Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oh yes I have a complaint

No BBLB or BBBM on Monday! I suppose it's because there is this new one 'Big Brothers Big teevee 'experts' speaking the bleeding obvious' or whatever it is called! I've never really liked the psychology shows and I've already gone without BBBM since Friday... Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink indeed!
Big Brother's Big Brain Mondays, 11.05pm A new live show presented by Dermot O'’Leary, BBBB puts the housemates on the couch for intensive analysis. Our terribly brainy psychologists dissect the housemates' behaviour and conduct 'experiments' in the House. Watching this will will make you more clever. Fact.
Wonder what the experiments will be? Hopefully the draize test on Sezer and Mikey.

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clarrie said...

boo I hate the psych show, it's utter bobbins. They shoudl get us on to do BB's Big Bloggers, we'd do a better job