Thursday, April 03, 2008


Both the firer and the fire-ee were v. poor on last night's Apprentice. As the BraLady said on You're Fired, Shazia totally did not deserve to get fired on the strength of her performance in the task but she totally did on the her performance in the board room. She was too meek and mild, she should have been fighting her corner and telling Sir A how it was her who set up the laundry tracking system, that Jenny shouldn't've let her go if she didn't understand how to work out whose pants were whose, that it was her idea to iron at home and that they would still have lost even if the shirts weren't lost, because the team didn't get enough business and Jenny spent hours lecturing everyone instead of minutes ringing round to find out how much laundry costs. Jenny should've been fired for that, and for accepting Lindi's bizarre 24 hour pants hotline idea and Lindi's even worse asking for tips idea. I completely loved how Margaret dropped that in the board room.

As for the great Jenny - Lucinda fracas, it's very hard to work out from the edit who is really the nutter here, quite possibly both (or neither - unlikely but possible). So far I'm not liking any of them much, except possibly Simon for his experience of washing pants under fire. But I think he blew his chances of winning by saying he was the NCO to Raef's officer.