Friday, June 09, 2006

Who will it beeeeeeeeeeee

From big blagger pics and details of the kit kat people.

A few of them -

Matt - ex internet stripper and self confessed virgin.

Nad - friend of Calum Best.

Sue - Aussie DJ her station (in Ireland) bought 13000 Kit Kats.

Su - Grandmother her children are mortified.

Wayne J - Blackpool! I'd have to support someone from BP.

Rachel - from news of the world that could be quite amusing. Maybe.


Last night - spin the bottle eww Imogen and Grace decided they were far too respectable and went to bed early leaving Nikki to be very drunk and Lea to get upset when Pete said he fancied Ashlean (Aisleyne) more or something. Oh and Glyn was about to run around the garden nekkid but Imogen said something in Welsh and he put his boxers on. Before I and G went to bed there was a very tedious exchange of who would sleep with who and do what to who (zzzzzzzz) and then they went to bed and Lea was gross and Glyn was having the time of his life. The usual.

And I'm not even mentioning BBBM but I did not approve of them showing that clip! Poor Sam.

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