Wednesday, November 30, 2005

reality (tv) check

Could someone please explain to Sheree the difference between Television and Real Life? Just because Ticia in Emmerdale died as a result of a tree being struck by lightning, doesn't mean that this is going to happen to her in real life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

there's a turn up

David Dickenson voted out. Didn't expect that. S'good tho. Serves him right, nasty orange man.

kimmy wimmy

"Kimberley’s face reflected the range of emotions she was going through - "Should I stay or should I go?"..."

The only emotion the bitch has shown all week then. Can't wait to see it.

I am not alone

Mormon Undies Watch going on over on the Digispy boards, too.

Plucky! Kim! Back! In! Kamp! After! Kopter! Karnage!

Oh no she isn't!
She was but now she's gone again. Shame, I liked her alot. I liked the way she just got on with doing scarey things without all that shrieking the other slebs indulge in. I don't like the way last nights show turned into the Sheree Show. Bah.

Some punnes from the papers:
I'm a celebrity, get me out of here and into an ambulance

Craig! More crazy pics!

He really is the gift that just keeps on giving at the mo. More pics! More! His sulky face makes me laugh. In other news...Was Sid really in the bottom two? YAY! I hope it wasn't a pretend bottom two.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Bye Jills

Goodbye Jilly. Your hair offended me anyways.. and your voice and..... well everything actually... but let me get this straight. More people voted for Bobby Ball than Sid?
Didn't Kimberly look good on the side of the Copter? Pouting perfection I say.
Can't see her going back to camp TBH # ribs are rather painful.

Jilly was robbed!

bah! I can't believe it. Well I can. The way they set her up in the editing, it was inevitable. Pah.


you people, what are you like? Honestly, the things some people google for. Sorry but this blog is not the place to come for chico xfactor c*ck photo. Nor have we any michelle bass n*de. We're liking the googler for "I'm a celebrity" "cannon and Ball" sexism, tho.

Kim! Kopter! Latest!

She's cracked a rib, apparantly

Kim! Kopter! Drama! Breaking! News!

Kim in Celeb copter horror sez the Sun
I'M A Celebrity contestant Kimberley Davies has been rushed to hospital after she tried to jump from a helicopter into a lake, it was reported today.

The ex-Neighbours star, 32, was airlifted to hospital at 2.30am UK time when she fell awkwardly in the water and suffered a shoulder injury, reported.

bye bye Bobby

Bobby Ball evicted last night. Or was it Tommy? Oh yeah, Tommy. Whatever, that's half of Cannon & Ball down and half to go. Although I could almost wish Mr Perma-tan Dickenson gone in his stead. I can't make my mind up, does he really hate women or is he just scared of us? Bit of both, I expect.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

since you've been gone

owing to Life, I haven't seen much of IAC ... for the past two days. There was something about a Jungle Jail on tv, I vaguely remember, but it's all a bit hazy. Anyway, all back to normal tonight in time for the first eviction hurrah! but it seems that Jilly is fave to go booo! also Kimberly. Shame it's not Cannon and Ball. If we could vote both of them off as an item, I might be tempted to break my self-imposed reality tv voting boycott.

Observer Journo on Carol T:
A childhood regime of emotional neglect, boarding school and outdoor sports has certainly prepared Carol for the social and physical rigours of the jungle.

Some people we used to know

BB party for Christmas or something. Check out page 3 for amusing Craig pics. I hope it's true about him being on Celeb Fat Fit Club

It's Karen and Bill!

So happy very happy. Bill Turnbull is annoying. I liked that Arlene got up and hugged him when he got his marching orders though. Aww see Strictly Come Dancing is one big happy family really. They're all doing two dances next week woo. I love this programme it is so funny. I liked Anton in pink that made me laugh, him and Patsy were in the bottom two again how unfair. I read in the tabloids today Camilla has left James Martin (her celeb dance partner and alleged partner in other ways) and gone back to dirty rotten (left her for his celeb dance partner in series one) Brendan. It is all so complicated this dancing and partner swapping.

Over to best news ever.
Strictly Dance Fever Is back and Graham needs you!

Graham Norton will soon be on the road looking for new contestants to compete in a the second series - to be broadcast in 2006.
WOO! Just the word Lindyhop makes me excited. I can't remember if Craig is a judge on SDF I hope so.

IACGMOOH - That trial was a bit boring it was like a ride at Blackpool except way up in the air. The boring old men are still boring me.

X Factor - Simon Simon Simon... as lovely as Chico the person is, saving him is going too far, but everyone thinks you did it so Louis didn't have to, so whatever! I did enjoy Andy messing up at the beginning of his song. Ha ha.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


I smell a rat. A big one. Do the makers of X Factor think us reality TV bloggers are dumb?
First Loser Louis Walsh threatens to walk out of the show that gives him front page room. Then he 'returns' to a heros welcome... then Simon chucks off his own group over the dreadful Chico?
Fixed bloody fixed. Fixed so Louis didn't have to make the ultimate decision. I hate the Toothy Conways but Chico?
My electric toothbrush has more going for it. Least it has a purpose in life.

Friday, November 25, 2005

bye bye baby

WTF Has TPT got on? Some weird hanky shaped top, that's cut out at her pubic area and a dark ,very very short skirt. I keep looking and thinking the black micro skirt is some rather bushy pubes.
Also the top is highly unflattering, her boobs are sagging dreadfully.
She looks like a right slapper.
I'm off to Manchester with Clarrie.
Pray for me.
Pray for her.....
This is the word according to Trin.

Racy ! ? !

Jenny Frost has made a valiant attempt at spicing up jungle repartee by playing the 'porn star name' game with fellow I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here contestants.

About as racy as something very unracy. I'm bored of all the old men in the jungle and the young(er) ones they're not much better. Probably as they just sit around and do no trials. They should do the trials in order it is stupid all this voting and so predictable.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Jilly and Carol and the inevitable buggy feast
I hate the Bug Eating night. One year I phoned HTV to complain about cruelty to the live little buggers, but the spectacle continues year after year.
I was secretly (just between me and you) pleased that tonight's event happened with little fuss from Jilly and Carol. Carol is indeed as Iron as her Mother. She perfomed the task with the most matter of factness of them all. I guess we were meant to snigger and gasp at her chewing on a testicle and sucking the skin off a kangaroos' penis? Yeah yeah yeah.
I'm still vexed that those little bugs are eaten alive though. I'm pretty sure it's much less cruel to stamp on them.

Feck off Tommy

Oh no. It's happened. Feck feck feck. 'Comic' [yeah right since when] god bothering codgers enter the jungle

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


ITV - I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! - News:

"For Antony Costa text ANTONY to 63334
Kimberley Davies text KIMBERLEY to 63334
David Dickinson text DAVID to 63334
Jenny Frost text JENNY to 63334
Jilly Goolden text JILLY to 63334
Sheree Murphy text SHEREE to 63334
Jimmy Osmond text KIMMY to 63334
Sid Owen text SID to 63334
Carol Thatcher text CAROL to 63334"

Sex Change Osmond?
I bet he doesn't get picked for the grubby challenge... I hate that one. It's gross.

I love Craig

By Cameron Robertson

STRICTLY Come Dancing judge Craig Revel Horwood has branded ex-EastEnders star Patsy Palmer "a scrubber in a puffa jacket".

Horwood, 38, slammed her after she criticised the panel's opinions on the BBC1 dance show.

The Australian choreographer added: "I was furious, I shouldn't have to defend myself to a two-bit actress off a second-rate soap.

"She claimed the judges didn't have any dancing experience when we're all ex-professionals.

"All she had to do was look at the internet to see my CV.

"Patsy needs to stop giving everyone attitude, pull her head in and start listening.

"Although, she has scrubbed up quite well on the show for a scrubber in a puffa jacket who cries all the time." Patsy, 33, partners expert Anton Du Beke, 22, in the show and has made it through to the last six.

Horwood praised the other celebrity dancers - Zoe Ball, Bill Turnbull, Darren Gough, Colin Jackson and James Martin.

He said: "This year's contestants are the best we've ever had, especially the men." He told today's Now magazine that he approved of Zoe Ball having extra tuition with a choreographer. "I don't think it's cheating - it just shows a bit more commitment."

Strictly Come Dancing was narrowly beaten last Saturday by its ITV1 rival. The X Factor got a peak 10.2million viewers, compared to 9.4million for the BBC's ballroom challenge.

But Harwood said that the X Factor, featuring music experts Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne, resorted to cheap tricks to keep their viewers.

He argued: "It's all staged and scripted. The judges make the headlines because the contestants aren't interesting."

Craig is so funny (in all sorts of ways) and he has toned down the orangeness since being mocked daily on Celebrity Fame Academy. My fave SCD moments were Craig v Julian Clary last series. But back to the article, it spells Craig's name Harwood and Horwood and says...Anton is 22! If he's claiming to be 22 then so am I.

In other news...Louis Walsh it is claimed has left the X Factor. Hmm I doubt it wouldn't he get sued walking out of his contract?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

kangaroos and lightning, very very frightening

mama mia, Jimmy's kangaroo task. I love the way Dr Bob told him he'd treated someone who was disembowled by a kangaroo. Giving them kangaroo tail soup for their reward was genius. Sick, but genius. Jimmy is scaring me, tho. I don't know what it is but there's definitely something weirding me out about him.

I don't think I like the way Jilly is being set up as Queen Bitch of the camp, with Carol and Dicko being shown (sympathetically) complaining about how unreasonable and bossy she is. Between the 3 of them, I'd still take Jilly any day.

Mormon undies watch: thought I caught a glimpse of something under his shirt during the task. Skeptics might say it's just a t-shirt but I'm not sure, I'm sure it had a faint glow about it.

I quite liked Jungle Drums today

Apart from half way through when I fell asleep. Janet Street Porter was good slagging everyone off saying Kimberly had had loads of botox and Davinia Taylor joining in. I couldn't remember if Davinia Taylor was the one who's been in the press (all that Sadie Frost Kate Moss stuff) and rehab lately so I googled and it was her. She's Jenny Frosts best mate apparently.

More! Hot! Lordan! News!

It's official, it's on the ITV Site

"Catch the full interview with Elaine tonight at 9.45pm" it says.

Hot! Off! The! Press!

Elaine Lordan not returning says Digi Spy.

Already I have gone off

Sheree. The person I liked before the show started. She doesn't like cute birds, she doesn't like dogs, she couldn't pick up after a dog. People who say they couldn't poop a scoop (umm scoop a poop) really annoy me. Especially ones that are parents and must of changed at least one nappy in their life.

so we're fag hags, what you gonna do about it?

Hurrah, Mr Gay UK, Big Brother and IACGMOOH all combine in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner to create quite possibly my favourite local newspaper article of the year so far:

Mr Gay UK from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
BY the time you read this one of the highlights of the gay calendar will have taken place the Mr GAY UK final. I've been running this competition now for 14 years and there have been a whole host of celebrities involved.
This year we were looking forward to having Jenny Frost, ex-Atomic Kitten star as part of the panel. She loves the events we run in Leeds and Manchester and had a ball at the final last year. I was quite surprised when she told me she was going to have to pull out and I was upset that she wouldn't tell me why.

It was only later that she told me she was actually going into the jungle to take part in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! She swore me to secrecy as her contract with them meant she couldn't tell me the reason she wasn't coming to Blackpool at the time. I think she'll be great in the programme, but I don't envy her having to eat all those creepy crawlies!

She said she will be back in time for my wedding in December though which I'm glad about. I'd better not ask you to vote for Jenny though look at what my `kiss of death' did for Chenai in the X Factor!

The judges this year should be popular with the audience. We have Kemal and Craig from this year's Big Brother on the panel. They're both really strong characters and clashed a few times in the Big Brother house. There may be some fireworks with them appearing together especially with all those sexy guys on stage to argue over.

If only it had Pandas, it'd be perfect.

sleb odds: sid slipping?

William Hill have cut the price of Sheree Murphy from 6/1 to 4/1 following strong support in the last twenty four hours. Sheree is now Hills second favourite behind Sid Owen the 11/4 favourite.

Hills spokesman Rupert Adams said, "Punters have really taken to Sheree after she conquered her fear of flying and we would not be surprised if she became the favourite in the near future."

William Hill I'm A Celebrity: 11/4 Sid Owen, 4/1 Sheree Murphy, 4/1 David Dickinson, 7/1 Jimmy Osmond, 8/1 Carol Thatcher, 9/1 Antony Costa, 10/1 Jenny Frost, 16/1 Kimberley Davies, 20/1 Jilly Goolden, 33/1 Elaine Lordan

Rock on Tommy

So...Cannon and Ball? A journo mentioned them on the ITV2 show and it wasn't denied. Wonder if they'll turn up? Bet Jimmy knows them from the Blackpool circuit.

They're on the same Blackpool page here.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Jungle Drums

Well then that has to be the worst programme ever. Presented by the genius that is 'that annoying bloke from the big brother talk talk ads' how could I ever have thought it could be even watchable. Will people stop going on about Carol Thatcher weeing it is enough to want me to leave the country all this male sniggering over it. I did like Shelia Ferguson calling Jimmy Osmond 'fatty' and Carol a 'mad cow' though.

Thankfully strictly come dancings spin off show was on next and was lovely and not a big heap of sexist rubbish.

live streaming my @rse

They've got one 2-hr long clip they're just playing in a loop. Pah.

day 1: questions questions

Jimmy Osmond 'smuggling' episode:
  • is that anyway for a god-fearing mormon boy to behave?
  • why didn't he just take a cruet set as his luxury in the first place?
  • is he wearing the special mormon undies under his jungle clothes?

  • special mormom undies
  • is it just me or was the way he said "hello mother" a bit worrying?
Elaine's collapse:
  • can we take 'exhaustion' to mean what it normally means in sleb-land?
Carol's pee-gate:
  • have these people never been camping and woken up desperate for a pee and just popped round the back of the tent instead of walking all the way to the toilet block? erm not that I have, obv, but you know, I gather that's what some people might do hem
  • nurse trin, why did she need to wash her hands as they hadn't come into contact with anything untoward?
  • is this too much information for this time in the morning?
David Dickinson:
  • who knew he was married to Tina Turner?

Quote of the morning
Man on R5, admiring Sheree's pluck, said if her husband showed that much detemination and spirit, he'd be much better footballer.

Day one in the IACGMOOH house type jungle

Now don't tell me no bloke has ever 'gone' in the jungle instead of going to the proper toilet before? I'm a bit annoyed at them showing that. Then on ITV2 I saw David Dickinson's behind. Someone help me!

I liked Sheree before the programme I've always liked her, but how can I not support a fellow Mormon? (ok I'm very much an ex one and I was a child so don't judge meeeeeee) I'm torn, Sheree or Jimmy...

I miss The Durdo :( cue pic

The Durdo is away playing with his new twin babies but I watched ITV2 anyway. Oh dear god the sketch was just awful. They did 'comedy' sketches on the ITV2 Hells Kitchen show and they were bad. Please stop. Now. I liked the sweary koala though. TPT was as mad as ever, well done TPT.

The fave to win is Sid apparently. I dunno. Emmerdale is v popular and Sheree had one of the best characters in it. Then you got The Osmonds...and The Duke. I don't want him to win that is all I ask.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

stop celeb news

Stop press
Carol Thatcher takes a piss by her bed, down come the yellow pants and bobs your uncle.. did she wash her hands post wee?? NOOOOOOOO
Jimbo O sneaks in Salt and Pepper in his teddies butt. WTF good that's going to do with no food, Morman God knows.
Sherrie and Anthony Blue have giggling fit whilst empying the Porta Potties. Anthony likens it to singing with Sir Elton.
............................ gtg mum says I have to go to bed now.......

IACGMOOH - Google Search

4th we are.

Ooh. Check out the sad second one. Robb get your mind out of the gutter.

Important update

Jimmy Osmond singed by camp fire

Now how else could you get headlines like that? God bless IACGMOOH.

yellow thatch

Aren't yellow pants exclusively for Liberal Democrat supporters?

First things first

Strictly come dancing ~ NOOOOOOO Bill the newsreader still in and Will the pretend paramedic gone that is just wrong.

X factor ~ Sharon was so bad doing that to The Conways taking up all their time slagging off Louis then she did it to Journey South as well. But she came good in the end sending Nicholas home.

Now let the madness begin! IACGMOOH!

'Lynne Slater' has already 'collapsed' in the jungle but she's ok now. I'm worried about her being in the jungle doesn't she have an alleged obsessive thing?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

saturday yet again

louis makes sharon's rabbit ears...
X factor is embarrassing. Sharon's pop at Louis is so unprofessional and darn embarrassing. I'm cringing, it's not The Conway Sisters fault that they were picked. Having said that though, I didn't like their performance at all. Old,old, old!
Ok and on to Andy. Bloody hell that man has a velvet smooth voice and is incredibly likeable, plus his stage persona to throw yer knickers at. Well done Andy.
Oh dear.... Clarrie our partner in crime rang me during the performances... And I missed a lot of them. What will Jude say? hahah
(I'd much rather talk to Clazza :)
Well I caught Journey South singing Angels... Predictable crap. They won't win and that Shayne fella that I liked a while back. He's fecking rubbish.
Oh yesss and Chico. Singing his own song? Disposable pop trash. Visions of the Cheeky Girls wizz painfully past my eyes.
Vomit making material

Chico through again and that dreadful song is being released just in time to fill your Christmas stockings. How lucky are we. Haven't we suffered enough? FFS you idiots, stop your 8 year olds having access to the telephone. If this man wins over the rest I will have no option but to destroy telecom central. You have been warned.
God car crash TV or what? The Conways are crying. I reckon Sharon will kick out the Irish girlies tonight... they aren't going to win anyways so they may as well swallow it.

Crikey.. Nicholas gone. The Conways were gobsmacked. They seemed to be of the opinion Sharon hated them.
You know what?
I fecking hate that I'm hooked on this crap... now where's the number to that rehab centre?

Friday, November 18, 2005

who are you?

and what have you done with Carol Thatcher? Why the feck is she being played by a pre-op transexual?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

now you're just being silly

Sheree Murphy: Fears & Phobias:
Heights, flying, birds, wasps, flies, mice, creepy crawlies, camping


Annalise from Neighbours! I'd prefer Steph Scully but anyone from Neighbours is good.

Sheree Murphy. Tricia from Emmerdale! Yay!

I expect she will be dressed like that at all times in the jungle.

Jimmy Osmond! Give him a break from starring in strange shows in Blackpool.

David Dickinson I'm not into the whole Bargain Hunt cult. I am a Cash In The Attic fan myself. You can't be both. It's the law.

I still hoping Alex James will be a late or secret addition.

sleb line up announced

BBC says so, so it must be true:

  • Carol Thatcher
  • Jenny Frost
  • David Dickenson
  • Sid Owen
  • Elaine Lordan
  • Jilly Goolden
  • Jimmy Osmond
  • Sheree Murphy
  • Anthony Costa (ex-Blue singer)
  • Kimberley Davies (Annalise off of Neighbours)

Co-executive producer Richard Cowles said this year's series would be "a lot tougher" than previous series.

"We have some of the biggest, scariest and, in one or two cases, most ridiculous trials ever waiting to greet this year's cast."

No Cannon & Ball, hoo-feckin-ray!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

loadsa money?

Disputes Over 'I'm A Celebrity' Pay
Ex-Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost will pocket �100,000 for appearing in the new 'I'm A Celebrity' series - causing fury among fellow contestants who will receive far less.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Food & Drink presenter Jilly Goolden, former Blue singer Anthony Costa and comedy duo Cannon and Ball were only offered �25,000 to appear.

The figure offered to Frost is the same amount that Jordan was paid for the third series in January 2004.

Everyday I love you less and less

LOUIS WALSH what the hell is wrong with you? You idiot freak man. You let Maria go? She was the best one in the programme you horrible weaselly little smirky git.

The poor Conway Sisters got booed from the audience on itv2, it wasn't their fault!

So next week we have the pleasure of more Chico. Great. Can the odd people paying good money to keep him in have their phones took off them please?



Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's Chico Time

howdy chico"I will be your hero baby"?
Not if I see you coming first.
He was bloody awful. He better go this week or else!!
Incidentally the Holy Moly newsletter reckons he's VERY well endowed.
It takes more than a huge cock to impress me Chico.
(well that MAY be a lie)

(ps Nicholas is flat. I think he's a gonner soon, he believes he can fly? but he can't bloody sing)

edit: unfeckingbelievable
Maria is out.
That gorgeous talented singer. And they keep Chico the Chimp, Flat Nicholas and the (rather poor Nolans) Conways?
The Voting public are all retards and always have been. Look at past winners? Steve Brocklepisspot and Michelle MacVanus.
Did anyone buy their records after they won? No!
These cretins that voted for Chico? Are they going to buy his CD's? They probably still have tape decks. No, record decks... or errr 'what's a record anyways'? Idiots.
What a crap show.
TBH Maria is better off out of there, snap up some recording contract and made a niche for herself.
I thought it was all about talent. It was when Will Young won.
Now it's about quirks.
Well this week was total crap.. I guess I will have to watch next week to impart my words of wisdom to you all.

This weeks words are.... Fecking Crap

IAC - line up revealed!

According to the MEN this year's slebs are:

  • Jenny Frost (ex-Atomic Kitten)

  • Sheree Murphy (Tricia Dingle off Emerdale)

  • Sara Cox (professional ladette)

  • Cannon & Ball (rock off tommy)
    cannon and ball

  • Sid Owen (Rick-AYYYY Butcher off Eastenders)

  • Elaine Lorden (Lynn Slater-Hobbs off Eastenders)

  • David Dickenson (Lovejoy's Dad)

  • Jimmy Osmond! OMG! my little sis so loved him

  • Jilly Goolden (I'm getting gooseberries ... burning tyres ... kangaroo droppings ...)

  • Carol Thatcher (daughter of the only person whose funeral I will dance at, insert "i hope her brother's not doing the navigating" gag here)

Bring. It. On!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ex-butler braving second jungle stint

FORMER Royal butler Paul Burrell is to brave the wilds of the jungle for a second time.

The 47-year-old will star in an ITV2 spin-off of the programme, in which he will test out some of the gruesome tasks in line for the latest batch of celebrities.
Oh goody.

where did I put my credit card?

cos I need to buy a 3G phone NOW!

'Celebrity' to stream on web, mobiles
Live coverage of I'm A Celebrity will stream via the web and to mobile phones for the first time, ITV has announced.

The network is planning to launch a live stream of the jungle action at the show's official website on Viewers will be able to access the stream for free.

Meanwhile, users of 3G mobile phones will be able to access streamed footage 24/7. The service, which also includes exclusive mobile content, will be available to 3 and Vodafone customers from November 21.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ex Factor!

OK I'm hooked on X Factor but it's like a moth to the flame. It's compulsive viewing for all the wrong reasons. I don't like any of them.. However some of them can sing and have fairly acceptable personalities.
This week was a bit rubbish though. Simon Cowell is so obviously bored to tears with his groups. Journey South aren't anything special. A couple of guys with a guitar what they're meant to sing good songs?
and a gruff voice, 2 a penny on the London Tubes.
The Conways are lovely, pretty, weird teeth, the Nolans with trendy clothes. Nice!
Nice vs X Factor... nah.
Louis Walsh. The biggest prat on TV. I'd love to see him on IACGMOOH. I want the bugs to eat HIM.
He picked such dreadful songs this week for his group. Unbelievably crap songs. Songs that lost the Votes for Nicholas and Shenai. He is a tosser. How ever did he get to the top spot?
Ok so he has Shayne... I take all back I said about Shayne. He has been built up so far that he is now up his own ass.
Simon says.. that wasn't great Shayne, so Shayne gives him a load of crap back. FFS it wasn't great. He's been crap for 2 weeks. Get him off.
Nicholas... Dull as dishwater.
And Sharon... She's a stupid bitch. She's Kelly Osbournes mother For God's sake....
And her group.
Brenda. A fantastic singer... But lacking in any humility. Unlikeable.
Andy.. I like him but he's hardly going to light up the charts. One for me mum I think.I did cry when he sang unforgettable as we played that at my Nan's funeral this year.
chico see chico do
Maria? Has to be my winner, beautiful, grateful and magical... Maybe a better Mariah Carey? Hmmm.
Then we have..........
FFS are the voting public really kidding. This weeks voting smacked of voters apathy rather than fevered votes. I hate this rather ugly wizened little man with the talent of a battery operated monkey with cymbals.

Corrie's Martin off to the jungle

Other potential contestants include '70s comedy duo Cannon and Ball, A-Team hardman Mr T, Margaret Thatcher's daughter Carol, former EastEnders star Elaine Lordan, Jude Law's former nanny and lover Daisy Wright, and Corrie on and off screen lovers Nikki Sanderson and Danny Young.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is also said to be considering taking part, and has reportedly told his pals that he can't wait to hook up with the sexy former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost. One friend told the Daily Star: 'Jenny really caught his eye. But he'll have to get past (her fiance) Dominic first!

Why not just put all the cast of Corrie in and let them fight it out.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm A Celeb to return November 20

News just in from Digital Spy.

Matt Brown is doing ITV2 with Tara that is fine. I approve. I've seen him do ITV 2 spinoffs before. Actually he is just about King of the spinoffs as you can see here. God I loved The Club. I will miss The Durdo though, hopefully he will be back if Hells Kitchen ever reappears. I am looking forward to Tara being completely and utterly mad though. I hope they bin the useless phone in competitions but I doubt it.
The new series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! will begin on Sunday, November 20, Digital Spy can confirm.

Once again, Ant & Dec reprise joint hosting duties of the main ITV1 show but new father Mark Durden-Smith has been replaced by Matt Brown for the ITV2 spinoff I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here Now! Tara Palmer-Tomkinson will continue to co-present.

As previously reported, a second spinoff - fanzine show Jungle Drums - will air weeknights at 6pm on ITV2. Live streaming will continue overnight on ITV2 but will be stripped of a repeat window during the daytime hours.
Noooo I like the repeat how rubbish.

Dermot 'I'd sleep with BB Nadia'

From da Sun

When asked which Big Brother contestant he would sleep with, Dermot told Now magazine: "I'd sleep with Nadia just for the hell of it."

He also revealed he would like to marry stunning BB5 star Shell Jubin and kill BB3 housemate Lee Davey.

He added: "I'd kill Lee - he took himself far too seriously."

Poor Nadia not good enough for marriage. What's all this sleeping and killing I thought he was a good catholic boy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

curse of BigBro strikes Lesley

From Huddersfield Daily Examiner
She's left her family, is drinking heavily and living in a `squalid' flat. Now Big Brother girl's parents say:`We fear Lesley will be found in a ditch'.

Is this a job for Little Ant & Little Dec?

IAC...'s little brother coming soon, says Digital Spy
A new daily fanzine show will accompany the next series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!.

Jungle Drums, similar to Big Brother spinoff Big Mouth, will air on ITV2 every weekday at 6pm when the fifth series begins later this month.

Opinionated jungle followers aged 15+ are wanted to appear in the audience of the show. To apply, e-mail your contact details - including a photo if possible - to