Sunday, May 14, 2006


Watch a bored Michelle from The Apprentice have some pics taken of her only in this weeks NOTW. Woo.

I am hating all this BB news in the tabloids I don't want to know who the housemates are yet GO AWAY until Thursday. Hopefully they are all fake housemates anyway, especially this one...
Lea had her breasts enlarged from a petite AAA cup size. Tony said: "With all her ops she looks like a pumped-up Pamela Anderson and it is the boobs which really stand out."
No, she looks like she could be Jodie Marsh's Mam.
And she showed it all off in an X-rated skin flick with porn actor Tony James, 30 —who claims she'll be gagging to put on a repeat performance when BB7 starts on Thursday.
Yes because channel 4 are likely to show a repeat of that during BB aren't they? I feel unclean now.

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