Friday, June 30, 2006

lea vs Ais

tragedy when the feelings gone and you can't go on it's tragedy. Much respect to The Ais for telling it like it is last night.
Watching Lea's constant crying and harping out about her 'Fookin' awful sad life has driven me crazy. On a much more personally vindictive level her silicon blimps jutting out from her chest and those horrendously bad hair extentions make me want to puke.
But it's been watching the normally happy chirpy Pete change to one unhappy frustrated boy is the worse bit.
His rejection of her persona, the really nauseating sex talk (which they choose not to show) and her sexual advances on him, have made her quite freaky. Ais was saying what most of them felt.
I read some saying that it's a shame Ais backed down, but I respect her for that. In a house as close knit as that, to maintain such bad feeling, would make everyone uncomfortable.
I'm pretty sure Ais will go to the new house tonight. I will not be able to bear Lea's smug face when she goes. She will see it as the public's revenge for Ais's treatment of her. But how joyous I will be to see her triumphant return next week.
All hail Queen Ais.
ps... Anyone see Russell Brand last night? He made it pretty obvious he does not like Lea one bit cutting off her friend Tracey on the phone. The guy is an irritating genius. Why do I find him strangely attractive?

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