Wednesday, May 17, 2006

don't have a cow, bro

There's going to be udder chaos in BB7
The rumours that the HMs will have a cow to look after this year are going strong. The bookies are offering odds of 50-1 that the HMs eat the cow, & 16-1 that the cow wins.

other betting:
  • 8/13 Male Winner
  • 6/5 Female Winner
  • 5/4 An Infrared Camera to catch a couple copulating
  • 2/1 Davina to give birth before the end of the show
  • 9/4 A full scale Punch-Up
  • 4/1 A housemate to Escape
  • 4/1 A Housemate to leave within 24 hrs of the start
  • 10/1 A Housemate to smuggle a TV, Radio, Mobile in to the house for World Cup results
  • 16/1 A Celebrity housemate to be brought in for at least a week
  • 16/1 A Housemate to fall down the stairs on arrival.
  • 50/1 The contestants to fail every task

Wot, no odds on the ALF breaking into the house and liberating the cow?

Seems unlikely to me that they'd put a cow in. There's been a lot of complaining in the past about them not being nice to the chickens, a cow would attract more complaints shirley? Also cows produce an awful lot of cow pats (although it would make a regular task I s'pose, save them from thinking up anything original).

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