Sunday, May 21, 2006

monochrome set, my friends

Is it against C4 by-laws for anyone on BBLB to wear colour? Dermot, Nadia, AnTHony, the bloke off queer eye, the audience ... the only one wearing colour was queer eye guy's dog.

In other news, I watched 10 mins of live streaming last night during which Nikki was expressing astonishment on hearing that her tits might be in the papers and her friends and family on BBBM, of which she claims never to have heard. Has she not watched BB before? Has she no tv? Does she not read the papers (or at least look at the pictures therein)? Or is she possibly not quite 100% for real?

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Jude said...

Dog was best thing on

clap WOOF
clap clap WOOF WOOF