Saturday, December 04, 2004

I lurve Janet

Janet tonight
Vote for me, I'm the only woman left in here with three 'men'
One who thinks he's an Emu
One who has spent all his life following around a little old lady and picking up Corgi shit
And one who won't let me look in the mirror because he's looking at himself every 5 minutes.

VOTE Janet or the earth will be destroyed by flesh eating trees. You have been warned.


Stephen said...

So where's the comments on tonight's bushtucker trial? (Which was the funniest thing I have ever seen, what a drama quuen...). Tsk, you accept the offer of three gorgeous women to watch this dross for you, and where are they? (At a guess, one is grieving over Will Young not being rekkid of the year, one is stopping a teen bouncing off the walls 'cos Busted won the same thing, and the third is still reading Thomas stories to a child who Won't Go To Sleep...)

I'm relying on you three stunnas to keep me posted over the finale, while I'm in Moscow... my Celebdaq investment depends on you. :)

Trinity said...

clazza is sick...she got germs. Lots of them all over her body and inside her body ooozing from every orriface.
I'm praying for her and you'd do well to do the same and not have your normal church thoughts.