Friday, May 19, 2006

tra lalal

Well it's building nicely for the big house split as per normal. This time we'll have the weirdos vs the poshos.
George, Sezer, Grace, Nikki, Mikey and Imogen in one corner and Lea, Bonno, Shabaz, Pete, Glyn, Lisa in the other. I have a feeling Richard and Dawn might float a little.
We all float down here.
ps Pete is Jim Carreys Double.
Ummm apparently Lea is sure fire certain to shag in the house. After seeing her 'work' (pure porn) I could understand why people would say that.But who in their right mind would shag her?
Sezer? George? Glyn..... yep my bet is Glyn. Innocent little welsh 6th former. His whole life could be ruined. Hope his Mam lectured him before he went in.

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