Saturday, December 11, 2004

I'm an Aussie final grr

Jordan (male not our Jordan) won! Why? He was rubbish and sexist so well done panel. One of the blokes did the HELLicopter trial and made it look very hard work. Back to Jordan (male not ours) he was rubbish at the trial and at finding the he won, hmph. I'm an Aussie was very good overall though. I read that there was a UK non celeb (how could we tell the difference) version planned. WOO (but why not just do a series of Survivor instead)?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jude, Jordan here from the show "I'm an Aussie get me outta here!" I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy how the show portrayed me.I'm not sexist, however I'm sure most viewers will judge me by what segments the producers decided to air. Have a merry xmas and a wild new year