Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hill Trial

For any of you in foreign countries who couldn't watch tonight's show. The bush tucker trial was the same as last years with the four trying to climb the muddy hill with water and other obstacles cascading down on them.
Move over darlingJanet reached first post, Joe had a bit of a struggle to get to second and then stay there, Paul took ages to reach third and even longer to get the star off then Fran legged it up to fourth then was hit by a huge ball and tumbled down taking the other three with him. Very funny stuff. They all scrambled back to their posts except dear sweet Paul who couldn't do it. So they only won three stars.
Back in camp, Paul said that Janet lost her star and stole his. Tsk...Baby boys!
The treasure chest was collected by Fran and Paul today. Fran had to climb a huge spiders web. But Paul still smarting from the BTT failure petchulantly wanted to do it and threw a bit of a paddy. A bit of bitching and tantrum behaviour followed.
Fran walked off to have a ciggie in a huff and Paul got the question wrong about the English flag.
Poor Paul...Not having a good day. It's hard work when you're trying so hard to be perfect. But you plainly aren't.
Anyways Janets pleased that it's a row she hasn't started.
Talking of Janet. The Scabby NOTW has a huge article today about Janets sex life. Apparently she's an animal in bed and has massive orgasms. I say bloody good for her. Go girl and be proud of it. Feck off NOTW


Stephen said...

Thanks for that, it was like being there... (the Hill, that is, not Janets's orgasms).

Trinity said...

thank you kindly