Wednesday, December 08, 2004

three one-legged emus playing polo

the 3 one legged emusOooh I loved the IAC 'Coming Out' speshul tonight. Gosh I wish I had ITV2. The sleb family tent shots were bestest, I can't believe their families sit in a tent all day watching them on tv. I need to watch a show just about that.  Shouty Bloke & DermotI vote for Dermot to do IAC's Little Brother live from the tent at 6pm every day during IACGMOOH5. And that shouty bloke from SAS Are you tough enough? to be in charge of the bush tucker trials. He[1] must need the work as the beeb have cancelled SAS are you etc? boo. I loved that show.

Sophie's hair - she paid how much for that??Where was I? Oh yes, prog tonight. Sheila, get a grip and calm down, woman. It's not good when your kids are scared of you. Vic, you're a twunt. Janet, you're entitled to feel superior. Sophie, new hair do = big big hair DON'T. Ant & Dec, don't sit the wrong way round, it upsets us.

[1] he = shouty bloke. Dermot has plenty of work what with his very excellent radio show and such like


Jude said...

They don't sit all day they just watch the show.

clarrie said...

aww boo. still think it's funny they sit in a tent to watch the show, tho. and still think they should do the Dermot in a Tent Show.