Monday, May 29, 2006

My dvd recorder has taste

My dvd recorder hates BB twice it has given up and stopped recording it. I'm annoyed about tonight I want to watch the first celeb x factor in peace but 'something' is happening in BB. So I'll watch one and attempt to dvd other... good luck me!

Having no BB to watch last night because of useless dvd recorder I watched the final of American Idol instead which was ace. Except for the Taylor winning bit obviously. Still haven't seen last weeks when Elliott went out I'm trying to pretend that never happened. I liked the Burt Bacharach bit (medley of songs with him on piano) with Dionne Warwick at the end. Best bit had to be Elliott singing with Mary J Blige that made me laugh, I mean Elliott and MJB! Oddness. Oh and what the feck Clay Aiken's hair!!!! The hair was a shock to me.

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