Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jonathon has gone

Jonathon has quit The Games and is replaced by Danny ex of Hearsay.

Monday at The Games

Ha. Jonathon may have walked or not...he's had a strop anyway. Yay.

Phillip didn't win the vault, shocker! Kevin won it and Craig was injured after the sumo so did not take part. Mel was very good at the gymnastics, but Kirsty won again.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Poor Mel

Being disqualified from the hurdles. I am outraged.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Games

I'm backing Mel (of Mel and Sue) and Phillip (Tinhead from Brookside). Clazza seems to be backing Chesney but she may have been drinking ha. I'm very annoyed with channel 4 for not having an extra 'back at the house' type show, they had one the last time it was on. Yes I am sad enough to want to watch them eating nibbles and watching their performances.

The lovely Mel.

I expect there will be lots of pictures of the boys at the famous males forums.

The Games official site.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

super fan?

Miriam (off t'Aprentice) sure must have a lot of fans. Or one very devoted fan. Someone's very interested in her anyways, to turn up here by googling for her over a dozen times in the past 24 hours, making it our second most popular search term. No way would she be googling for herself over and over. Must be her fan club. /me googles "miriam staley fan club".

suitcases again

That's more like it. The gurls on Make Me A Super Model could not get their mountains of Stuff in their bags. Only watched the end of 1 show, but it doesn't seem a patch on America's Next Top Model. Perhaps because they don't take it so ludicriously seriously, and Rachel can't emote like Tyra.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

first up, to clear up an error in the last post. Adele was not fired. She resigned. And thus avoided the firing Alan Sugar had said he was going to give her. Boo. He should've said 'you're fired' anyway.

Right now onto this week's show. Which I missed most of due to having to run a computer help desk for my parents. Task was to sell art, team who sells most art wins. First Forte led by Sebastian won their first task hurrah. Impact led by Rachel lost their first task hurrah, Rachel took Paul and Matthew into the board room with her. Much to Paul's disgust, as he made completely clear by throwing a tantrum and bitching about women in business. Particularly Saira. Meanwhile Matthew tried to get him to agree to some cunning plot to stitch up Rachel. Paul showed himself up for the twunt he is, but Matthew got fired. Hah bye bye Tory Boy.

Most importantly: are we supposed to believe that the suitcases they take with them to the boardroom on firing days contain absolutely everything they have brought with them to the show? I don't believe Paul's personal grooming products would fit in one of the teeny cases shown, let alone his 'sharp' suits.

Monday, March 14, 2005


well so I should've posted this last week but still, even a few days late it's great to post that Adele got fired! Fuggin' ace.

Their task was to sell stuff in Harrods. Tim's team stayed up half the night deciding on their mission statement and then creating a power point presentation on it. For one day's selling stuff in a shop. FFS. Adele was as bad as ever, glad to see the back of her. As for her smug self satisfied face even after she got fired .... grrrrrrr.

I've written down 'Sack James!' but I can't remember specifically why. Obv I am looking forward to each of them being sacked and am only disappointed that one of them gets a job instead of the sack at the end of the series.

Meanwhile, the Apprentice USA is going to be a musical. Gosh.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Edith wins yay

WOO. Ade was out first, then Edith got more votes than Kim. HURRAH.



Friday, March 11, 2005

The final

Last night Reggie was out ha. He was rubbish. I'm voting for Edith to win tonight, as Kim is a bit boring and Ade a bit...well he can't sing can he? May miss the final as it is in the middle of all the comic relief hours and hours tonight. Which is rubbish why can't they just have a proper time for it?

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Debra out. I am very annoyed with Edith for voting out Dawn, then Debra instead of rubbish Reggie. Reggie is rubbish.

Ooh the students are backing McFly tonight.

Maybe Jools Holland will be on tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Dawn out

Poor Dawn, Reggie should have been out. Rubbish Reggie.

Jools Holland is going to accompany the students with his band I heard from the live streaming.

Also on the streaming between the shows tonight was Edith calling judge Craig 'a dick' ha and lots of amusing chat. Live streaming between the BBC1 shows is the best.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Monday the result

Ooh a birthday treat as Nick is out! YAY! Thank god for that. He seemed ok as a person (especially when singing Radiohead songs) but he had the most rubbish voice. WOO he has gone.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Song rehearsals for Monday night

Debra - I believe in you, Kylie (good)

Dawn - Don't it make my brown eyes blue, Crystal Gayle (ok ish)

Nick - Left outside alone, Anastasia (HIDEOUS)

Edith - Bridge over troubled water Simon and Garfunkel (good)

The women girls are also singing with Lemar.

Reggie seems to have red hair.

I think Ade is doing The Osmonds.

Sleb FA Betting News

from readaBet.com:
Kim Medcalf 15/8
Edith Bowman 5/2
Adrian Edmondson 11/4
Debra Stephenson 10/1
Dawn Steele 20/1

Adrian Edmondson continues to fight his way through the field in Celebrity Fame Academy and is now William Hill's 3/1 third favourite to win the show.

Bets taken include one from a shrewd customer who stands to pick up a cheque for £1800 after placing a £200 bet on him at 8/1. Conversely, disappointing performances by Debra Stephenson and Dawn Steele have seen them drift in the betting and Dawn who was as short as 3/1 is now available at 20/1.

"We are now left with the genuine contenders for the title and the betting suggests a three horse race between the 13/8 favourite Edith Bowman, Kim Medcalf and Adrian Edmondson. But if you are looking for some value you could do a lot worse than Dawn Steele at 20/1." said Hills spokesman Rupert Adams

Hills Latest Fame Academy Prices: 13/8 Edith Bowman, 7/4 Kim Medcalf, 3/1 Adrian Edmondson, 6/1 Debra Stephenson, 20/1 Dawn Steele, 33/1 Nick Knowles, 50/1 Reggie Yates.

who are these people?

who is voting for Nick Knowles? Please don't tell me some consider him attractive. eeeew.


Gina has gone, boo. What do we have to do to get rid of Nick Knowles? Grr. Annoyingly there was no BBC3 show after the sooooooo very long BBC1 show tonight, so no Gina interview tonight. When the celeb students went back to the house there was a red themed dinner party with lots of booze for them. Also a special mystery host ooh...who turned out to be Ainsley Harriot. Reminding me that last series they had Nigella Lawson as a cooking guest and one person (can't remember who) didn't know who she was!

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Bloke from casualty Chris is out yay. Gossip - Apparently Richard Park was making w@nker gestures to Patrick Kielty on tonights (Saturday) show! Oh grow up you two, etc. The 'game that dare not speak its name' that they mentioned on the programme is where you think of a film or tv and replace part of the name with 'bum hole' like '4 weddings and a bum hole'...oh how mature!

Nick Knowles led a Radiohead sing along tonight so maybe he is not that bad...

The FA students had a bar man when they got back in the academy tonight. Nice.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why oh why

What was Dawn wearing? It was vile. Judge Craig Revel Horwood liked it so enough said.

Why is Lesley Garratt a judge?

Why are people voting for Nick Knowles please let him go tonight.

Why was 'Let it be' not on last nights show? According to the live streaming last night as it was 'under rehearsed and crap'. But officially as the VTs went on too long.

missed opportunity?

IAC-er Jordan Katie Price is favourite for Eurovision, and Reborn in the USA star Gina G's in it too. Why was this not combined with Sleb FA? That would've be pop-tastic. Particularly if lovely Sonia was a contestant, too.

Ah, Sonia's dancing, will we ever see her like again?

Friday, March 04, 2005

jon gone

Jon left FA house tonight. Reggie was saved by the other slebs, Gina by the judges.

Dead Ringers clips here, for anyone who doesn't know why Jon Culshaw is most excellent.

Group song

Tonight they are all singing 'let it be' how very American Idol.

Sam sings

Sam Mitchell Kim Medcalf is singing No Doubt's 'don't speak' tonight I LOVE that song.

A pic to make this post look bigger.

Konnie gone

I am just watching tonight's show now but...poor Konnie, that Chris from casualty was desperate in his plea (after being in the last two) to stay in. He could at least have been charitable ( and not all 'please vote meeeeeeeeee in'), they keep telling us they are not there to win, but for charity.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

No Dawn NO

She is 'singing' ironic by Alanis Morissette ick ick ICK I hate that song.

sexy sugar babe fired

Miranda's in The Sun
... she’s not afraid of using her sex appeal to get ahead.

She says: “I am a great mixture of brains and blonde. I think that every talent could and should be used. And if I can use my looks and my brains to succeed in business than that’s exactly what I’ll do.”
Miranda, who beat 40,000 hopefuls to get on The Apprentice, adds: “It’s really sexy being a woman in business and being one of the only girls in a man’s world. You really feel the power.”

Yes, Miranda, showing off your "stunning business assets" in the Sun is really going to get you taken seriously.

Oooh lookie an Apprentice forum!

Songs for Thursday

Ade is rehearsing his song he is singing 'turning Japanese' (The Vapors) he's not very entertaining at this singing lark is he? But he seems to be v lovely bloke. My hatred of Carrie Grant the singing coach is still there, I thought I may like her as she is not being a nasty judge this time, but no, still v annoying.

Carrie - 'It's like retro punk'

Ade - 'That's what I am'

Carrie - 'Me toooooooooooo'

Ade said Reggie had never heard of his song and he felt old, that is because he is half your age and you are. But thankfully old people are allowed to watch as well, as we have nowt better to do.

Gina is doing U2's 'vertigo'.

Ooh thong watch was live in the house last night, how sad. Put some proper pants on, you are live on the BBC. Worse ones were Edith and Kim.

In the house at last

All the blokes are rubbish it seems. They should just kick them out in turn. I have no idea who is voting for Jon Culshaw at all, he can't sing and he's not pretty, so what is the point in voting for him? Next on my list is Nick Knowles, the bloke from casualty and the bloke from totps, all complete rubbish.

Anyway they are in the academy now having drinks and nibbles, rather predictably a few of them don't think they are being watched 'at this time' umm yes you are. Debra Stephenson was waving a fimble puppet at the camera...maybe a bit loopy. Nick Knowles said it was a bit like being in a big brother show thing...umm yes it is dur, we can see you live until midnight everyday on bbc digital. In the first few mins of drinkies we found out Konnie, Reggie and Gina don't drink, Debra has a baby, Dawn, Edith and Nick are the smokers and Kim Medcalf was being accused of eating all the prawns.

The first dance class is at 7.30am...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

bye Jenny

Jenny Eclair voted of Sleb FA tonight. ta-rar a bit chuck.

sack the stylist

Good grief. Not one of those women on Sleb FA tonight looked good. Wtf were their outfits and make up all about? It doesn't help that most of them are FAR TOO THIN! Worst offender was Dawn. Hair was B.A.D. and as for the sequined capelet??!!!?? No no no.

Also I am going off Jon rapidly. Even my adoration of Dead Ringers can't get over his Mick Fucknall-esque properties. And as someone who lists torching a copy of Stars as one of her life-time greatest achievements, that's something I just can't forgive. Sorry Jon, but you should've stuck to the Doctor.

how the FECK did Adele not get fired this week? I'd've fired her just for appointing her own PA, particularly given the outrageous gender stereotyping at play in that decision. Ooh Miranda you're a girl, you can be my secretary. Bah. I don't like Miranda much either but between the two of 'em on tonight's showing, Adele should've gone for sure.

I'm kind of liking Saira and Tim. Matthew is turning into a tory-boy tim-nice-but-dim stereotype. Of course I would ideally like to see each and every one of the Gordon Gecko wannabes fired. Come the glorious day, comrades, they'll be among the first against that wall.

Jenny to go first?

apparantly Jenny Eclair is the bookie's fave to be evicted from FA Mansion tonight. Debra & Kim are joint favourites to win with some bookies, Dawn is fave with others. Early days yet tho ....

Doo doo doo, another one bites the dust (soon)

Thank feck for that, they finally enter the academy today woo. Hopefully one of the rubbish ones will go tonight. Jon Culshaw and Nick Knowles were both painful singing but they may be amusing inside the academy so maybe I want them to stay. I just hope my digital red button behaves.

yippee for Wed night telly

Sleb FA at 8, Apprentice at 9, hurrah!