Tuesday, June 27, 2006

it's getting dull

where's me Julie?
It needs livening up big time. I'm very disappointed the housemates we can nominate are Ash and Susie. How dull. I guess it's predictably going to be Aisleyne then.... As long as the average texter can spell her name that is.
Hmmm wonder how all of this is going to

Trins predictions for the end of BB7.

Pete will finally snap and knife both of Lea's Bazookas. The explosion will be heard all over the south east.The fall out will cause The Summer of 2006 to end abruptly.
Richard will run off with a hunky paramedic who comes to treat the deflated Lea.
The mess will make Glyn vomit unfortunately over Nikki's head. She will then be pushed into insanity and have to be sectioned.
Glyn's Mother will arrive at the front door having finally seen sense and cart him off back to the valleys.
Ash, Imogen and Mikey are now at each others throats to win the coveted prize.
Ash does one Ali G impression too much and is evicted straight to Jamaica.
The final task has Imogen and Mikey battling out 'I spy'. Imogen couldn't think of anything beginning with W and is evicted.
Leaving Mikey the winner. Thousands of teen girls text in Mikey in Iranian. It's a momentous night.
Ohh... Wait. Three weeks later when the carpets are being cleaned a workman discovers a long dead Susie clutching a cold cup of cocoa in the Golden shower. She died in week 6 but no one has noticed.
Oh well." She'd had her life", the British public cried unanimously. Onto BB8!

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