.

Follow me

Jodie Marshnose seems to have ostricised most of the other Housemates with her extremely offensive behaviour. Doesn't she see that not everyone is interested in her or sex?
She's recruited Chantelle as her adoring follower. She's not far from Jodie. Jodie needs to have adoring people around her to survive. Chantelle being naive and young and impressionable is thrilled to be given attention by the Celeb! Watch it Chantelle, the Nose Job will do you no favours.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

from the Sundays ...

and of course, Nick Cohen on Gorgeous George:
Galloway's new Big Brother

In the 1990s, George Galloway flew to Saddam's Iraq and greeted a genocidal tyrant with: 'Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability!' Since the war, he has joined with European Holocaust-deniers to demand the release of Tariq Aziz, and said that Syria 'represents the last castle of the Arab dignity'.

If this makes him sound like a neo-fascist, I should add in fairness that he's a walking Hitler-Stalin pact. He described the fall of Soviet communism 'as the worst day of my life', and said of Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba: 'He's not a dictator.'

After saluting so many big brothers, it is no surprise that he is now on Celebrity Big Brother. What remains incredible over the years has been the refusal of all the nice, respectable liberals in the media to scrutinise the leader of the anti-war movement.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jodie Marsh

Her again. I can't believe she says on tv that she doesn't like Faria because she's only known for sleeping with people and selling her story, when on Jodie's blog her (I presume) friend Dave Morgan also writes on it. That's Dave Morgan who went on The Farm and was only heard of for sleeping with a soap actress and then selling his story.

Big Brother V Soapstar Superstar

Celeb BB. What's a gynecologist? Really? Can we crown the new Helen now?

On the other side...

Soapstar Superstar!

A motley collection of Emmerdale glam types, Eastenders old types and lovely Corrie types.

Jackie from Brookside was there cheering her son Craig from Corrie who was ace. Cilla from Corrie who I love was bit ropey, also from Corrie Kirk and Sunita both quite good-ish. Cilla from Corrie was told to hide her arms by some horrible man who used to manage Cher. The judges were far too polite for me but that comment was rubbish.

From EE there was Beppe doing a bit of a Chico Time impression and Dr Thingy who was fairly bad.

In the bottom two were Cilla and a glam Emmerdale type (Andy's girlfriend, I don't watch it). Tomorrow we see who goes... better be the Emmerdale.

Friday, January 06, 2006

as I was saying ...

a gay... you can go off people. Like Maggot. Is it just me or was he giving it the "backs against the wall" cr@p in the diary room, when he was talking about Michael 'looking' at him?

I agree Michael Barrymore's a sleaze, I've thought that for years 'n' years, but that doesn't mean he wants to jump every man he meets. Surely even in Newport they know that just cos he's a gay and you're a bloke, doesn't mean he fancies you. Even when you're as gorgeous as George Maggot.

you can go right off some people

If that really is a gorilla fur coat he's wearing, I'm not Pete's friend any more.


Ooh I like Jodie's blog you have to register to read though.


I'm very annoyed there seems to be no red button. I want my live feed back!


I've just seen some of (ok most of) the first show again. Why boos for Faria? Are they all football fans who think her sleeping with people from the F.A will damage Englands world cup chances? Or are they just the usual BB crowd booing morons? She seemed a bit desperate (and normal) on her interview I fear for her.

First impressions...

Jodie ~ Third reality show I've seen Jodie in, she's a reality pro. I do quite like her.

Dennis ~ At the mo I don't like him, all I've seen him do is flirt with Chantelle and ask Traci how many times she has come on to him.

Rula ~ Like.

Maggot ~ No opinion, it was bad enough the few times GLC were on BBLB.

Michael ~ He's alwight HO HO HO.

Faria ~ First out.

Preston ~ Looking forward to 'boys will be boys' being re-released and shooting to no 1. Maybe. Could people on telly stop calling The Ordinary Boys a boy band! Another one who has been on BBLB.

Pete ~ Hopefully there until the end.

George ~ Pffttt.

Traci ~ Have no idea.

Chantelle ~ Apparently a Paris Hilton would be or semi pro looky likey, I like, hope she stays.

The Guardianista's Guide to who's in the House

In today's Gruaniad:
The line-up: Who's in and why
  • Dennis Rodman Heavily tattooed, cross-dressing former basketball player and occasional actor
  • Faria Alam Model and former PA at the Football Association who left her job after being linked to former FA chief executive Mark Palios and Sven-Goran Eriksson
  • George Galloway Maverick former Labour MP who founded his own anti-war party, Respect, and is MP for Bethnal Green and Bow
  • Jodie Marsh Glamour model, "sexpert", anti-bullying campaigner and arch-enemy of fellow glamour model Jordan
  • Maggot Rapper in Welsh comedy hip-hop outfit Goldie Lookin' Chain
  • Michael Barrymore Comedian and presenter who fell from grace when a man drowned in his swimming pool after a party
  • Pete Burns Surgically enhanced Liverpudlian singer of the 1980s band Dead or Alive
  • Chantelle The show's token non-celeb will have to convince her housemates that she really is a celebrity, having enjoyed brief fame as part of fictional band Kandyfloss. If she fails, she will be evicted
  • Samuel Preston Lead singer and guitarist of the ska-rock band The Ordinary Boys
  • Rula Lenska Actor born Countess Roza-Marie Leopoldnya Lubienska. Perhaps best known for being married to actor Dennis Waterman
  • Traci Bingham Actor and model, best known for her role Baywatch

Maybe some tabs later, if I can face it

Thursday, January 05, 2006


that noise just then, that was the sound of me falling off the sofa when Gorgeous George entered the BB house.

Lets get the politics out of the way first of all. I was against the war too, but that don't mean I like Georgie. As Nick Cohen wrote :
Galloway bent the knee to Saddam Hussein when he flew to Baghdad and burbled: 'Sir, I salute your courage, strength and indefatigability.' ...

Galloway's kissing of the ring of a tyrant with the blood of 1.5 million people on his hands was hardly a one-off. Iraqi left wingers I know loathe him because he denounced Iraqi trade unionists as 'quislings'. The fact that their comrades are still being tortured and murdered by a Baathist and Islamist 'resistance' which retains all of the far-right's hatred of unions hasn't helped cool their tempers.
OK got that over with, now some initial randomness about t'others:
  • Loving Pete Burns (tho not the close ups of his puss filled trout pout eeewwwwww) and Maggot.
  • I bet Toni writes her name with a O or a heart dotting the 'i'.
  • Dennis mate, sandals and socks, no way.
  • Rula glam as a glam thing but smoking bad tsk.
  • Jodie, just cos IAC worked for Jordan don't mean it's gonna work for you.
  • Preston who? I've never heard of his band (I's old)
  • Chantelle, too much hair. Too. Much. Hair.
  • Barrymore always made cringe, even before all that unpleasantness a couple of years back
  • Faria, I don't think The Farm did much for Rebecca Loos, what makes you think BB's going to do owt for your 'career'?

I'll tell you what I want

After not being on IAC ..., Dennis Rodman1 is now rumoured to be going into the Celeb BB house tonight. As is Melinda Messenger, yawn.

I have decided to start a new political movement. Our demands to include:
  1. Frank Carson on IACGMOOH
  2. The return of The Mole
  3. The introduction of Celebrity Mole
  4. An end to incomprehensible instructions for connecting your tv, digibox, dvd and video together
  5. Lingerie models to be banned from reality TV shows

1. Official Name: "Cross-dressing US basketball star Dennis Rodman"

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A whole pound on Jocelyn Jee Esien please

William Hill Celebrity Big Brother Winner 3/1 Johnny Vegas, 4/1 Liza Tarbuck, 5/1 Jimmy Tarbuck, 6/1 Boy George, 7/1 Michael Barrymore, 8/1 Derek Acorah, 8/1 Shane Macgowan, 8/1 Esther Rantzen, 9/1 Fariah Alam, 9/1 Pete Burns, 9/1 Dennis Rodman, 10/1 Gillian McKeith, 10/1 Joan Rivers, 10/1 Anna Nicole Smith, 12/1 Jocelyn Jee Esien, 12/1 Brian Harvey. (Non Runner No Bet.)
One day to go, good job Derren Brown is on tonight to occupy me.

where's the rum? the sodomy? the lash?

'Tis rumoured that Shane McGowan might be going in the house. Cor. Could he be the New Bez, the People's Pisshead?
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the man, the legend, the teeth

But please don't let it be true about Tarby Snr ....

See, I am obsessed already and it ain't even started yet. I'm weak.

oh bggr

I was going to be strong. I was going to go cold turkey and ignore Sleb BB. But Derek Acorah! Boy George! "Dr" Gill! I can feel it calling me ....

Monday, January 02, 2006

Celeb BB Rumours!

Pete Burns ~ Dead or alive hurrah
Liza Tarbuck ~ Linda Green
Jimmy Tarbuck ~ Linda Greens Dad
Derek Accorah ~ He sees dead people
Johnny Vegas ~ Fat, drunk and Northern, is he my twin?
Michael Barrymore ~ As the tabloids put it 'and there's a pool' the sickos
Macaulay Culkin ~ Can you imagine him and Johnny Vegas chatting?
Esther Rantzen ~ She's done strictly dance fever now this?
Faria Alam ~ Sven Goran Eriksson’s former lover apparently
Boy George ~ Not him and Pete surely? I think Pete is more likely
Anna Nicole Smith ~ I see a Pete and Anna double act
Gillian McKeith ~ 'Dr'

Hurry up Thursday.