Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm an Aussie day 2

The two blonde women did the laser chest challenge (eww one of the blokes made a chest 'joke') they got it then they opened the wrong one (they actually knew the right one but were confused by the instructions) Jordan (male not our Jordan) did the shopping trolley trial with the tight cat suit on, one of the other blokes told him to stuff a sock into it, so he did. Then they had trouble getting the harness over the sock. One of the blonde women were voted off EVERYONE was furious and mad at Voh, who was being loopy and annoying all, ha. They are voted off by a panel of Phil Tufnull, Tara Palmer Tompkinson and that Dr expert bloke from the trials.

Ooh I just read on digital spy that Krystal (one of the blondes) was on Big Brother in Australia this year and used to be a stripper.

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