Sunday, August 21, 2005

Craig to quit Cromer

Craig to quit Cromer:
Craigs going to leave Cromer... gasp!

Visions of Dick Whittington appear with Craig looking for the gold lined pavements of our Capital.

"But he does hold out hopes of staying friends with two former contestants.

'Me, Saskia and Maxwell are toying with the idea of living together in London,' explained Craig."

Quality is all I can say.

Lesley has recently accepted a role in an up and coming movie called 'Six Bend Trap'. You can visit the film's official website by clicking here. Other roles will be taken up by the likes of Jodie Marsh, Lindsay Dawn Mckenzie, Lisa Riley, Dave Courtney and Cannon & Ball.

free delivery (UK) : Shell And Vanessa Laid Bare : DVD - Free Delivery:

"Shell Jubin and Vanessa Nimmo shot to fame on Big Brother 5 and are now Britain's favourite babes. For the first time the sexy duo reveal all in - Shell and Vanessa Laid Bare!


1. Nuts Magazine Shoot-Vanessa's naughtiest photo session ever.
2. Bedroom Babes - The girls get rude and nude between the sheets.
3. Topless Gardening - Shell gets down and dirty in the (flower) bed."


Friday, August 12, 2005

world's least articulate man wins BB6

Image hosted by
A career as a TV presenter? Don't call us, luv, we'll call you (yeah right what-ever).

I can't believe that twat prat won. Bah.


I suppose I hope fellow-geek Eugene wins, although thinking back, hmmm .......
he is a friend of former contestants Federico Martone and Cameron Stout
he is a friend of Federico Martone and Cameron Stout
friend of Federico and Cameron

I could (almost) forgive Makosi everything just because she is so beautiful, even (especially?) with her real hair. Shame about all the pregnancy drama and the uber-bitching.

Science was robbed, you get me?
you da man

End of.

When does IAC.. start?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Maplin share price rockets

£50,000 will buy a lot of radio bits. Station!

As for Craig - sorry, still laffing too hard for coherence.

Vote Kinga Now... for me....please xxxxxxxx

It's apparently neck and neck between Craig and Kinga tonight for Eviction. So


I don't want smug ugly wigkosi smirking as Kinga goes before the rest off them. I don't much like Kinga. She's ok, young, naive, silly, spontaneous, doesn't think! But her antics with the non alcoholic wine were silly, she really spoilt it all then.
I do like the fact she's the only one to tell it as it is though. She told Craig he had no fan base. Ha, Love it.
But I detest Makosi. Craig?? I'm not so cross with him, since he calmed down but he's still a twat who needs to goooooooo.
Eugene to win.

Gran worried about poor ickle Craigey

Eastern Daily Post - The site where Norfolk really matters:

Craig Coates' dad Johnny said yesterday that he wished his son had never gone into the Big Brother house. But both he and his wife Yvette maintained staunch support of their son, who has come in for some tough handling by the media, especially in the last couple of weeks.
Despite the difficulties Craig has faced, such as accusations of behaving like a “stalker” towards fellow housemate Anthony, the couple remain fully behind their son and look forward to seeing him.

“He is a winner to us because he has survived in that house through an awful lot of emotional stress,” explained Yvette.

“We are really looking forward to seeing him and hope we can all go on holiday together for a few days to get his head together.

“His gran is really worried about him, it's not nice seeing your grandson being ridiculed."

If was responsible for raising a child with Craig's level of emotional intelligence, I'd go into hiding not give interiews to the local rag,

please let it be Craig

There's going to be a 'surprise' (to the HMs) eviction tonight. Doesn't look like they'll be smuggling Craig the evicted one out of the back door a la Chicken Stu, tho. C4 says the person will have an hour's notice. Live shows at 8 & 9.30 tonight.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

friends like these ...

The Sun reports BB pair's pub riot terror:
BIG Brother rejects Maxwell and Saskia were caught in a pub riot as their pals went on a wrecking spree. More than 30 drunken friends of the pair started fighting and throwing tables and chairs at The Mitre pub in Islington, North London.

One witness said: “It was mayhem — like a scene from the Wild West.” Saskia and Arsenal fan Max frantically pleaded in vain for the thugs to stop. The rioters fled before cops arrived.

final week betting news

Colour of Davinas Dress on Final Night:
Black 1/4
Red 7
White 8
Cream/beige 10
Blue 14
Brown 14
Green 16
Silver 20
Gold 22
Pink 33
Purple 33
Peach 40
Yellow 50

Last Housemate to have a shower:
Eugene 2
Anthony 9/4
Craig 11/4
Kinga 6
Makosi 6

Next Eviction:

Craig 2/7
Kinga 5/2
Makosi 11
Eugene 66
Anthony 50

Eugene 8/13
Anthony 6/5
Kinga 40
Makosi 25
Craig 50

Monday, August 08, 2005

you can't keep a good woman down (under)

Image hosted by
Our Nadia joins the BB:Australia house, resplendent in blonde wig and nicotine patches, and she's lookin' for lurv
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BB:Oz offishul site

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Foul and unsettling? Yes siree!

Charlie Brooker presents his annual BB awards, in today's Grauniad 'Guide':
... the prestigious Most Sickening Housemate award, which this year goes to a couple: Maxwell (London's village idiot) and Saskia (burly, wrathful harridan with a face that could advertise war). Their daily routine consisted of bullying, bellowing, cackling at their own dismal non-jokes, glaring, sniping and discussing their imminent ascent to the toppermost peaks of stardom - until the last week, when, faced with eviction, they settled for sulkily rutting like doomed livestock. ...

... the Stupidest Single Statement award ... Craig's frank admission that "I aren't too familiar with the rules of the English language" and Anthony's claim that he's "more developed than a plant" - both of which are beaten by Saskia's jaw-dropping assertion that the second world war started in 1966. ...

... The award for Most Alarming Behaviour goes, inevitably, to Craig - a high-risk FBI profile made flesh. When he wasn't proclaiming his own brilliance, weeping, masturbating, or shrieking uninformed opinions at a uninterested world, he was mindfucking his beloved Anthony - a man so profoundly thick you could sell him a pair of his own socks for £500, even if he was already wearing them. ...

... The Cheated Winner award is a close call between two acquired-taste housemates. Only a heartless warlord couldn't warm to Eugene, a well-meaning human pylon whose ineptitude and timidity meant he was out of his depth from the off. But he's narrowly pipped by Science, a bull-headed, one-man belligerence engine who delighted in provoking Maxwell and Derek to breaking point. For services to torture alone, Science should've won. ...

... The award for Snidest Conniving Prick goes to Derek, a man so devious he probably pisses cobra venom; the Ugliest Body award is split between Sam and Orlaith, for poking their fake, motionless tits in the viewer's face (presumably to attract the sort of person who'd like to screw their way through the plastinated corpses at Professor von Hagens' Bodyworlds exhibition). ...

... Finally, the award for Unprecedented Dignitycide goes to Kinga, who, just when you genuinely believed TV couldn't possibly shock you from your jaded, end-of-the-world ironic detachment bubble, celebrated her second night in the house by masturbating with a wine bottle in the middle of the lawn - an act of such gruesome self-abasement, even the other housemates were appalled.

Anthony HAS got balls

The biggie in pics

Craig and Anthony had a HUGE argument tonight. Anthony went berserk when Craig called him a dumb head and threw Beer over him. The argument was over Kinga saying that Craig had encouraged her to masturbate with the wine bottle. Having watched that incident Craig did encourage her TBH.
Anthony shouted and looked like he was going to punch Craig. The night drew on with Craig crying and sobbing to Makosi about how hard done by he was.
Picture is from Jokers site (see link) Thank you.

Friday, August 05, 2005

good riddance to bad rubbish (again)

"Don't cross the golly"


Go away you nasty tory fox-hunting friend of the hamiltons you.


Derek Out

Derek evicted, Eugene cried, bless. I think Kinga, who I'm increasingly warming to, will miss him.
It's been a long ten weeks!

Scary Stuff

He's Behind you Anthony. Is it me or is he.... NAKED?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Live Task

Kinga trying to get on to the bucking bronco was one of the funniest things I have seen for a long time. It will be shown on tomorrows highlights show no doubt. I have no idea how long she managed to stay on it as it went to the ads.

Anthony and the line dancers failed their bits of the task, Derek, Eugene and the combined time on the bucking bronco passed. Overall task failed I think.

ITV to make Moors Murders drama

BBC NEWS Entertainment TV and Radio ITV to make Moors Murders drama

Who you reckon should play the Evil Myra??

Derek Determined

Apparently Derek has said if he's evicted on Friday he won't give an eviction interview as he doesn't even know who Davina is.
He's going to ask for his chauffeur and head straight home No doubt to play a few Barbra Streisand cds.
With the current state of Davina's interviews we prob won't notice.

Kinga puts BB in BIG trouble | Media | Big Brother in trouble over sex shock (again)

Ofcom are investigating Big Brother's Kinga sex with a wine bottle incident. There are fears BB may be shut down /gasps of shock.
Respect to Dermot who asked Kinga's neighbour if when they have a BBQ kinga brings a bottle? Ripples of mirth were reverberated around the studio.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kinga yawna

83 complaints to Ofcom about the wine bottle.
Channel 4 defended the series, saying viewers were warned about the sexual nature of last night's show.

"Kinga's antics were broadcast well after the 9pm watershed and there was an introductory voiceover before the show alerting viewers to the sexual nature of the scenes," a Channel 4 spokeswoman said.

Channel 4 also pointed out that tonight's episode will follow on from last night's events with Kinga explaining to the housemates what she did not do with the wine bottle. She will deny she used the bottle to pleasure herself.


Also an amusing article from an American website getting most things wrong about the UK BB.

More...this weeks task is the BB rodeo show. Craig is line dancing, he is wearing chaps...

Hello World


Last night was the first BB I've seen in 10+ days. Ick. I'm not as down on Kinga as Ms Trin - afterall, she was drunk and 20, never a good combination IME - but can't say last night's performance was a good one.

Derek favourite to go on Friday but Eugene's convinced it will be him. Apparantly.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hello Jude

Hello, I was worried about you, now where the heck has Clarrie got to?
Well after tonights Big Brother I am shocked. Kinga is the biggest Slapper since Jordan, no in fact Jordan is a saint.
Ewwwww what a vile woman. I cannot watch it again if she's on.

Final noms

Derek and Eugene up. According to digi spy Kinga didn't get a single nomination, bet she would of if they had nominated after last nights antics. Pool 'action' is boring and Kinga trying to drag Anthony into it is doubly boring.