Friday, May 19, 2006

Presses red button

Bonnie is crying! I can't understand a word she says at one point.

Shahbaz picks up a cake the others were eating and throws it in the bin (why I'm not sure)

The others get it out again

Shahbaz is a bit shocked about this

Richard, Pete and Sezer put Dawn's wig on.

Pete is a new Brotherhood member.

Richard says they should pick girls next time as they want their clothes more.

Press! Dawn in the local paper.

Just a thought... on the offish site by the HM pics it says their name then 'present' then age etc. Why does it say 'present'? On digi spy in the profiles it says 'Current Status In House' is it possible they will be going somewhere else? I've not seen the 'present' thing before that's all!

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