Thursday, December 02, 2004


They have had food, lots of it, Sophie couldn't eat a bite more but Fran was told off by Janet for eating all the beans even though she had just told everyone to eat as many as they liked.

Janet and Sophie have gone off to get the chest dressed as builders. Fran looked at Sophie with her bikini top, toolbelt and hard hat and said 'You're not going anywhere tomorrow'.

Fran and Huggy have chat about who knows most about films and Huggy mentions all the films he has been in and gives advice to Fran about getting into films.

Paul asks Huggy if he answers his own fan mail as Paul does. Huggy says his goes to his fanclub. Paul says he hasn't got one of those. I may start one!

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clarrie said...

would the HQ be based in Old Compton Street?