Wednesday, June 28, 2006

bb rant a la Trin

I'm reading Digispy forums and laughing my socks off. Some of them see everything in black and white... Where's the pink and purple in life? There's numerous hate Susie boring Susie threads. Ok Susie isn't a bowl of cherries and cream. She is refined and classy and quiet. She chooses not to join in the bitching and wailing. She prefers tea and the odd digestive biscuit. Ok Whoopy doo. She's dull. But the woman has most of her fellow housemates sussed.
Then there's lots of threads hating Aisleyne. Laughing at her grumpy reaction to being nominated for eviction.
Aisleyne is stropping because she's been nominated. It's understandable. She's quite highly strung. She's found out that most of them in there actually don't like her and want her evicted. In a close knit small house like that it must be hard to swallow that a lot of people do not like her. The only one making any sense is good old dull Susie. Maybe every BB house needs a Susie?
I don't hate any of them. I don't like any of them either.... But I really dislike Lea. Her manipulation and attempt at taking over the mother come harlot role in the house makes me cringe.
She said today that she has only cried 4 times in the house.
4 thousand times maybe. Silly sad old bag. Sooner she's out the better.
I cannot wait to see her face when Aisleyne marches back into the house triumphant with her chosen three new HMs.

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Jude said...

DS makes me mad. You have to be polite or you get banned. Boring.