Sunday, December 05, 2004

For a rather impatient Stephen

Men! Don't they know you have to wait for genius.
Well Jude's out seeing Will Young again and Clazza is poorly sick so looks like I have the key to the castle ha!
Steve was right of course. Tonight's Bush Tucker Trial was the funniest thing I've seen on TV since Judy lost her blouse.
Paul had to put his arm into 5 holes and collect the stars inside( bet he's never seen so many holes :P ). The funny bit though was his facial expressions and commentary...and Ant and Dec wetting their knickers laughing so much.
The first hole was green ants, the 2nd, lots of beetles things and slime...His arm came out like he'd been doing a gynaecological exam.
Third was huge spiders. Forth was big black rats one of which was sat on the star. Paul with a high pitched voice of fear asked it to 'Move over Darling'
The fifth was lots of moving snakes (he hates snakes). His face was a picture. Then when he got all five he had to sit down to recover. Then cheered loudly 'Fran WILL eat...Fran will not go hungry. Fran will have mashed potatoes'
Hmmm me thinks Paul :hearts: Fran. Maybe Vic's Old Compton Street Comment wasn't far off the mark if you get my drift.
Tonight's show was ace. Janet trying to sit her ass on that swing then hitting Joe head over heels.
Buzz Lightyear was bornPaul's description of the Queens pee problem with those Corgis. She keeps a soda stream and wipes on hand to clear up 'accidents'.
The argument over Paul describing Queenie as a normal grandmother, and Janet retorting 'Yes with a bloody Bentley and armed Guards'
Great entertainment.
Ok Steve was that ok? Hun? (snigger)


Stephen said...

Yes, ma'am. /tugs forelock.

Trinity said...

did you say

Jude said...


Stephen said...

No, I said forelock. Tsk

Trinity said...

sorry Jude it was the Babysham talking.