Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dicky and Dolly (and Liam)

Liam looking like he is glad he was on BB this year and not a previous one...

I'm disappointed tonight that I have seen no one (Peter Brame) on X Factor from Fame Academy as rumoured. Nice to see that Ricardo is still being employed on shampoo ads though. They should get him on Celeb Scissorhands.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scissorhands back

With new assistant manager... Mr Steve Strange... ha ha I hope that bit's true. I'm looking forward to Wife Swap on Sunday with Pete Burns and Razor Ruddock. Runway back next week. Woo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The beeb are messing with Strictly moving the results to Sunday and probably prerecording the results on a Saturday so they'll leak and it'll be like BB where you always know who will go. Hmph. Also the judges get the final say. Double hmph.

In better news I'm watching America's Top Model 8 on you tube. Happy days! I hope Runway comes back to Sky 3 soon two weeks off is bad.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

tsk @ Raymond

After the local produce/history challenge, Tom and Nicola got closed. Hmm. Now it's not that they don't deserve it, what with Nicola's inability to cook on a large scale and the oven-hogging scandal last week and ffs what were they thinking chosing an Mosley/Mitford theme night? Who thinks, "ooh the leader of the Blackshirts and his lovely wife were interred in our restaurant during the war, such a glamorous couple, they got married at the home of Joseph Goebbels, with Adolf Hitler as guest of honour, I know let's have use that as a theme?"

But but but, that said, Mr Mardy-Arse Jeremy and what-is-she-doing-with-him Jane should've gone, for Jeremy's abject failure to know what's in season, adapt to anything he doesn't like and being in a perpetual sulk. Oh and making shite food despite not even keeping to the rules. Most of all for Jane's enabling of Jeremy, it's like Sam and Jacqui, what is it with these women making so many excuses and trying to cover up and work around their partner's useless self-obsessed immaturity?

Oh and while we're complaining, why is Your Fried not on BBC iPlayer this week hmm hhmm hmmmmm bah.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Du du du du du du DU DU

'Citing. The SCD list is up. Of most interest to me is who is dancing with my faves.

Dominic Littlewood from morning tv with the lovely Lilia.

Letitia Dean from Eastenders with the lovely Darren

Kelly Brook from being photographed in her underwear with Brendan. See what they've done there? Ha ha.

And the 'let's laugh at who they've put with Anton' this year goes to Kate Garraway. Just as long as they make it to a week where Anton gets to wear a catsuit I'll be happy (and pointing and laughing).

In my new favourites list comes Alesha Dixon with Matthew Cutler and Penny Lancaster-Stewart with Ian Waite.

I'd love Camilla to win this year she's with a young bloke (Gethin Jones from Blue Peter apparently) so there's a chance.

Gabby Logan and her husband are paired with James Jordan and his wife Ola. I don't like them two (J&O). Boo them. Boooooooo. I dislike Vincent (Stephanie Beacham omg I hope she hits him) and Flavia (Deano Wicks!) too. So hopefully none of them will win.

Ooh I'm excited.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Series three

Of Project Runway looks like it has some interesting people on it. I only taped it by chance as people at Digi Spy said it was series two being re shown. Could of done without seeing Santino again... I liked Jay's new look though.

More at DS... Katie Hopkins (boo hiss hurrah) lined up perhaps for Cirque De Celebrité or IACGMOOH. I lasted all of 2 minutes watching Cirque De last series.

atmosphere, I love a restaurant with a crazy atmosphere

Raymond Blanc: "so Sam and Jacqui, tell me why I shouldn't close your restaurant?"
Jacqui: "We don't know about costing, food or service but we give great atmosphere."
RB: "feck off you're closed"

Go Bolton, Martin and Emma are saved - tho no thanks to BadMans Tom and Nicola hogging all the ovens. Looking forward to another chance to laugh at Sam on the hilarious-named spin-off "You're fried" (geddit?).

just close Sam

The Restaurant is starting to annoy me now, with its foolish tasks the 'bottom three' have to do, to give the rubbish-but-good-telly couples a chance to stay in when it's obv to anyone that Raymond Blanc1 should just fire close them there and then.

In fact they should get their own jazz drumsticks shoved up their arse after last night's2 performance, where Sam was too busy getting his drum kit out to do any cooking (even if he could, which he can't) then blamed his chef-underling for the evening's disaster and sacked him. And and and flippin Jacqui, instead of telling him to pull himself together and stop pissing about, strokes his arm and his ego and mops his poor brow and tells him how brilliant he is, then turns up her perkiness to 11 in an effort to cover up the horribleness.

But instead of just chucking him off, Sam and Jacqui go into the challenge with 2 other couples, and probably they will survive because they make good telly whereas the Bolton couple are less photogenic and so will probably get closed. Bah bah bah.

1. as voiced by Edouard laPaglie - look at the front of his 'arse
2. or this morning's by the power of BBC iPlayer

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hell's people

Adele Silva ~ Dipsy Emmerdale type

Lee Ryan ~ Mad one from Blue

Barry McGuigan ~ Boxer bloke

Abigail Clancy ~ Abigail Clancy! Yay! Britain's Next Top Model loser/runner up and Scouse drug WAG. Will probably cook chunky chips.

Rosie Boycott ~ Newspaper journo type

Jim Davidson ~ Foul 'comedian'

'Challenge' Anneka Rice ~ Jumpsuits etc

Paul Young ~ Wasn't he on Celeb Masterchef?

Kelly LeBrock ~ Woman in red?

Brian Dowling ~ YAY! Will Narinda make an appearance to plug her book?

Obviously as a reality tv fan I'm happy there are two reality tv people in there.

In other news... I hate Rebecca from Britain's Next Top Model and was quite happy that Brian won BB. I was not happy that evil pig Liam came third. Urgh. I hope Monkety-Tunkety gets deals though...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

for the sake of completeness

Brian Belo won. I have no idea if this is good or bad. I didn't watch at all this year. Not out of any 'it's not as good as it used to be' snobbiness but because I just didn't have the time. Celebrity Big Bro has been cancelled for next year, which is a shame cos (apart from outbreaks of racism) it's better than the main show, more interesting people and a manageable timescale.