Wednesday, May 31, 2006

stupid bitch

Brother's Dawn 'on hunger strike'

Stupid idiotic cow (actually that was an insult to cows) with all the passionate past things people have gone on hunger strike for. All the injustices and attrocities in this world, we are meant to have any form of sympathy for that self centred silly little wannabe from BB?
Dear Dawn,
I personally do not care if you never eat another thing ever again. You are a disgrace. People across this world are starving and dying from no food and lack of water and YOU are moaning about a silly TV programme?
You're out of the spotlight and want your extra 5 minutes of fame. You are pathetic and therefore I will never mention you ever again.
Disgusted from Bristol

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clarrie said...

I just read 'bout that. FFS it's only a gameshow!