Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Voh voted out of I'm an Aussie... by sexist pigs Dr Thingy and Phil Tufnell PAH. One of the blokes (Michael) did the temple of doom trial and got 7 stars but told everyone he had got 3 until the food came. When the food did come it was disgusting, they thought it was possum but weren't sure, another of the blokes (I think Scott) has possums at home in a tree and hated it. It looked like a little skinned dog with no head. EWW. They got 'the chest' question wrong again but it took them long enough just to get it to camp. It was the one where they had to get the water into the bucket and Jordan (male) missed the key (as in could not see it) when the bucket came down so they had to do it twice.

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